Sarah Palin: Obama Lying, Not MisStating, Not MisConstruing…Just Lying

In this video Sarah Palin is interviewing with Sean Hannity. She says Obama is “lying” when he says those with Down

Sarah Palin, Son Trig and a friend

Syndrome and Autism, will be “left on their own,” if Republicans have their way.”

Note that Sarah and Todd Palin had a Down Syndrome child. Would the Palin’s understand new standards in health care that will affect their child? You betcha! You and I know the man lies like a rug. You and I say it all the time, but we need people like Palin to call it a lie when it is a lie.

“…the truth is that President Obama is lying. He’s not just misstating. He’s not just misconstruing some facts or some data and information. No, he’s lying when he says that those with Down Syndrome, those with autism, those who need that safety net will be left on their own if the Republicans have their way. That is not true.” Source: Fox News via Gateway Pundit.

Sarah Palin: Obama is Lying (video)

  • Good to see a public figure, like Palin, not dancing around the lies but calling the lyer out.. Keep doing that Sarah..