National Council of Churches and Conservatism: NCC Far-Left Dangerous – No Friend of Israel

Many conservatives attend a church denomination which is a member of the National Council of Churches (NCC) (of which I am one), and if you do, your alarm bells should be tolling, your nose should twitching, your ears should be ringing, and your sixth sense should tell you all is NOT WELL, NOT WELL with the soul of the Christian church. This organizational umbrella which has tentacles into all the major American churches and their bank accounts (see a list below), has surpassed the occasional passing thought that the NCC is only “Liberal.” Its Liberal leanings are far-Left and dangerous…very dangerous…they are a huge lobby, part of your tithe or offering GOES TO THE NCC, and today we know they are NO FRIEND TO ISRAEL.

American Churches

In the name of Jesus Christ, these churches advocate for social, economic and gender justice, Barack Obama’s plan for citizenship for illegals, and Israel’s bowing to Palestinian demands.

Churches smugly and routinely evoke the dread of violating the Separation of Church and State clause in the First Amendment, and so excuse themselves from the true intent of the amendment (think lying), and with hubris and righteousness, allow the banishment of politics from the pulpit, but only when the issues are not palatable to their Progressive sensibilities.

The NCC has produced a brochure to explain why we should be concerned about Christians who support Israel – Christian Zionists, we’re called. My church, and your church, sends a portion of my/your tithe/gift/offering to the NCC, which then produces materials I cannot abide, and  then has the audacity to claim the NCC has always supported the security needs of the Nation of Israel. It gets worse, the NCC is a member of the WCC (World Council of Churches) which also sympathizes with the Palestinian people (who voted to make terrorist Hamas a part of their official government). No doubt, a tad of your money to the NCC makes its way to the WCC.

From the NCC brochure on Christian Zionism:

This brochure shows Christian Zionism to be  a misguided ideology that considers the State of Israel divinely ordained with the role of ushering in the end of history, where unconverted Jews and Christians of “questionable status” will be judged by God’s wrath. In fact, the brochure points out, many evangelical Christians and Israelis reject the notion.

The brochure urges Christians to learn about the plight of Palestinians, but I doubt they want you to know that a nation of Jews existed in the Holy Land 2000 years before Islam was known, or that Palestinians never – never – referred to themselves as Palestinians until after Statehood in 1948 and then only rarely. The term didn’t garner much use until the Six Day War in 1967. Jerusalem was always the center of Jewishness, and Jews lived in the land continuously for 3000+ years. The only time Arabs dominated and controlled what is now Israel was for a brief 22 years in 635 A.D. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran, but is mention 700+ times in Jewish scriptures, and oh yes, Muslims pray with their backs to Jerusalem.

Christian Zionism? Make no mistake about this NCC position, equally and enthusiastically embraced by our hometown churches – it is all about Palestine and the two-state solution. The NCC DOES NOT CALL FOR The Palestinian Authority and Hamas to accept Israel’s right to exist, or to call for Jewish extinction to be banned from their constitutions and charters.

What about the West Bank and Gaza – the land Israel stole in the wars after statehood? The first fact to remember, is that Israel never instigated any of the wars when they fought to defend their people and their homeland. The League of Nations gave all of the West Bank and all of Gaza to Israel for a Jewish homeland…before it was stolen from them by Britain for political gain, AND the simple hatred of Jews. Today, that mandate still stands, even though Israel does not have the land. The bottom line: the legally-binding mandate still stands today, giving ALL THE LAND west of the Jordan River, stretching to the Mediterranean Sea, including the West Bank and Gaza, to Israel.

The accusation that Palestinians have a Right of Return is hammered into Christians, and Progressive Christians are a willing anvil. It sounds so right. Of course Palestinians have the right to live in their land, and there is plenty of it, just as the League of Nations Planned.

First it was acknowledged that Syria, especially southern Syria, is the home of the Arabs known as Palestinians. And then when the area Jordan occupies was stolen from Jews, it was reasonable to think Palestinians would join their brothers and sisters there.

The Jewish homeland is a tiny place, only 8,019 square miles, 263 miles North to South and measuring between 9 and 71 miles wide East to West. Israel is only slightly larger than New Jersey, but will fit inside Florida 8 times. The 2011 population is 7.7 million. There is an average of 946.1 inhabitants per square mile living in Israel.

By contrast, the Kingdom of Jordan is 35,637 square miles populated by 6.4 million persons, one million fewer people than Israel, with an average of 138.8 inhabitants per square mile.

Syria is 71,479 square miles with a population of 22.4 million or 306.5 inhabitants per square mile.

The CIA World Factbook shows no Jews living in Jordan, a few in Syria, but Israel is inhabited by 20% Arabs.

Jordan is not considered Palestine, solely because the area was given as an appeasement to Saudi Arabia for a kingdom. Add Jordan and Syria together and you have another 107,000+ square miles for a Palestinian homeland.

A two-state solution would be the perfect answer for Israel and Palestine, wouldn’t it, but the simple fact is, the Palestinian Authority refuses to accept a Jew in the Middle East. Isn’t that a matter to acknowledge from the pulpit – especially since the NCC uses our money to prepare their brochures?

The NCC accuses Christians and Zionists of trying to steal “historic Palestine,” from Palestinians. An “historic” Palestine doesn’t exist. There is no such things as Palestinian DNA. Palestinian citizenship means nothing. The word Palestine comes from Philistine, and the Romans used the name Palestina for Arabs in the area known by Jews as Judah. The name Judah was banned. The name Palestine was adopted and it was as meaningless then, as it is today. There were Arabs in the area, just as there were Jews in the area, but neither were or are Philistines.

I believe that God has a plan for Israel, but I don’t believe he expects me and others like me to make the Nation of Israel a reality. That reality has already happened, no matter the Palestinian sympathies of the NCC. There is no excuse for a group’s holy book calling for the extinction of another people, as the Koran calls for the destruction of Jews and Israel,  and it is appalling that the NCC supports that position – and then claims they support security for Israel – and appalling that they use my money for their evil lobby.

From my Christian perspective, the question of “unconverted Jews and Christians of questionable status,” is not a consideration in supporting Israel’s right to exist. I support their right to exist because they are children of God, because the Holy Land is their promised land, along with that of some Arabs, because The League of Nations gave them the land for statehood, and because they are a freedom loving people living in a wholly and passionately-protected democracy. I don’t give a fig that some orthodox Jews believe Israel must not exist until the Temple is rebuilt and/or their Messiah comes. It is enough that the land is their’s, a “league of Nations” gave it to them, and their legitimacy comes from God.

Our Christian churches are not speaking of our founding fathers, our founding documents, patriotism, God-given liberty, hard work, or responsibility from the pulpit. They abrogate their duty to God and County to avoid offending a donor. Some churches will not allow a Small Group charaterized as “Patriotic” or “Tea Party,” yet Pastors see no irony in advocating for amnesty and supporting sanctuary cities from the pulpit, while trashing the Rule of Law as they do so. Where are our Patriot Pastors? Where are our modern day Founding Fathers. They should be in our churches, and they should denounce the National Council of Churches.

National Council of Churches Members:

African Methodist Episcopal Church, The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Alliance of Baptists, American Baptist Churches in the USA, Apostolic Catholic Church, Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Church of the Brethren, The Coptic Orthodox Church in North America, The Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Friends United Meeting, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Hungarian Reformed Church in America, International Council of Community Churches, Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Mar Thoma Church, Moravian Church in America Northern Province and Southern Province, National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, Orthodox Church in America, National Baptist Convention of America, Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USA, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Polish National Catholic Church of America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., Reformed Church in America, Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. and Canada, The Swedenborgian Church, Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America, United Church of Christ, The United Methodist Church

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  • This doesn’t surprise me. And merely confirms my holding of any “organized religion” at arms-length.

    I’m not a joiner by nature, a lone wolf by choice. And this serves to only confirm my belief system. I honor God in my own way, in my choosing. Only He knows if I do Right or Wrong. I don’t answer to any church or any mortal man. I answer only to my God. Because Man will ultimately corrupt. It’s in his makeup. So when you place religious power in the hands of mortal man I can only submit that this is, at best, a poor idea.

    Church or Heart? I hold God in my heart, not in any building or organization ruled by the corruptible.

    History has not then, now, or will in the future prove me wrong.


    • BZ, I understand what you are saying and I am seeing more and more withdraw from these “traditional” churches.

      I do believe belonging to a church is a personal matter, and has nothing to do with our spirituality or faith or the Bible. People are different. As you say, congregations can be prone to corruption.

  • Thank you Maggie for once again speaking the truth. This may seem hard, but … believers in Jesus should run from some of the churches on your list. I am glad to see the two churches I have attended the past 50 years didn’t make your list. (Four Square Gospel and Assembly of God) and they both still support Israel today.

    • Carl, very interesting. Just an FYI, the article linked below does show the Assemblies of God. Perhaps individual churchs become members?
      New York, February 12, 2010 — The National Council of Churches’ 2010 Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches reports membership gains in the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Assemblies of God, among others.

      The Latter-day Saints grew 1.71 percent to 5,873,408 members and the Assemblies of God grew 1.27 percent to 2,863,265 members, according to figures reported in the 2010 Yearbook.

      I’m impressed that you know your church’s position on Israel (but of course you would). It is encouraging to find a church making these important issues of God and Country known.

  • Here’s something to watch. It will answer some of your questions…

  • Ran

    I appreciate the depth and breadth of your report, Maggie. Well, it isn’t limited to the NCC. To the Jews here in America, the situation is not unlike. The “social justice” toxin has completely taken two of the main liberal wings of Judaism, forming the majority – for now. Most of the Orthodox (Modern, Chasidim & Hareidim) are rather more inclined to the libertarian-conservative politically and they are also staunchly Zionist (with a few notable exception.)

    We ain’t alone. Sadly enough, even the Dalai Lama has espoused marxism. (Is nothing sacred?)

    In the Jewish family, the good news is that traditional religious movements are having more children, not fewer: their bloc is growing in proportion to their Faith. I hope this is true beyond, into the Christian community. As Mark Steyn noted, demographics is destiny.


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