Oooooh! Callista Gingrich Takeover of Newts Campaign a Reason for Staff Defection

Newt Gingrich’s wife, Callista Louise, is being accused of “taking over” her husband’s campaign and insisting that it be an essentially part time effort. Callista made Newt go on a two-week Mediterranean cruise when he should have been campaigining. As I guessed in a previous post about the defection of Newt’s top advisers and aides, fundraising wasn’t happening at a productive clip.

Newt and Callista Gingrich

Callista Gingrich gradually emerged as Gingrich’s most influential adviser this year, supplanting longtime aides like Rick Tyler, his press secretary and aide-de-camp, and Sam Dawson, who was a major adviser for more than three decades. That Tyler and Dawson would join four others in quitting was a particular blow to the Gingrich campaign.

The others who resigned are: campaign manager Rob Johnson, Carney, and consultants Craig Schoenfeld in Iowa and Katon Dawson in South Carolina. Besides the entire senior staff, ten other campaign aides also quit. Source: The Weekly Standard – Fred Barnes

Today Newt said his presidential run will continue, and he is committed to “the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign….” (I really dislike that “solution-oriented” slogan that he tags every interview and page with). His “new” campaign will begin Sunday.

As an aside, every article I’ve read about his staffer’s dissatisfaction has included the “embarrassment” that the Gingrich’s have a huge credit line with Tiffany’s – $250,000 to $500,000. I have issues with Newt but his Tiffany credit line isn’t one of them. Newt is a very, very successful author and speaker, not to mention a former Speaker of The People’s House. He has earned his money. This is dangerous territory for the GOP and for voters. Can we really believe and trumpet that a Conservative can’t have an affinity for jewels, so long as he pays for them – and doesn’t gift a mistress or his Twitter Babes? Related: Gingrich: Brilliant, Pithy and Toast? More conversation at Mememorandum.


  • Stick a fork in him … I think Newt is done. Besides, his age is showing.

    • Thank You. Amen, he’s boring as well. Newt is an Old Hat, Has Been, that needs to take his hat and go, plz!

  • I got no problem with the jewelry either, Maggie… but I he came with all this baggage and then attacks the TEA Party!

    Earth to Newt: nobody is going to win the GOP nomination without TEA Party, who I think can even keep Mitt out of there.

    Now he’s running a weak, unfocused, disorganized, half-effort of a campaign… why bother?

  • The beltway boys will not get the nomination this time…Make book on it! No one goes anywhere without the TEA Party’s stamp of approval.

  • Callista sounds like a good name for a super hero or super villain. And she is both! A hero to the Tea Partiers for sinking Newt’s campaign and a villain to Newtophiles everywhere.

  • Maliengus

    If there is a problem, it’s in Gingrich’s insistance that others are elitist, but that somehow, he’s the salt of the earth type — a man of “the people?” When someone uses the term “elitist” I imagine how long it’s been since that person mowed his own lawn. In Newt’s case… probably decades.

    As far as “gifting” a mistress — that’s exactly what Callista was at one time, and I have no doubt that Gingrich gifted her with plenty of baubles while still married to wife #2.

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