Sarah Palin Paul Revere: Palin Right says Historians: Bells Rang, Revere Warned the Brits

When Sarah Palin was asked about Paul Revere and his part in warning colonists that the British were coming, Liberals thought they had one of those ‘gotcha’ moments they are so fond of. Palin was derided for saying Revere warned the British that they “would not be taking away our arms.” Historians say Palin was correct.  See the video below.

Sarah Palin

The Boston Herald:

In fact, Revere’s own account of the ride in a 1798 letter seems to back up Palin’s claim. Revere describes how after his capture by British officers, he warned them “there would be five hundred Americans there in a short time for I had alarmed the Country all the way up.”

Boston University history professor Brendan McConville said, “Basically when Paul Revere was stopped by the British, he did say to them, ‘Look, there is a mobilization going on that you’ll be confronting,’ and the British are aware as they’re marching down the countryside, they hear church bells ringing — she was right about that — and warning shots being fired. That’s accurate.”

The Huffington Post refers to the video below as “Palin’s blunder…, but apparently hasn’t checked in with historians. since this later explanation from Sarah:

“You know what? I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere. “Part of his ride was to warn the British that we’re already there. That, hey, you’re not going to succeed. You’re not going to take American arms… Here is what Paul Revere did. He warned the Americans that the British were coming… and they were going to try take our arms and we got to make sure that we were protecting ourselves and shoring up all of ammunitions and our firearms so that they couldn’t take it,” Palin said yesterday. But remember that the British had already been there, many soldiers for seven years in that area. And part of Paul Revere’s ride — and it wasn’t just one ride — he was a courier, he was a messenger. Part of his ride was to warn the British that we’re already there… You are not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have. He did warn the British.”

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air brushed up on that famous Paul Revere “ride” and also explains how Revere had his horse taken away from him.


Sarah Palin on Paul Revere at Old North Church this week (video)


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  • Mike

    Yes, he did warn them AFTER he was captured, but that was not the point of his ride in the first place, as Ms. Palin stated

  • No one is accusing Gov. Palin of getting the date of the ride wrong by three years.