Palin Bashing and Obama Gaffes Video

In this video, see a montage of Palin bashes – over and over and over, the extraordinary Obama gaffes, and the loons who adore him.  Hot Air has some thoughtful commentary – but be sure to read the second paragraph or your head will explodeThanks to I Own the World (be sure to read this one) and The Right Scoop.

Sarah Palin

Barack Obama

Bashing Sarah Palin and Obama Gaffes (video)

  • I think what we’re seeing is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. Bash her over and over to create division – you have the pro bashers and the con bashers. As someone who doesn’t watch TV and is more selective with my media intake, I have a different perspective than someone who is watching it all day long.

    I will say, I’m really disappointed about Bristol’s book – It would make the Palin’s look far more classy if they didn’t keep feeding the gossip beast.