Rick Perry Abortion: Obama – Abortion a USA Export

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R), expected to announce a run for the presidency in 2012, has reportedly said the Obama administration is transforming abortion into a U.S. export. Just days after Obama took office he overturned this country’s Mexico City policy which DID NOT allow American taxpayer-funded abortions from foreign aid. “Exporting abortion” is what we are doing. Perry’s speech actually focused on Obama’s support of taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research.

Rick Perry

Here are some snippets from KRMG.com:

“Every life is precious,” Perry said, as his remarks were repeated by a translator in Spanish. He said the direction of stem cell research under the Obama administration was “turning the remains of unborn children into nothing more than raw material.”

A 1996 law prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars in work that harms an embryo, so private money has been used to cull batches of the cells. Those batches can reproduce in lab dishes indefinitely, and the Obama administration issued rules permitting taxpayer dollars to be used in work on them through the National Institutes of Health.

Perry also faulted Obama for reversing the so-called “Mexico City policy” that banned giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information about abortions. Obama struck down the policy during his first week in office, saying it was too broad and undermined family planning in developing countries.

Under Obama “our federal tax dollars can now be used to fund abortion all over the world. With the stroke of a pen, abortion essentially became a U.S. foreign export,” Perry said.

Perry was speaking to a largely Hispanic, anti-abortion rally of about 5,000 in Los Angeles. He left the audience to a standing ovation. Read the history of the Mexico City Policy here.

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