McConnell Announces Short Debt Limit Hike

Senator Mitch McConnell has said a short debt ceiling hike may occur while the yo-yos in the Senate continue to work toward a long-term budget deal (that will not happen in any significance sufficient to bring on a conservative celebration). The hike will cover just a few months  worth of overspending. This article says Biden, top Democrats and top Republican lawmakers want to reduce budget deficits by only $4 TRILLION, as “cover” for spending more, and raising the debt limit yet again.

Mitch McConnell

The statement from McConnell is wholly spineless and inadequate. He should have said something like this:

Democrats will not allow us to hold the line on the debt limit, or cut spending. We are powerless in their majority. They will spend and they will increase the debt limit, with not a single Republican vote, except for fairly certain support from RINO’s Scott, Lugar, Snow and Collins. Democrats will continue to bring America to her knees until we have Republican control and a balanced budget amendment. Republicans are impotent in this Senate body.

God help us if we cannot take the Senate in 2012. It may be more important than taking the presidency.