State Run Pool Left Body of Drowning Victim in Pool for Two Days!

My jaw dropped when I read this. A woman drowned in a public pool and her body wasn’t recovered for two days!  Worse yet, the little boy she was watching told a lifeguard that she never came up from the water and nothing was done. Naturally, it was a state-run pool. You know, because “the state” cares so much for individuals.

The body of a Fall River woman was discovered floating in a state run pool late last night, two days after she apparently drowned in that same pool.

Police say lifeguards were on duty and people were swimming in the Veterans Memorial pool at Lafayette Park Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and it appears no one noticed the dead body.

Investigators identified the body as 36-year-old Marie Joseph.

Police say Joseph was watching her 9-year-old neighbor at the pool on Sunday when she apparently had an accident sliding down a waterside.

Family friends tell FOX25 the little boy told lifeguards that she did not come up from above water but no action was taken….

She left behind five children. How sad. And how many people swam in the pool while her body was in there? What an awful story.

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  • Years ago I worked as a life guard at city pool where I lived and I cannot imagine how this could happen.

    It is (or should be) policy to check the bottom of a pool on a daily basis. This is usually done at a shift change. Some pools have an hourly policy for a quick visual check.

    What about at the end of the day? You mean to tell me NO ONE saw a body on the bottom of the pool? Unbelievable! The whole damn crew, including supervisors should be fired!

  • Fall River, Massachusetts, already notorious because of Lizzie Borden.

  • BobF

    Thirty six years old with five children, she was in the pool for two days, and nobody missed her? Surely, when she didn’t come home that night, somebody would have called authorities? What about the kid she was watching? Did he just wonder home on is own? How can they not see a body floating in a pool? Something isn’t right here!