Obama Legacy – How Do You Like Me Now? Gut-Wrenching Video

Via Reaganite Republican via Conservative Hideout via Mind-Numbed Robot, is this gut-wrenching video laying out the incredibly arrogant and unconstitutional legacy of Barack Obama. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch, and if you blog, please post it and join us in making it go viral. UPDATE: 8-11-11 The original video was taken down due to a music copyright dispute. I have removed that video and replaced with one that has been updated with new details and royalty-free music. If you post it let me know and I will link to at my new post featuring the updated video.

The Obama Legacy

If you post, let me know and I’ll link you, as I have others, below the video. THEN, BE SURE you click the link above to Conservative Hideout and tell Matt (in comments) you’ve posted. He will link to you as well.

Obama Legacy – How Do You Like Me Now Updated (video)

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