Obama Sans-Teleprompter Mixes Up Medal of Honor Recipients: Casual, Disinterested, or Disrespectful Attitude?

I don’t know how I missed this story but I did. It caught my attention when I saw some readers coming to Maggie’s Notebook from The Telegraph UK on an article I wrote about Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta. I was disquieted that Barack Obama called the Sergeant “Sal,” said “I really like him,” (because it is always about Barack Obama) and gave him a very awkward hug. This new story is worse…far worse and it shows just how dim, disinterested and disrespectful Obama is about our Military. See a video below.

Barack Obama

Appearing at Ft. Drum this week Obama recounted the times he has personally been with the 10th Mountain Division, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told the soldiers that his first Medal of Honor recipient which was not awarded posthumously (“actually came back”) was to the 10th Mountain’s Sergeant First Class Jared Monti.

Obama mixed-up the recipients and more. SFC Jared Monti did not come home. Obama gave the Medal of Honor to Monti’s parents, but was actually telling the Ft. Drum soldiers about SSG Guinta. It’s even worse. Hear it from The Telegraph’s Toby Harnden who “gets it.”

To mix up SSG Giunta and SFC Monti was just awful and it suggests a relaxed attitude towards American heroes that has been evident on previous occasions. Note that rather than referring to SFC Monti by his rank, Obama said just “Jared Monti”. Servicemen and women earn their ranks and deserve to be addressed by them…

There was further confusion. Obama intimated that SSG Guinta also served with the 10th Mountain Division, which he did not. He served with, and earned his Medal of Honor Status, with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, V Corps.

Obama’s closing remarks got the attention of BlackFive:

The ironic part of the speech, and this comes after the announcement of the politically pressured drawdown of troops in Afghanistan, was Obama’s closing remark, “Know that your Commander-in-Chief has your back.”

Even more than irony, is his disingenuousness.

From Hot Air:

Of course, if Bush had pulled this blunder, the liberal media and the blogosphere would be all over it, reminding us all how stupid the President is.  Even Ms. Ritter’s story is mildly titled: “Commander In Chief Misspeaks…..”.  Had Sarah Palin said anything like this to the troops it would be a major media crucifixion.  Instead, it appears the liberal media’s going to keep “the shield” up covering Obama’s memory lapses.  One has to wonder what else the President has forgotten—lately.

Flopping Aces has this ridiculous quote from Michelle Obama:

“See, what you all need to know about the President you helped to elect is thatwhen it comes to the people he meets, Barack has a memory like a steel trap. He has a gift in that way, able to retain information, know more than those who are briefing him, asking critical questions, because all of those wins and losses are not wins and losses for him [but] they are wins and losses for the folks whose stories he carries with him, the folks that he worries about and prays about before he goes to bed at night” – First Lady, Michelle Obama at a sold-out breakfast fund-raiser at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, Calif., on June 14

My hubby says the Obamas can open a bullsh** shop and equal the wealth of George Soros, because there is a big demand for bullsh** in America today.

The Daley Gator reminds us of what the Medal of Honor means and what is required to be a recipient:

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States. It is awarded to military service members only in cases of “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.”

Nice Deb notes the I-man in the video below:

The creator of this video noticed that in the span of 40 seconds, Obama managed to refer to himself 6 times, but was unable to remember the name of the living  soldier to whom he gave the medal.

The Lonely Conservative notes there was certainly no confusion with the lamestream media. They simply ignored it until the Obama apologies came forth.

Barack Obama speaking to Ft. Drum Soldiers (video)

  • This is what we come to expect from him. After all … he is a moron.

  • Anyone can commit a gaffe in public speaking. Just as Joe Biden. And without bashing BHO and OMG alienating liberals I only have this to say. You might expect after telling America he had visited all 57 states BHO and/or his staff might focus a little more on avoiding those types of mistakes.

    Even Barack Obama has to have a lot on his plate after being elected president. Most of us would probably agree what populates that ‘plate’ is at the very least distasteful, but nonetheless there’s a lot going on even if most of it is golf and vacation trips.

    But all of this does support the notion that the current whatever-in-chief is not focused on what matters. Part of that is being prepared sufficiently to make public appearances without the gaffes.

    Bachmann for President in 2012. Pardon the shameful expression of personal preference.

    • Hi Stanford, I also believe we have to overlook some things. This isn’t one of them. His plate is full of fundraising and golf. I don’t think he has a serious thought in his head about this country, other than understanding very, very well that his has us on the way to total destruction.

      I really like Bachmann too. You never has to ask for pardon here when you’re talking about the Conservative that will be the new president.

  • Obama likes to demonstrate the “steel trap mind” of his that pays close attention to every detail of every person he meets. And if they can’t immediately further his political career, promptly forgets them.

    • If Obama has a steel trap mind … it’s rusted shut.

      • Great comment Carl. I’m not sure it’s rusted shut – more like filled with marxist crap.

    • proof, wasn’t that quote ironic? If we could see that steel trap’s to-do list, it would be shocking.

      One day I bet we hear some really interesting stories about who writes his speeches, and how and why they are written.

      • “steel trap’s to-do list”

        1) Get up
        2) scratch
        3) put on slippers
        4) walk to bathroom
        5) wing it

  • All I know is if G W Bush had been the one, and there’s no way he would of.. he loved the Military, If G W had done this.. the press would have a field day.. they’d even be calling for G Ws removal from office… It’s disgraceful. Not embarrassing, just down right disgraceful.

    • David, it is disgraceful! The trick is not to grow numb from his disgraces.

  • Ran

    I think rather this is deliberate. Sure, he’s made a few gaffes, but many of his of his actions aren’t by “accident.” Chewing gum during the Joplin memorial, threatening bankers with SEIU thugs, golfing on Memorial Day. Looks more as if he’s flipping the bird in a cowardly, plausible-denial manner – something he did to Hillary twice during the Primaries.

    NYT’s Brookie glowed that this administration was endowed with the greatest concentration of academic genius and IQ in living memory. I don’t buy the teleprompter-as-gaffe-machine excuse.

    Methinks he is hoping to prompt anger and unrest to justify a clamp-down in a manner exactly as he hoped would work with the GunRunner debacle. The thing is, he’s prompting cold reserve and analysis – responses not consistent with the worldview he was taught.


  • I pretty much believe as you do. I believe he had a strategy, worked out with some very dangerous people, before he began his presidential run. I believe chaos rules his day, and that he has a great deal of confidence in it to bring out his desired result.

    I haven’t thought about GunRunner in this way, but it a definite possibility. If he tries it, will be one of the hardest things he ever does.

    I don’t believe not saluting the flag is accidental, or flipping-off Hillary or McCain, or playing golf on Memorial day. Didn’t know about the gum. What a miserable situation we are in. I pray we have learned our lesson.

    • Maggie.. you have a way of putting into words the ring of truth. When you answered Stanford… and said the following..
      ” I also believe we have to overlook some things. This isn’t one of them. His plate is full of fundraising and golf. I don’t think he has a serious thought in his head about this country,”
      The thought occurred to me, when my kids went to school and they were uninterested in what they were doing they acted pretty much as Obama does. He could care less about the country, and he obviously cares more about his power and agenda.. He’s like the king without cloths.. Hopefully most of the voters in 2012 see that.. sadly there will be others who see him, fully dressed.