Lawrence Eagleburger Dies: Eagleburger – Obama Foreign Relation Amateurish – Dumb

Former U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger has died at the age of 80 after a “short” illness. Eagleburger is the only career foreign service officer to serve as Secretary of State. Former President, George H. W. Bush has praised him: “I will be ever grateful for his wise, no-nonsense counsel,” saying Eagleburger was “a tireless patriot, principled to the core….” The video below is Neal Cavuto speaking to an unusually thin Eagleburger about Obama and Netanyahu. In the video Eagleburger calls Obama’s handling of Israel and foreign relations “amateurish” and “dumb” and speaks of the “consequences” of the president’s actions. Sorry, I do not have the date of the video but it was uploaded to YouTube today.

Lawrence Eagleburger


Neal Cavuto and Lawrence “Larry” Eagleburger on Obama and Israel (video)

  • Everyone talks about how smart Obama is … but his actions and his words speak otherwise. What a loser.