Sarah Palin on Third Party: GOP Get Your Stuff Together! 52% Repubs Want Third Party?

Sarah Palin has a good discussion with Sean Hannity, covering several topics including her bus tour and Donald Trump, but most interesting is her comment on a third political party. She is spot-on. That discussion starts at about 4:55 mins into the video.

Palin is measured and very supportive of the two-party system, but she is clear in her message to the the GOP: get your “stuff” together. “Common sense conservatives” WILL get fed up if you do not lead boldly, speak boldly and fight with every weapon you have to move Obama out of the White House in January 2013.

What do you think about a Gallup poll that says 52% of Republicans (and more TEA Party members) want a third political party.

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity on a Third Political Party (video)

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  • That poll may be right … it’s hard to say. But Sarah Palin explained both the pro’s and con’s of a third party. It just may put Obama back in. Lord help us.

  • A third party splits the opposition for the democrats, allowing them to go even harder left. A third party guaranteed leftwing democratic domination of America.

    I agree we need to fight harder, but Boehner is already punching above his weight. The GOP does not control the white house or the senate. They’re doing what they can with what they’ve got. Getting the senate and white house back in 2012 is the next big move, and it won’t happen with conservatives split.

    Also, Palin is starting to sound like Gingrich, carping and criticizing. She denigrates the GOP efforts, but what has she done? It’s easy to talk when you’re not in the arena every day doing political battle with Harry Reid, Obama and House democrats. Instead of going on friendly talk shows and hitting softballs out of the park, she should have run for election to the house or senate to show us how it’s done.

    I see this ending very badly for the conservative cause, and for America…

    • I agree with SilverF in his first two paragraphs.

      I understand the anxieties of SilverF about the infighting among conservatives expressed at the end. I would like him to give Sarah Palin, and other rebels, the benefit of the doubt until the primaries are over. Perhaps then the tactical dichotomies of today will become the strategic union of tomorrow.

      • I hope and pray you are right, John. It’s one thing to rally the troops, which Palin is very good at, but when she starts in criticizing GOP lawmakers who ran for election and fight the real political battles every day, she strays into rock throwing territory. It’s easy to stand around and criticize.

  • There is only one plain and inalienable truth that cannot be denied or ignored: the American electorate system does not allow “third parties” and it will punish its creators, and anybody with any kind of ideological association to it, with summary defeat and political oblivion.

    Conservatives must learn this simple fact, and perhaps tattooed it to their brains, and stop any silly ramblings about “third Parties”.

    Sarah Palin is a smart lady. She knows this simple fact of political reality imposed by our electorate system as well as the best political brains – including Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer. We must understand to interpret her pre-primaries talk and actions as a Damocles’ sword and not as any kind of eventual or final action.

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  • If the GOP puts up an establishment moderate candidate. I will vote 3rd party and so will millions of others. This could be the last election for the GOP as a political party.

  • jkshaws: This could be the last election for America, with thinking like that

    “Die-hard conservatives thought that if I couldn’t get everything I asked for, I should jump off the cliff with the flag flying-go down in flames. No, if I can get 70 or 80 percent of what it is I’m trying to get … I’ll take that and then continue to try to get the rest in the future”
    — Ronald Reagan

    A third party cedes hard-won ground to liberals. You don’t give up ground. You take what you can get and keep fighting for more. A third party is political suicide for conservatism and will allow Obama and the Social Democrats to cement this country in socialist failure.

  • Again, Silver is right. We dedicated a whole piece at Robbing America in May called “The Friend of My Enemy Is a Better Friend Than the Friend of My Friend” because we keep hearing conservatives say things like Jkshaws and it amazes us and worry us.

  • To piggyback off of what John Galt said, those two liberal Republicans from Maine take a lot of heat from conservatives, but they are two senators that count towards a GOP majority.

    I wish everybody were as conservative as me, but it ain’t gonna happen. We have good people like Paul Ryan fighting the good fight, and we will get a candidate from the primaries, so it’s too early to start talking about jumping off the cliff

  • Just as I’m sure the far Leftists want another political party of their own. As I’ve said for some time, Mr Obama is insufficiently left for the Left. Many times there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the aisles and, of course, they all drown their sorrows in the same DC and Virginia suburbs bars, patting each other on the back for another day of having fleeced the American Taxpayers for their own aggrandizement.


  • I’m a card carrying Libertarian, so you know my thoughts on this matter!

    The reality is the GOP is a top-down money distribution machine that cannot be “hijacked” by either conservatives or libertarians. The GOP wants neither in the party, and they despise the Tea Party. The GOP has run its course, and it’s time for a change.