ObamaCare Kills Medicare: Betsy McCaughey Obama Gutted Medicare

Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is now in court defending itself against 26 states which charge that a mandate to buy health insurance, as ObamaCare requires, is unconstitutional, and it is not a tax which can be constitutionally levied by Congress. This is a comprehensive video. If you care about your health care, your privacy, Medicare, and losing your Constitutionally protected rights, you will be interested in what McCaughey says.

Betsy McCaughey

Perhaps McCaughey’s most important point is that ObamaCare takes $575 billion out of Medicare. We’ve known this since before the legislation became law, yet Democrats are airing ads show Republicans throwing Grandma off a cliff. Wise up people. If Obama isn’t repealed, you are about to lose the quality of your health care and your dignity.

NewsMax writers David A. Patten and Kathleen Walter summarize another important point affecting jobs: ObamaCare is already being implemented, and is already a “major drag on the economy.” Businesses are forced to spend millions to ready for a law that may be brought down. The consequence: businesses cannot afford to hire.

A snippet from NewsMax:

“I was so distressed to see the vilification of Paul Ryan and the Republicans over Medicare,” McCaughey told Newsmax, “because the Obama health law decimated Medicare.

“It took $575 billion out of Medicare over the next decade, took it out of that program, and moved it to fund a vast expansion of Medicaid. It’s literally robbing Peter to pay Paul — only it’s robbing grandma to pay Medicaid beneficiaries.”…
Betsy McCaughy on ObamaCare and the Killing of Medicare (video)

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  • Obamacare – is really ObamaNOcare – that needs to be gutted and done away with ASAP.
    Hope Trump runs as independent. The two parties are a freak side show that will get nothing done the next friggin four years. Anyone got any ideas where to move besides the US? I’m making plans to get out of here. My bank account is getting down to nothing with staying here.
    Life is too short to keep working for the government and the welfare folks. No thanks.
    NO MORE TAXES, Enough is Enough!