Mark Steyn Ed Rollins: Rollins Disfigures American Politics

Mark Steyn has called Michele Bachmann’s political strategist Ed Rollins a “backroom boy” who is always in “the front window,” and says Rollins “is one of the things that disfigures American politics.

Ed Rollins

Rollins said last week that Sarah Palin has not been “serious over the last couple of years.” And then there’s this:

Steyn mocked Rollins for one of his shots of Palin – her looks compared to Bachmann’s looks.

“And in this case when he started going on about — well I forget what he said, you know that his candidate was just as hot-looking as Sarah Palin, he said that about Michele didn’t he I think at one point?” he continued. “Which I agree with and I vaguely remember from – I think it was 1988 when Bob Dole’s campaign manager announced Bob Dole was twice as hot as George Bush, Sr. Obviously you know, this is part of a well-established pattern in Republican primaries.”

Memo to Bachmann: Vet your strategists, dump Ed Rollins and don’t be afraid of what he says as his rear exits your campaign. The man has a history of trashing his clients.

  • What an enormously stupid thing for him to say.

    Somebody remind me–why do they call Republicans “The Stupid Party”?

  • Rollins has been falling apart for the last ten years. I was very disappointed to see him get a job with Bachmann. It’s just a matter of time until he does something that’s really going to hurt her campaign.

  • Ran

    Rollins was a serious error. Much credibility is at stake here: Bachmann either fires the cretin or betrays her base’ trust that she’s not merely another politics-as-usual hack.

    H-ll, even the WSJ has a kind review of Bachmann. It raises nothing but suspicion that she’s not quite what she claims. Dow Jones has an ugly history of trashing constitutional conservatives whilst supporting statists.

    I suspect nothing good: Appears to me that the Old Boys are deliberately attempting to divy the Tea field away from Palin. McCain can tell us what it’s like having the New York Times and their ilk back you as a candidate.

    Rollins is nothing more than a manipulator. Either HE goes, or SHE goes.