Romney Pennsylvania Jobs Ad: Allentown Metal Works a Pawn in Obama’s Marxist Hope and Change

Another new ad out from Mitt Romney, this time hitting-hard on the Pennsylvania jobs lost within a year of Obama pandering to his commie base (and naive suckers), boldly facing his teleprompter and drinking-in the expected adulation, ignoring reality and any measure of sound economics…finally announcing all those shovel-ready jobs that weren’t. Obama’s “White House to Main Street” initiative was nothing more than The Allentown Metal Works was auctioned-off in 2011, after a 100 year history – but before the auction, Allentown was a symbol of “hope and change.”

Mitt Romney

…about a year ago, President Barack Obama made the factory one of his stops in a Lehigh Valley visit meant to shore up confidence in the American economy and his plan to restore jobs lost during the Great Recession. Source: Morning Call

First there was the Obama visit

Then there were layoffs,

Then the auction.

No need to ask how “that hope and change” worked out for Allentown Metal workers.


Allentown Metal Works (video)

  • This is how to conduct a primary campaign.

  • Obama doesn’t have a clue. I wonder if any paperwork ever showed up on his desk? It’s always empty in every picture showing him sitting at his desk. He looks lost in that office. Maybe that’s why he’s never in it.

  • theresa garcia

    Hey! Maggie what’s the real reason Allentown Metal Works closed, let’s see for one a Hedge fund owned it since 2008 after DVI went bankrupt, hum, sounds suspeice to me. Did they realy out source. But forgive me your one of those for who want to be a slave to cooperation . Good luck when you are out on the streets.

    • Perhaps people would take you more seriously if you spelled correctly?

      Probably not, because you spew Marxist rhetoric. A corporation cannot enslave you, but a government can. Ask the 100,000,000 that died of acute onset Marxism in the last century.

      • Thanks Matt!

      • Luke

        Matt, I’ll take issue with one thing you said. Corporations absolutely can abuse the rights of citizens (think of the labor situation in the 1800s), and yes, it is the government’s job to protect us from that.

        Now, typically, in the leftist’s mind “protection” means jacking up regulations and tax rates. I don’t view infringement on the rights of the individual by the corporation to be anywhere near the threat that infringement from the federal (and depending on where you live) state government is, but I don’t think saying corporations “can’t” do something like that is accurate.

    • Hey! theresa it’s not DVI, it’s BVI. BVI purchased Allentown after BVI went into foreclosure. They had at least 80 union steelworker in the plant. The hedge fund company, Capstone, specialized in mid-sized businesses with debt problems.

  • Allentown Metal Works used Obama’s visit to secure credit and screwed our company out of thousands of dollars. Thank you Mr. President for doing your due diligence before visiting a company that was an example of what’s wrong with corporate America – not an example of what’s right!