Paula Deen Butter Intervention Video

Paula Deen is famous for her use of butter in yummy Southern dishes. Funny or Die’s parody features David Neher, a young man from my state of Oklahoma. He’s at the right of the screen conducting the intervention, but is not a member of Paula’s “fam-ly.” While this part doesn’t show his comedic skills, keep an eye on him. I’m predicting he will be a big star in the manner of Will Farrell. David Neher is a craaaazzzzy (but sweet) guy with a lot of talent. Speaking of sweet, Paula’s Sweet Dough Peach Cobbler is easy and fabulous! You can also use apples or any fruit, including fresh or canned. The dough is under the fruit, but rises through it while baking.

Paula Deen



Funny or Die: Paula Deen Butter Intervention (video)