Larry Link Murdered: Uncle Larry Murdered Near New Mexico-Mexican Border Video

The much beloved Larry Link has been murdered near the U.S.-Mexican Border in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Link, known to many as “Uncle Larry,” was shot twice, and found near his car. There are no suspects, but some in the area believe an illegal migrant may have committed the murder.

"Uncle Larry" - Larry Link

Mr. Link, 68, had operated a popular tourist attraction known as Steins Ghost Town until three years ago when vandals and thieves forced its closing. While the murderer is not known, what is known is that the area where Uncle Larry’s body was found has a big problem with drug trafficking and illegal migrants.

Hidalgo County Commissioner Ed Kerr:

“Last summer in August, I found five bundles of marijuana on my ranch land about 50 feet from the freeway. That can’t be more than eight or 10 miles from Larry’s,” he said. “They were scattered about. One was under the billboard, one was beside the fence. Illegals with empty backpacks had dropped their load. I-10 is, obviously, a connecting point. We’re getting a lot of traffic, more than what we’ve seen in the past couple of years. They have ultra-light planes flying out of Mexico and dropping off bundles and then illegals walking and picking them up.”

Three years ago, Kerr said, he found seven undocumented immigrants hiding in a culvert on his land off of Highway 338….

Link and his wife Linda celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 15, 2010.

Link bought Stein’s Ghost Town, at milepost 3 on I-10, sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, Commissioner Kerr said.

“He bought it from a fellow named Garrison and he just loved it. He loved to give tours and loved to visit with people,” Kerr said. “He would charge, like, a dollar for the tour. He was a wonderful storyteller and very entertaining. He was a history buff of sorts, but he added his special twist of humor.”

The Link family wants it understood that Larry Link was NOT a rancher. They do not want his death to be used for political gain in the issue of illegal aliens.

There are no suspects, so we’ll have to wait and see what surfaces. If Mr. Link WAS murdered by illegal aliens, then it certainly is an illegal immigration issue, and it’s a political issue – unfortunately only to be fixed through politics. Too bad land owners can’t enforce the trespassing of their own land. If they could, we wouldn’t need politics.

N.M. Man killed, bloggers blame illegal:


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  • Warren Garrison

    Possibly I already posted in this area, can’t remember, I was quite busy yesterday after hearing of Link’s death. Until I heard of his death I guess I didn’t realize just how much I disliked this individual and while his family might morn his death, I certainly do not. I sold this town that I love so very much to Link in 1988. As I have said over and over since I began to respond that the very day I handed Link the keys to a couple of the doors, he did not want me there, he did not want anyone to know that I ever existed, his desire was to take all the credit for my work. In fact I have heard first hand that he’s told many that he bought the property from a crazy old man, NEVER even mentioning my name. He has completely altered History in a most horrible way because his mind concocted some of the most outrageous stories anyone could think up and I have seen some of those stories in print that writers believed of him and documented, not realizing they were nothing but lies. I don’t understand this “having to close 3 years ago because of vandals and thieves”. The main area was fenced off by me when I was there, you had to stand at a gate and ring the bell to enter and then I, then he would go down and welcome you in. When I was there illeglas would jump off the car carriers when a train would stop to allow a priority train to pass by and they would run over and take things from my museum and property, but then that all but stopped because the RR began to close in those car haulers. I see that I need to address my anger towards this individual because when I heard the news yesterday I thought, “well, he finally got his just dues”. Uncle Larry huh? yea right, but that had to be to those who did not know him as I did. I have to believe that if it had been an illegal who shot him they would have taken his truck, I”m sure it was someone dealing in illegal activity but Larry had a really abrasive personality, the “Uncle Larry” part was nothing but a front. He just pissed someone off and they shot him like I almost did 20 years ago.

    • Matthew Fleener

      hmmm…maybe it wasn’t an illegal imigrant after all…it quite possibly coul dbe a crazy old man who is bitter about a bad business arrangement he made with him…how dare you tarnish my great uncles name.

      • warren garrison

        How dare you be so stupid not to listen to another persons side of a situation. I hope you get run over by a freaking truck if by chance you are called to jury duty because you do not have the common sense, ability, or reasoning to make a judgement concerning someone else’s life, and probably why many a person is in prison right now because of idiots like you. So as I said to the others, screw you, I’m in Tucson, come on over and look me up and we’ll go from there.

        • Matthew

          I hope you find God someday. Perhaps I will come to tuscon and look you up. You obviously need to hear the word. I continue to pray for you.

          • warren garrison

            Matthew, I really should not answer this because of the wonderful postings and encouragement Angela Wilds put on trying to encourage us all, but let me say a couple of things. It is very odd that I went through many years of running from God even though I had been raised in a strict missionary home. I was just about as miserable a person as you’d find until early 1976 when I had lost everything financially and was in the process of losing my wife. It was then I had a desert experience with God that most would not believe and why I finally went to Steins with the clothes on my back and $9 in my pocket after having enough money to rebuild Steins several times over, I was finally there financially broke, but spiritually rich. The local churches NEVER helped me as I took in people off the road, Lordsburg in general fought me every step of the way except for a small hand full of people who supported me, in fact the churches would bring people 22 miles out to me that had bugged them for a meal and would dump them off on me. Anyway, I built a monster and many days I had as many as 30 or more people converge on me all at once after I had gone for hours with no one coming in. I was casting the adobes for the buildings by hand, conducting tours by myself, feeding several people off the road at a time only for them to be stealing everything they could carry when they left in the middle of the night or even during the day when a train would go by slow and they would run and jump on it so I never got help from those people. My water runs started around 10-11 p.m. and by the time I finished draining the tank it was 2 a.m. I could go on and on with this story as you very well know, as I type 85+ wpm and there’s no shortage of material to refer to but I won’t. I will say first of all thank you for finally writing something that has a little common sense and peace in it. As I had always hoped with Larry, I wish you had thrown an apology in there because that linked with Angelas kind words might help this healing process work just a little faster. As far as finding God, He’s pretty much right where I left him before I decided to take off and act like the proverbial prodical son. AND, if I don’t then God may not have the patience with me He had before because I’ll be the first to admit this anger is not healthy for me or anyone near me. Not being smart or anything but if you want to teach me about God or anyone else then I would encourge you not to write as you did and incite someone. Far too often it seems to be human nature to ignore the “don’t feed the animals” sign and a person sticks their hand into the cage anyway, they’re bitten and then they want the animal destroyed rather than saying, “well, you know I kind of deserve what I got, I should have listened and obeyed the sign”. One of your relatives wrote that the name Link was a God fearing family. You know, back in Georgia I had relatives that said the very same thing and yet they were involved in a KKK meeting on Saturday night, and then singing “Shall We Gather At The River” on Sunday a.m. at the local Baptist church. People throw the word Christian around as a label and NEVER associate it with the true definition which means “Christ like”. This is why at this point in time I do not call myself a Christian, yet I am still a child of God, that doesn’t change. It would kill my 91 year old dad to know I have this anger in me and have been writing all of this, but I am still his son. You know, last night I was watching the story of Bernie Madoff and I thought, what would his family had said to someone who came up and said they had been wronged by Madoff? Here he was such a wealthy and prominent man that so many thought well of, many would have been ready to kill for him. It’s really sad when people do not listen and consider what someone else might have experienced.

            • Matthew

              If it’s an apoligy you seek, I am sorry you have anger and resentment issues with my uncle. I am sorry you had bad experiences with churches and my uncle larry. I am no saint, and I do not fear God (or christ as I prefer to call him). He loves me and he loves you…and believe it or not he loves Larry too. No one among is perfect and I am sure Larry had shortcomings as well. For your own health and well being I pray you find a way to resolve the anger within you. I once had anger and resentment issues as well and over the years I have learned that my anger is fear based. Mainly fear that I came up short, or some person, place or thing didn’t live up to my expectations. The important thing for me is to recognize my part in my resentments. We are all human and have human feelings that can’t be ignored, however to dwell in anger and hate is unheathy. And just because the churches in lordsburg left a bad taste in your mouth, remember that churches are run by man. Let the lord guide your life. Christ forgives all and will welcome you back into his kingdom at any time you choose. But bare in mind….Larry Link is part of that kingdom and he will be there to welcome you with open arms.

              • warren

                Thanks Matthew, really appreciate this. It’s really been a 2 part problem lately in that I was angry yes, but then angry that I was angry. Just amazing at the way I have changed from the night I was tied to a chair, I looked like something from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 3 guys looting my kitchen, one walking around with my rifle in his hand and i”m sure more than prepared to shoot me, BUT, the very black kid that worked me over with the crow bar actually prevented it. Then to go in and visit with them from 8 or 9 at night until 1 and 2 a.m. and talk to them about their lives until the Mormon sheriff put a stop to that. But yea, anger has gotten the best of me lately, doesn’t bother me to smash a $200 set of head phones thinking they’re bad only to find out that the connection was what was wrong, oops, too late! But anyway, if you come along another situation like this try and have this type of patience with the person rather than feeding into it. Had a friend call just yesterday, had no idea all this was going on, I told him and he was not pleased at all with me. I’ve never really witnessed to him at all about Christ, not in a position to, but I’m sure now he would just laugh at me if I did, people like that enjoy using your short comings to avoid God, so I’ll sure pay for that in being a stumbling block to Gary. Even the guy that called me the morning of Larry’s death and told me about this as I said in another post, Rick has a lot of anger so he’s not the one to be a peace maker himself. He’s a die hard Liberal and it would have really been great had I been able to speak well of Larry to him rather than chime in and go along with the criticism. Anyway, like I said to that Angela, “blessed are the peace makers” so I’m sure it’s exactly the opposite for those who don’t. Thanks again Matthew——

    • Paul LaFreniere

      Obviously your mother never taught you that if you have nothing good to say keep your mouth shut….You spouted a bunch of bs and you know it. I have known the Link family for 35 yrs, I can not even remember him ever raising his voice. I will apologize for your ignorance and I highly doubt you knew Larry Link other than a business deal. You should not have had Stiens for sale if you wanted to be praised for what you think you may have done for the property. The only thing I can see your presence doing is lowering the value and giving it a rather fecal matter odor. I also firmly believe that the Lord himself will deliver you back to the gates of Hell where you obviously came from.

      • warren garrison

        You miserable and stupid individuals. Let’s just hope that you NEVER are called for any type of jury duty, you would certainly fail the person based on sheer ignorance and prejudice. Everyone of you here are like a GD lynch mob unwilling to listen to anything, wait, you must be Liberals, that’s it. Those who when you being to speak they put their fingers in their ears and begin to yell “la la la la la la la”. Unbelievable that this individual had all of you so spelled bound you can’t get your heads out of your asses long enough to understand what I went through with him. This stupid ass comment about “I shouldn’t have sold it to him if I wanted all the credit”, or “so you gave him the keys, it then became his”. We aren’t talking about a house on Elm street, we’re talking about history and someone who went there with $9 in their pocket and the clothes on their back and brought it back to life. To protect and uphold an individual who created a 13 count lawsuit of nothing but lies in hopes of stealing that 2 acres out from under me. Fortunately Judge Saenz saw through Link and ordered us to Mediation. But everyone single one of you that has posted and defended this individual are nothing but GD bastards, plain and simple. As I told someone else, I’m in Tucson, I’m accessible, come on over and look me up. Say to my face what you’ve said here and we’ll go from there. I’m not at all happy about the anger I feel towards Link, I had no idea it was so deepseated but he created every ounce of it and you can prasied him to high heaven. And to any asshole that wants to credit me with his death, have at it. I have a record of my activities and account for every second of every day as I care for my 91 year old dad, neighbors, friends. Takes a sorry worthless SOB to even suggest that and you bash me for being angry at what I went through with Larry Link. I even thought when hearing of his death, and remembering that Linda wasn’t so bad to deal with, “MAYBE SHE WOULD ALLOW ME TO GET THE THINGS OUT OF MY ROOM THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET WHEN THE DEAL WAS FINALIZED THAT LARRY REFUSED TO LET ME HAVE”. Personal items that I can never replace. The day I went back to get those things he would not even speak to me and when I questioned his attitude he ordered me off the property. He knew that would take an attorney to make him follow through and I had settled for a piddly $500 a month in payments so he won. Each one of you low lifes can line up to kiss my ass for the comments and defense of this man rather than saying, “gee, I loved Larry, I didn’t see him this way and I’m sorry you feel as you do” but to start bashing me, again, get your sorry ass over here to Tucson and we’ll talk about this face to face.

    • Bill Link

      You are running all around the internet bad mouthing a man who was beloved by his family and, by all accounts other than yours, his community.

      Interesting that you have become so vocal now that Larry isn’t around to answer for himself. Is your hatred of the man rooted in fear?

      As my cousin Nancy posted, there are some undeniable qualities you’ll find attached to the Link name, among them, integrity, humor, and generosity. One that Nancy didn’t mention is an absolute unwillingness to suffer idiots.

      You, Mr. Garrison, are an idiot. You failed to do anything with Steins other than allow it to continue its gradual return to the earth. And now you would dare dance on the grave of a man who purchased it from you and made it relevant again.

      You are a bitter, bitter little man.

      Larry didn’t erase your from the history of Steins, your ineptitude managed that.

      So here you are, trying desperately to regain something you never had and could never bring to Steins: relevance.

      And you call yourself a cowboy…pathetic. Cowboys live by a code. They have ethics and they never need to tell people how much they matter. They certainly never launch malicious and defamatory attacks on dead men.

      Go back to the desert, Mr. Garrison. Find another two acres somewhere and crawl under a new rock.

      For the moment you have made yourself matter to the Links. But this too shall pass and we will reduce you to the punch line of a series of unflattering jokes. Again.

      Now cowboy up and go away.


      • warren garrison

        Screw you Bill and new time you and these other assholes on here are scheduled to walk on water and turn water into wine, please let me know, I always enjoy watching you perfect dipshits do that stuff. I don’t give a crap if he was beloved by his family, so was John Getti. You people that have posted are the perfect lynch mob, you’re just to f’n stupid to listen to anything because you already have your mind made up and nothing is going to change it. I’m sure Linda remembers the night after I had made the deal on the adjoining 2 acres, came into the store, Larry reared back in his chair with his big old hogleg on, Linda behind the counter. I said as I’ve already related, “howdy, just wanted to tell you guys that I made a deal on the property next door and I hope we can be good neighbors” because this asshole had already screwed with me big time but I was willing to forget. I said, “someone said you’d probably shoot me if I came back” and Larry said, “ONLY ONCE I’M A GOOD SHOT”. I left very disappointed because I did not want to have to live like that. AGAIN, he walked out the next morning, looked me in the eye as I began to clean my area and he said, “if you think I’m going to let you stay here and capitolize off my work (and he had only been there a year and done nothing to that point) you’re crazy. I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of you”. I have an ex wife who can verify what we went through with Larry from that point on. I could not sneeze without him calling 911 for some trivial and stupid thing and it only got worse. He got BLM involved, he got the State Hwy. Department, he caused BLM to come and remove a structure I had spent so much time on recreating and AFTER they removed it they realized it was truly on MY property and not there’s. Everything Larry Link did was deterimental to all of us but he did not care. Margaet my ex finally gave up and moved back to Tucson because she could not take it and you people want to praise this individual. I could say plenty more but I’m not wasting anymore of my time on you stupid ass people. As I have said repeatedly since I sold that place, I could have looked the world over and not found a worse person to have sold something I loved so much. Larry Link was undoubtedly the worse thing that could have ever happened to Steins New Mexico.

        • Bill Link

          You’re as stupid as you are deranged. Your writing belies your insufficient education.

          Everyone will remember Larry Link and what he did to restore Steins, NM after rescuing it from the hands of an incompetent.

          You will be forgotten…again. No one will mourn you.

          But, like I said, we will always tell jokes about you. I guess you’ll be immortalized in that manner.

          Want to hear a few?

          • Warren

            The most wonderful thing about life is that “what goes round comes round”. You are just are evil as the uncle you are defending. I would be the first to admit that I am wrong for bashing like I am, even though he deserves it all, still it isn’t my place. BUT, this is the legacy that he has left behind. I had just moved to Steins, finally got electric and someone gave me a small TV. I turned it on and Jimmy Swaggart was on. During that time I was close to God, and of course I cannot say that right now BUT, as much of a prodical son as I am God still cares for me, not by any means happy with me, but cares. Anyway, I knew some Assemblies of God people and after watching Swaggart that day I got this horrible feeling, turned the TV off and took it in and gave it to the rest home. In talking with the AG people and knowing they would literally run over Christ to get tot Swaggart I said, “you know, there’s something seriously wrong with that man” and they, having the demons of hell in them as you do, and Larry did, began to bash me just as you have. They criticized me, they belittled me, they laughed at me that their Jimmy would be anything other than what they believed. It’s taken 23 years for Larry Link to get what I think he deserved for the things he did, and even though someone didn’t shoot Swaggart, still about 12 years later he was caught with his hookers riding around town. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? When I talked to those same people who had defended him before, they continued to defend him again and criticize me. Shortly after that, they caught him again. I have a very very good friend here in Tucson. He and his wife just divorced, for the second time. Jesse has always been really good with me, above board, top notch, a good friend. His ex called and wanted me to DJ for a birthday party and during the conversation she began to open up about their relationship. “Jesse is this, he’s that, he did this, and he did that”, and I just listened. She was explaining how she and Jesse had dealt with one another and I didn’t turn on her as you fools have turned on me. YOU WERE NOT THERE DURING THAT TIME, you did not experience what I experienced and you are the stupid one for continuing to provoke me. Your time will come, just wait, “what goes round does come round”.

            • AMY

              warren, it hurts me to see you so upset concerning this matter. I for one have kept up with you over the years and encourged you and know the disappointment you have suffered from not being associated with steins. still, you cannot let it make you so angry as i see it has from your many postings. you are busy with your dj work, caring for your dad, i know people still want your furniture so concentrate on that and forget this matters. write your book as you’ve spken of it so often. you have many wonderful photos documenting your work and showing what you accepted as a challenge and what you accomplsihed. pay no attention to these insults tht you did nothing because many others know the truth. please allow your frustration to settle down before it affects your health. —-sincerely, amy

              • warren garrison

                Well hello, I almost hated to give you this website and have you see the horrible things going on and being said, but thanks for the good words. You know, I still have letters and many business cards from various people who visited Steins while I was there. I hope to contact as many of them as I can to get verifications of my efforts that this one miserable soul Bill Link, just as his uncle, keeps trying to steal from me. Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words.

                • AMY

                  wow warren, pay no attention to these people as it is so evident they have issues which far exceed yours, and yes my friend you do have issues about this place but it’s time to let it go. strange that just the other day I ran into Wade Sherbrooke from the Arizona Research station. unfortunately he and his wife had split which was a terrible shock but anyway. he spoke of the time we came through in route to watch the sand cranes in nortern new mexico and it had snowed so badly at steins. It was such a wonderful time, I remember it well and your hospitality especially the hot chocolate. After hearing Wade speak of you and then seeing your accomplishments I don’t think I have ever been more impressed at what one person could do by themselves. I never met Mr. Link and so I have no opinion except what I read here which is extremely discouraging but I find it even more discouraging that his family would seek to strip you of any recognition you deserve. As you said in one of your postings that Steins was not a simple address on a given street in mid america, it was a piece of history and many should credit you with what you did to save it and then credit Mr. Link in what he did to preserve what you created. My advice is to move quickly away from this area and stop exchanging words with these people. it is evident they have classified you and nothing is going to change their minds which in itsself is very sad. It appears it is a simple case of “do not confuse me with any facts, I have made up my mind”. good day warren, i wish you the very best. ps please keep me posted on your progress.

                  • Warren

                    Well Amy, you can see that the demons of hell have not let up. Naturally I’m upset about having my work taken from me, but MORE than anything I think about the condition of this world, I think about a situation like not long ago and it’s happening all the time where a group of mean kids invite someone over they don’t like and just literally beat hell out of them. What do you wanna bet some of these miserable little people on here gasped when they hear these stories and yet they are fillled with the very same demon. At first I was just disappointed, I was upset and hurt to be reminded by Larry’s death of the things I went through with him. Then as these people began to post and bash me my feelings for Larry Link went from a basic contempt, to a pure hatred. Sorry I’m not taking your advice, maybe later. You know though, this anger is spilling over into the way I deal with others, just as someone in Tucson who is angering someone in these people’s home town and I cannot say it enough that what goes round comes round. Last night I was headed to DJ and travelling Campbell. Started off at a light, on my left was a Mexican kid with his girlfriend I guess, maybe wife, they were young. He was going probably 5 mph under the limit so I sped up just a little to get in the left lane, but he sped up. I left off thinking he would pass me but once he got along side me he slowed down. I slowed down more, he slowed down, I sped up, he sped up. We finally came to Valencia and a light, I fell in behind him. When the light changed he just sat there trying to make me catch the light again. Just like these people on here who are nothing but mouth, after I tried to get the kid to pull over into a parking lot he refused and went on. Just like those on here they’ve made their insults, like Larry Link they’ve done their work for the devil himself and had I been able to get the kid to pull over I would have taught him a lesson in respect. When you consider this was some stupid smart ass young kid it’s bad enough, but then to look at what I”m guessing are adults on here, at least in age, certainly not in mind or common sense then you see there’s just little hope for this world.

            • Bill Link

              Mr. Garrison,
              Your own incoherent ramblings do more to “bash” your reputation than anything I can ever write or say. Your faculties, such as they were, are clearly diminishing in your later years.

              It seems, however, we do agree on one point: What goes around comes around.

              You started this, Mr. Garrison. And while I will move on with my life and forget about you just like all the other other things I’ve scraped off my shoe over the years, you will die broken, bitter, sad, and alone watching some televangelist on a black-and-white TV in a roach motel and telling yourself you’re “close to God.”

              That will be your “coming around.”

              I suspect it has already begun.

              You’ve devoted the past several days of your life to defaming a man who was tenfold your better in every meaningful measure. And then you pronounce others evil. The irony is almost too much to bear.

              I’m not an evil man, Mr. Garrison. But I’m not going to sit idly by while you throw your little virtual temper tantrum and drag the good name of a good man through your personal mud hole.

              You are the lowest form of life. You live in the past, prey on the dead, and blame everyone else for your failings.

              So long for now, Mr. Garrison. I’ll be here when you crawl out from under your rock again.

              • warren garrison

                Speaking of crawling Bill, you and your family need to be crawling out from under a pile of rubble as we saw those people in Joplin, Mo. doing recently, possibly, but it’s a long shot, just possibly it might wake you up. As you beat and bash me for my criticism of an individual who made my life really difficult, stole as I keep saying my glory at least for the time I was at Steins, even stole personal items from me in that he refused to allow me to retrieve things the contract said I was to take, it’s evident you are the sick one. How rediculously unfair for those of you on here to continue to beat me for wanting credit for the years I struggled at Steins to bring it back to life when we continually have monster award shows, awards given, applause, recognition for movies written and produced and directed and starred in. It is human nature for a woman to want to be complimented for a nice meal, a man for completing an item on the honey do list, kids for making good grades, ball teams for winning the trophy. I was talking with the person I’ve been with for a couple of years now and explaining what is going on I used her as an example of how we as humans tend to hold on to traumatic experiences in our lives, only to be stirred up by some event or emotion. Not always good, but we do. In her life she experienced an abusive husband and every once in awhile something triggers an episode she experienced with him. I just listen and allow her to get it out of her system and we go on with life. That man has moved on, remarried, has several children by his new wife, and I think, “what if he died tomorrow and my girlfriend wrote a little something about how she didn’t miss him because of the way he treated her”. One of his family members happens to see it that NEVER saw that side of him and BAM! like the demons of hell that control you they began bashing her. “How dare you speak of our father like that, or brother or uncle, he was a wonderful man, you’re the blah blah blah” and begin to deframe, criticize and bash her? Had you simply kept it to a defense of your uncle and what he meant to you that would have been one thing, but to continue to strip me of the credit I deserve for bringing Steins out of the dirt and saving it from a local business man bulldozing what was left away and making an over nite camping spot, to try and make me appear to be some babbling old fool, if read by a fair and honest person then you would be the one that needs help, not me. Again, taking into account all I experienced at the hands of Larry Link, the strain he put on my marriage when i moved back, the trauma he put all of us through, the loss of time and money, the defamation of character that you are continuing, then any fair person would say, “well I can see why Mr. Garrison is upset, but you Link, you hate this man with a passion just as your uncle did only because he expressed his feelings”.

                I don’t know about Iowa, but in many southern states it has been known of mid wives to actually pronounce spells and curses on babies. Possibly this is the problem with the Links I have dealt with. At first I thought and believed it might just be limited to Larry, but now that I’ve dealt with more of you I see that is not the case. A person like you is a threat to the community, to your family, to our nation in general. You as well as Larry had/have the spirit that drove the Hatfields and McCoys for well over 100 years. Family member after family member died over the initial killing of a pig and those in charge of the family who could have put an end to it, refused.

                Notice this dude LaFrenier a friend of Link mentions delivering me back to hell where I came from. To think that in death Larry Link continues to promote the hatred and turmoil he did while living is unbelievable. Notice at no time have I made any suggestion that Larry is in hell. If I had to guess I would beleive that’s where he is BUT, I don’t know if he died quickly, or suffered BUT, as the thief on the cross who asked forgiveness in the last moments of his life, Larry could have done that, non of us will know that until the end of time. Persoanlly I hope he did ask for forgiveness, there is no one I wish to see in hell not even Larry. And this is where you truly seperate good from evil in that YOU and many others in here cannot say that of me.

                • Bill Link

                  Mr. Garrison,
                  You get loonier and more disjointed with each subsequent post.

                  I don’t hate you. I don’t fear you. I pity you. Honestly.

                  You’re the saddest, emptiest, most unfulfilled, bitterest man I’ve ever encountered.

                  Attend to your personal demons, Mr. Garrison. They own you. This bloodlust of yours is just so sad.

                  After all these years, you insist on continuing to live your life in the shadow of Larry Link.

                  Move on, Mr. Garrison. Steins didn’t work out so well for you. Sorry. Life is full of disappointment.

                  Go make something else happen. If you’re capable…

                  • Warren

                    there you go lying through your teeth just like Larry did. You can’t posess pity without compassion and compassion is a by product of morality. You and those I have dealt with are certainly lacking any compassion as you continue to push and push and push. The one thing in your favor right now is that I keep responding with this anger. Whenever I stop and gain my composure again, that’s when God will deal with you. Right now and as long as I continue to run my mouth, i’m going to be the one he deals with in an adverse way.

              • Karen W.

                Well said, cousin Bill.

  • ONCEuponaTIME

    i have been too the area of I-10 & highway 80, i have seen many illegal immigrants coming & going at the local truck stop just a feww miles from Larry’s. Also i have had run ins with black suited cartel paying me too look the other way. That area of Az. & NM is a shifty place to be in, too live there is got to be rough, gotta watch ur back if ur white.

    • pat

      so, you’re admitting you took a bribe to ‘look the other way”?

  • Nancy Link

    I agree with my cousin, Matthew Fleener. When you meet a Link, any LInk, you know they are law abiding, respectful, comedians, have faith and certainly welcome strangers to be their friend. Some people just don’t have what it takes to run a sucessful business. If you don’t love what you do and love others you will turn into a ” CRAZY” person, as you call yourself. If you loved the property so much, why did you sell it? Once you turned the keys over, it was not your property anymore. You should have walked away with a big smile on your face knowing you left your baby in the greatest hands possible! Get over yourself and have a heart. Larry was my 81year old Dad’s, baby brother, that he loved very much. He just lost his wife of 61 years (my mom) and now to hear the tradgic news of his brother. He, or any other family members or friends, need to read your nasty and untrue comments.

    • Matthew Fleener

      Hi Nancy.. I have forwarded Mr. garrisons remarks to the New Mexico state police, as he had clear motive to commit this heinous act.

      • Nancy Link Burns

        I agree! They should definitely check him out! I just saw Uncle Larry on my Dad’s 81st birthday April !2 and he is a great guy. He loved his family so much and his family loved him. It is so sad someone can just take that all away. They will have to answer someday.

      • Bill Link

        I did the same thing. Even went so far as to provide screenshots of his earliest hate-filled posts just in case he grew a conscience and started deleting them.

        Seems unlikely that a coward such as Mr. Garrison would have had anything to do with uncle Larry’s death. Additionally, he’d have to be even more stupid than I think he is to post his hatred all over the internet if he were involved, but I’d hate to underestimate the depth of his depravity and stupidity.

        Perhaps a visit from NM State Police will quiet Mr. Garrison’s personal demons.

        • warren garrison

          Don’t think so, not at this point. All of this has just brought back all the things this individual did to me and give it your best shot on trying to implecate me in this. With a 91 year old dad to care for I can hardly get to Tucson for groceries sometimes, but again, give it your best shot. BUT, as I said to another Link lover, let’s hope you get run over by a bus if by chance you are called to jury duty. I would not want an innocent person to be judged by you and the others on here. Naturally I can understand the hurt you might feel at someone beating down a relative, but you have to be a really selfish fool, well kind of Like Larry, not to even consider my side of this situation. YOU know what, you kind of remind me of the stupidity shown by Nancy Kerrigan recently. Here her brother has been proven incompetent, he killed his father, and Nancy wants him to come home rather than serve any time or be admitted to a hospital. If the shoe was on the other foot right now and you were posting these things about someone I felt was an honest and forthright person, I would try and deal with you and understand you. You jackasses have just pissed me off all the more so it must be in the Link blood to act like you’re acting and ignore what someone else has to say about a situation. Hidalgo Co. sheriff’s department and prosecutors were all incensed when I refused to press charges against the boys that beat the crap out of me with a crow bar, after I tried to help them fix their tire. Larry put most of this anger into motion but as I said, it’s been kind of latent and I had not even mentioned Steins or my past for I guess a couple of years until a friend called me all excited the morning Larry was killed and told me about it. At first I was just kind of stunned but even that person reminded me of a couple of things Larry had done, wish he had not, and it just started rolling in. I personally could not live with myself if I did to someone the things Larry did to me, and you can believe that or not.

          I almost erased the above and went with I’m sorry for all of this, you just do not understand, forgive me and then BAM! I could see Larry as plain as day back in 88. He had filed the 13 count suite against me and it was just absurd at the charges, but he had a very big imagination. When it came to my attnetion I called the RR and leased, as I’ve already said in one post, the property in front of Larry from 20 feet in front of his buildings to the RR. I was prepared to cut his water off, Literally. He came over and the drama was just sickening. He tried to muster up some tears but he said that he had been to the Mountain Top and talked to God, he had talked with Linda also and he was really sorry about the things he had done to me and as soon as Christmas was over he would drop the law suite”. Stupid stupid me goes right into the house and calls the RR and tells the man to give that property to Link. Even the RR guy said, “Warren do you think you should do this?” I said, “well, I want to show him I’m willing to work with him”, and the guy said, “well ok if you say so”. AS SOON as Larry Link got the notice that I had given up the choke hold I had on him, he proceeded with the law suite because he was a dishonest individual and he lied, and worse yet he used God as his reason for stopping the law suite.

      • Warren

        good for you, that’s exactly what Larry would have done. He kept our lives in such turmoil with his 911 finger, whiney ass complaints that brought as I said, the BLM down on us, the State, everyone you can imagine just to make our lives miserable but Larry had the mind of these various leaders who care nothing about their people as long as they get their way. Look at this fool Khadafi right now, his country is being destroyed but he doesn’t care. I wonder sometimes what lengths Larry would have gone to to finally get rid of me if all the lies and deceit and law suites had not worked? All the vegetation, the cactus and plants, the stones I used to build the museum all came from out in the Mountains. Every time I went out and came back he had the BLM on my door steps questioning me. We were in the middle of the desert so I would shoot rabbits for my dogs. I had to make sure I was way way way out of Larry’s hearing because if he even heard a shot it was, 911 and “yes I want to report a crime. Garrison just shot at me and the limbs on the trees were falling around my head that his bullets hit and I could hear the bullets whizzing past my head”. Linda knows these things happened and these false accusations kept us all in turmoil so when you wonder where my anger comes from, those are just a few of the situations.

        • Karen W.

          You are wrong about my Uncle Larry. All he ever did to you was buy the property from you, he developed it and he and his wife made it a successful tourist attraction. I would call 911 also if I heard shots close to me, and I would certainly chase people off who drove up to my property to drink beer like the Ortega family you mentioned. If that felt like home to them, then they and you Mr. Garrison need to GET A LIFE!. You have just proven to the people on this site that you are a “CRAZY ‘OLE MAN”

          • Warren

            And you Karen continue to prove that the name Link consist of a most unreasonable and dishonest as well as stupid people who listen to nothing. He didn’t developed shit, he maintained a little bit and he did a piss poor job at that. He supposedly rebuilt the 2 stall bordello which didn’t even come close to the original building. He pulled in a stage coach. He built a small building or started to build it in the very middle of the street and that became the place some gangster hid out, which was nothing but a freaking lie that’s going down in history. Had any of you GD idiots come at me with, “sorry you feel this way about our uncle, we feel very differently about him”, I could have understood and eased up but to continually beat and bash me, you f’n people have picked the wrong person so you and the rest of the assholes in your family and or friends who want to jump on this band wagon can kiss my ass, I am very obtainable in Tucson, get on over here and say this shit to my face and we’ll take it from there. Like I told that stupid ass Bill Link, all of you need to be crawling out from under the ruins of your home like they did in Joplin, or better yet, watch as they are in Arizona as their homes burn to the ground, maybe, just maybe it would humble you. Again, if you people were not such warring damn idiots from hell then you might have said, “we give you credit from 76 to 88 Mr. Garrison, and then from 88 to now we give credit to our uncle”. But hell now, you’re like that GD SOB of an uncle of yours that wants all the credit.

            • Pamela Link

              Mr Garrison,
              This is Larry Links daughter. I know for a fact that my father gave you credit for all that you did, for your building abilities, your creativity, and your green thumb. I followed him through many tours, every one of the tours he gave YOU credit. Never, did he say a nasty word regarding you or your abilities to the tourists.
              Now, I am asking you, Please, Stop, your point has been made.
              Thank You, Pamela

              • warren

                Really sorry you and your mom, and your daughter have had to go through this Pamela. Would have been nice for a message like this to have come through from the beginning rather than some of the other postings that got me so stirred up. I was just thinking this afternoon about all of this and thought, “maybe, just maybe I was the only one Larry disliked and dealt with as he did with me”. It might seem insignificant to you but I know that one of the very few times he shared anything with me was him being upset about an instance in a church he went to where the pastor was conducting a private meeting with a few people, your dad was there and when the preacher came to the end of what he was saying he said, “ok, now I’ve shot my wad, it’s your turn”. That being a comment people make concerning sex, Larry was really offended by that and I don’t blame him, it wasn’t something a pastor should have said.
                Yes, I was exhausted by the time your parents bought the property and I used that as an excuse for giving up but really and truly, the problem was that I felt I had failed. Here it was supposed to be a Chrisitan project, I had taken in all those people, hundreds literally, talked to them about God and their lives, encouraged them and then for whatever reason I became involved with a married woman down in the valley, most know about that. And unlike Jimmy Swaggart who changed clothes and went right back on TV after him being caught with his hookers, I tucked my tail and ran because I didn’t figure I was not fit to talk to anyone else about their life. I’ve often wondered if possibly that’s where your dad’s hatred for me came from, and I appreciate your post that he gave me credit and all, but I know that down deep inside he really hated me because maybe he felt I was a hypocrite. Thing is that once I bit the dust, I would not even call myself a Christian, and don’t now. Anyway, I have been totally wrong to feed into this and again sorry you’ve had to suffer this pain. —————–Warren

    • warren garrison

      Great that you want to defend a relative and someone you felt was honest with you and possibly others that you know of. But the stupidity that reigns here in this posting area is unbelievable, as I keep saying, all you have the mentality of a freaking lynch mob. AND as I said earlier, this wasn’t damn 201 e elm street in Mainstreet America, this was a piece of History that I went to and saved and brought back to life. The least Larry could have done was to say that when questioned but I KNOW first hand that he did everything possible to keep people from knowing I ever existed. When I was there on the 2 acres, and this really gets me when you people keep talking about what a wonderful person he was, giving you the shirt off his damn back, blah blah blah. During my 13+ years there I took people in off the road, fed them, talked to them about their lives. When I moved back to the 2 acres adjoining Larry, day after day while I would be working someone would walk down from the road and because I didn’t have much on my side as yet they would naturally go to the other side where the store was. Just minutes later they would come back and I could hear some just cussing and fussing. I would stop them, ask what happened and they would say things like, “all I wanted was some water” or “i have some money i wanted to buy a soda and that guy just ran me off”. If they are still alive I know of members of the Ortega family that lived there and 3 or 4, sometimes 5 would drive out from Lordsburg in their old 62 green chevy impala and sit by the tracks and drink beer because it seemed like home. Larry would storm out there and run them off. So don’t give me some freaking ass sermon about Uncle Larry and his good nature while all the time beating me down. Yea I was knocked in the head by a black kid and 2 white boys from N.Y., almost 30 stitches in my head after I tried to help them. Yea I had illegals jump off the train and run over and steal stuff but then the ones on foot never bothered me. I’m guessing Larry just ran out there and jumped someones ass he should not have rather than at least dealing with them in a civil manner. You just do not deal with the cartel like you would the average illegal. Liberals refuse to believe or understand just how dangerous these people truly are and it isn’t going to get any better.

  • Nancy Link Burns

    I agree with my cousin, Matthew Fleener. When you meet a Link, any LInk, you know they are law abiding, respectful, comedians, have faith and certainly welcome strangers to be their friend. Some people just don’t have what it takes to run a sucessful business. If you don’t love what you do and love others you will turn into a ” CRAZY” person, as you call yourself. If you loved the property so much, why did you sell it? Once you turned the keys over, it was not your property anymore. You should have walked away with a big smile on your face knowing you left your baby in the greatest hands possible! Get over yourself and have a heart. Larry was my 81year old Dad’s, baby brother, that he loved very much. He just lost his wife of 61 years (my mom) and now to hear the tradgic news of his brother. He, or any other family members or friends, ” DO NOT” need to read your nasty and untrue comments. Were you jealous of Robert Krentz too?

    • Matthew Fleener

      I just got an email back from tim johnson of the new mexico state police. I had e-mailed him a copy of this post and the link to thi ssite as well as other sites that Mr. Garrison has posted on and they are very interested in speaking with Mr. Garrison.

      • Warren

        give it your best shot Matt. I put a call into the State office this a.m. and have waited all day for a return call. I did get a call from the Hidalgo County sheriff’s department and had another good conversation with the Sheriff there. They now have my numbers and address, anything they need to pursue this matter. You on the other hand are showing the true spirit of the Link family and that is a willingness to destroy the life of another, that’s what Larry did to anger me so very much. Again, I have to point out that you people are angry with me for expressing my feelings on how I was treated by this individual, and I had said over a period of 5 or 6 years but really it’s been 23 years Link has stolen the credit for my labor. So I’m not allowed to voice my anger and yet you vigilante lynch mob mentality individuals can get crazy with me, call me names, try t implicate me in this and it’s ok. You have truly taken up the spirit of Larry Link. You’re all a bunch of damn fools is what you really are and right now you need to be crawling out from under the rubble of your home like those people in Joplin, maybe you would appreciate life a little more.

  • As a frequent visitor to Steins, Larry & Linda were always very kind to my family and we considered them friends. I am so sorry for the loss to the Link family- RIP Larry.

    • Warren

      In all my multitude of comments and writing you’ll notice I have never complained about Linda. She was always civil to me and I always felt she was just doing her wifely duties to go along with Larry, and probably didn’t even agree with many of the things he did to me. BUT, there is a thing called being guilty by association. I’m sorry she’s having to go through this it must be difficult for her. Hopefully someone will get the place who will bring it back to life as it was when I had it and there are many who remember it like that. One of these days I hope that Manny Hough at Shakespeare will print the memoirs of his late wife Janaloo Hill which outline my work at Steins, and also the work I did on many projects at Shakespeare. Maybe then I will get the credit Larry worked so hard to cheat me out of. One of the relatives said that he did something with the place I couldn’t do, and this is? Destroy the history possibly, weave tales that were not true. They boast of 90,000 people going through the place, I doubt that very seriously but I did have 35,000 to one time 39,000 one year that I dealt with single handedly. I’m sure that the family appreciates your kind comment Lynn. How Larry and Linda treated you and your family is what is most important to you and you have to base your feelings for them on that and not how Larry treated me.

  • John Chertude

    I have no sympathy for anyone who says ANYTHING negative about Larry Link. He has always been a great friend to all who he as met. I and some friends have been camping out in that area for years and we have seen several “midnight runs” by dope dealers in the Animas Valley. I have no doubt that Larry was hit for standing on the side of Right. Larry and Linda have always been the most gracious, kind people you could ever ask for. A better man you’d be hard pressed to find. I pray that the guilty come to justice soon, but in the end God will decide. My prayers are with the Link family. Larry will be sorely missed.

  • I don’t know Warren Garrison. But, I do know that near Summit Road, going north out of Stein’s Ghost Town (Larry Links home), three truck loads of “the wrong people” spent a day trying to shoot me and my dogs. Also, I went to Larry’s home and met some of the Links last Friday (10 June 2011). They were some of the nicest people I have ever met. I gave the New Mexico state police copies of the criminal complaints against Larry’s neighbors about what happened in 2009. A note from James who confirms that some of Larry’s neighbors are “the wrong people” and may be suspects in Larry Links murder appear below.

    We need to
    talk, you’re in a bit of
    trouble with the wrong
    people. Go see Donna

    The above note from James, received on the afternoon of
    Thursday 15 January 2009, folded and stuck between the door
    and door-frame of my room at the Holiday Motel, East Motel
    Boulevard, Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045.


    Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

    MEMORANDUM TO: Sheriff of Hidalgo County, New Mexico

    FROM: Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne
    Room 136, Holiday Motel
    600 East Motel Boulevard
    Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045-2211

    DATE: Friday 16 January 2009

    SUBJECT: A suspect in the Saturday 4 January 2009 threats
    against me involving the man with a shot-gun who
    ran toward where I had just been near Summit

    Dear Sheriff:

    Yesterday evening just after 6:00 p.m. while I was telling Ms
    Billy Johnston at Gemstones Plus, on East Eighth Street and Main
    Street, about the new threats made against me the day before
    (Wed., 1-14-09) in the same area that I had been threatened
    (near Summit Hills), about two weeks before (Sat. 1-4-09), a
    young man named James, who I had met before at Billy’s store
    (Gemstones Plus), walked in and comfirmed virtually everything
    that I had just told Billy about the new threats against me the
    day before (Wed. 1-14-09) involving me being stalked by people
    in pick-up trucks.

    The only way that James could have had the same information
    about the people who were stalking me the day before (Wed.,
    1-14-09) that I had just shared with Billy, would be that he was
    with the other people who were stalking me the day before (Wed.
    1-14-09) or law enforcement is aware of the threats made against
    me on Sat. 1-4-09 and this week Wed. 1-14-09 and shared that
    information with James.

    Yesterday evening at Billy’s store, James also stated that there
    was a fire in the area where I was being stalked on Wed.
    1-14-09. James changed his story during the conversation after
    I told him and Billy that I had seen smoke in the area from
    where I had just walked across the rail-road tracks on that day.
    At first James said a meth lab caught fire the day before (Wed.
    1-14-09) and the men who stalked me on Sat. 1-4-09, firing
    shot-guns, threatening to shoot my dogs, and cut my throat, were
    blaming me for the fire. When I described the area where I saw
    smoke on Wed. 1-14-09 and said that I thought that some of the
    people stalking probably set up camp and may have been waiting
    to try to find me the next day, James changed his story to a
    meth lab in another place burning down on that day
    (Wed 1-14-09).

    During the conversation yesterday evening (Thur. 1-15-09) at
    Billy’s store James also said that two men had been in town that

    day who wanted to ask me some questions. At first he said they
    were associated with the the men who threatened me on Sat.
    1-4-19 and who he said are involved in the meth-amphetamine
    trade in the Summit Hills area.

    He said that they stopped by Paisano Real Estate earlier
    yesterday (Thur. 1-15-09) and talked to Donna Tankersley (Kerr).
    Then he changed his story to they were private detetectives from
    Silver City who he had hired to check out my story about the
    threats made against me on Sat. 1-4-09. He said that one of the
    private detectives was licensed and one was not, but was working
    for the licensed private investigator. James had said earlier
    in the conversation that the Grant County Sheriff’s Department
    had hired two private detectives who were not the same two men
    as the two men who had talked to Donna.

    A few days before, I had mentioned to either Billy or Donna that
    I had seen two people sitting in a car about a block away toward
    Fourth Street East and Animas Street on Sunday 1-14-09 when I
    came out of the Baptist Church (that is located at Third Street
    East and Animas Street), after the service.

    Last week or the week before, when I was at Billy’s store, while
    James was present and I was relating the threats made against me
    on Sat. 1-4-09, I mentioned that he was wearing the same type of
    hat that the two men in the dark blue pick-up truck had been
    wearing on Sat. 1-14-09 when one of them carrying a shot-gun ran
    towards where I had just been in the low area. James also has
    the same build as the two men with the shot-guns and the dark
    blue pick-up truck. Furthermore, during a previous conversation
    he said that he’s had U.S. Army Ranger training, he’s a
    certified expert marksman with a rifle and pistol, and that he’s
    also a sniper. Yesterday evening (Thur. 1-15-09) during our
    conversation that included Billy, at her store, after I gave him
    a summary of me being stalked the day before (Wed. 1-14-09) he
    said that he’ll go out to Summit Hills with a “gillie suit.”

    I was too far away from the men with shot-guns to ever be able to
    identify them and believe that James probably receives his
    information second hand. But, considering the events, he is
    intimidating and dangerous.

    What I know is that James has information that only the people
    who threatened and stalked me on Sat. 1-4-09 and Wed. 1-14-09
    had. Members of law enforcement are the only other people who
    would be aware of what happened. Because I have always
    cooperated with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department, I’m
    convinced that it would not be using James to try to intimidate
    me. That leaves the New Mexico State Police if James is not
    associated with the people around Summit Hills who he said are
    involved in the illegal Meth’ trade. No matter what, I request
    that the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department do what they can to
    stop the intimidation, especially in Lordsburg where I live.

    An old cowboy named Casey, was present at Billy’s store near the
    end of the conversation involving Billy, James, and me and can
    confirm some the conversation.

    Thank you.


    Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

  • warren garrison

    Maggie, I apologize for bringing this anger into your little website but again, non of these people who are angry at my postings have any idea what this man put me through. And look at this, look at their anger towards me and a willingness to hurt me physically or other wise if they possibly could over these postings and yet I suffered through 5 or 6 years of constant badgering and problems with Larry Link and I’m the bad guy for being upset at the things he did to me. It is evident from the postings from his family that this Evil which Larry showed truly runs in the Link family. NOT one has been a peace maker, saying, “Mr. Garrison I’m sorry for any grievance you have with my uncle/brother/friend, you should try and forgive him”, oh hell no, it’s just bash bash bash and as I’ve said it has just upset me all the more because this is exactly what i went through with Larry Link from Aug. of 1988 until 94 or 95. Now to even try and implicate me in his murder by some of these people I thought, “don’t tell me this SOB is still going to do yet more to me”. To possibly take me from my 91 year old dad that I care for and cannot leave for any period of time. If right now I heard that my first wife had died I can imagine there would be a lot of the same resentment for her having kept my son from me, changed his name, done many of the very things Link did to hurt me. Based on the comments made and rather than offering any sympathy whatsoever for what I might have gone through with Larry Link, I see that this family is not limited to it’s evil in just Larry, this problem seems to be spread out thoroughly through the Link name.

  • I know Warren Garrison, slightly now, after having read his rantings above. Warren, you sold Stiens Ghost Town; but you couldn’t leave it alone. Not only that, you came back by obtaining a piece of real estate right next to the land you had just sold. Then, you considered shutting off the Link family’s water because Larry didn’t go around telling everyone what hero you are. WARREN, read the following very carefully: “It’s called “Stein’s Ghost Town.” Not Garrison’s Ghost Town.

    Another thing, you made a judgement call to help some strong capable young men who then beat the crap out of you with a tire iron. Then, another by another brilliant piece of reasoning, you decided to let them go without pressing charges. Larry on the other hand, worked with the authorities by complaining to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department about you. I was brought up, apparently like the Larry, to respect the law and work with the authorities. That’s why I told the New Mexico State Police about James and the stalkers, just north of Larry’s place, who tried to finish me off in a “hunting accident.”

    Let’s cut through the bull____. Lordsburg is a big meth town. According to James, the wrong people north of the Link place, are involved in the meth trade and they are willing to kill or “hunting-accident” people in order to protect the 10,000,000.00+ drug trade in this area. You’re acting in a way that diverts attention from these “wrong people” who are trying to gain total control of the freeway exit/entrance at Stein’s Ghost Town so that they can move their illegal drugs and supplies on and off the freeway without being observed.

    Please, please, seek counseling in Tucson and stop inadvertantly putting up a smoke screen for the local drug dealers in the Lordsburg area.

    • Warren

      Listen, I sympathize with the problems you might be experiencing over there, but I resent the fact that you would criticize me in anyway for the 13+ years I spent laboring to bring that town back to life. I see as various Link’s post that the demons of hell have evaded that entire family, and were not limited to Larry Link. Again, I can imagine the hurt anyone would feel, possibly the insults of someone coming up and having something ill to say about a member of their family, but for these fools to completely block out anything Larry might have done to me, and or as this freaking idiot Bill Link keeps saying and just adding fuel to this fire that I did nothing for STeins ONLY makes me hate Larry Link and his name and his existence all the more. It would be much much better for me to sit back and let things fall into place and the other personality that made up Larry Link come forth, but the more these SOB’s in his family prod me, the madder it’s making me. It has also encourgaed me to finally write the book about my time there with all the photos of walking into the biggest mess and decay anyone could take over. Again, I know it is Steins Ghost Town and not Garrison ghost town BUT, the Tomb of Tutankhamum was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 after years and years of effort. Carter was cheated out of his efforts for many years, in fact until just the past few years when PBS and others have given him the credit he deserved. It is a thoughtless selfish inconsiderate bstrd from hell that would deny my efforts there and as I said, the demons that controlled Larry Link, evidentally control other members of the Link family. Had I sold it to the family where the gentleman had lost both of his legs but had serviced Evinrude engines on the Colorado for many years, damn we would not be going through this. They demanded I stay for at least 6 months to help them with the history I had learned from family members who had passed away but no, Larry was doing back flips to have that town and I have a soft heart and hated to not let him have it, what a horrible horrible mistake. Ok, I wish you the best over there. I’ve wanted to come back over and see a few people in the area but I really hated to see the place and witness the way he had destroyed it.

  • Warren

    Real quickly though, you like others need to get your stories straight before you tell them. No one threatened to cut anyone’s water off BECAUSE they did not praise me or my efforts. My getting the RR property was nothing but leverage against a wicked and evil man who had filed a 13 count law suite against me in an effort to steal that portion of property from me, so try and not twist any of the facts.

  • Warren, some things you’ve posted don’t make sense:

    1. “If they are still alive I know of members of the Ortega family that lived there and 3 or 4, sometimes 5 would drive out from Lordsburg in their old 62 green chevy impala and sit by the tracks and drink beer because it seemed like home. Larry would storm out there and run them off.”

    It’s a long drive from Lordsburg to Steins just to drink beer. If the Ortegas were run off, then after the first time, they’d just drive further north up Summit Road, past Uncle Larry’s place, if they wanted to come all that way.

    2. “We were in the middle of the desert so I would shoot rabbits for my dogs. I had to make sure I was way way way out of Larry’s hearing because if he even heard a shot it was, 911 and “yes I want to report a crime. Garrison just shot at me and the limbs on the trees were falling around my head that his bullets hit and I could hear the bullets whizzing past my head”

    “I’m sure Linda remembers the night after I had made the deal on the adjoining 2 acres, came into the store, Larry reared back in his chair with his big old hogleg on, Linda behind the counter. I said as I’ve already related, “howdy, just wanted to tell you guys that I made a deal on the property next door and I hope we can be good neighbors” because this asshole had already screwed with me big time but I was willing to forget. I said, “someone said you’d probably shoot me if I came back” and Larry said, “ONLY ONCE I’M A GOOD SHOT”. I left very disappointed because I did not want to have to live like that. AGAIN, he walked out the next morning, looked me in the eye as I began to clean my area and he said, “if you think I’m going to let you stay here and capitolize off my work (and he had only been there a year and done nothing to that point) you’re crazy. I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of you”. I have an ex wife who can verify what we went through with Larry from that point on. I could not sneeze without him calling 911 for some trivial and stupid thing and it only got worse. He got BLM involved, he got the State Hwy. Department, he caused BLM to come and remove a structure I had spent so much time on recreating ”

    It seems like Larry was a man who could handle his own firearms and others who had firearms. He knew all the right things to do and he did them. How the hell after having to face you for years, did he get shot, not by you, but by someone like you? In the Lordsburg paper for today, the New Mexico still don’t have any suspects or leads. I don’t believe it, not after the copies of complaints which I gave to the New Mexico police. From what you’ve posted about Larry’s nature, Larry seems to have been shot from ambush by a rifle or shotgun. Can you provide us any leads? Thanks.

  • Warren

    I’m trying to figure out what your motives are in trying to discredit the things I’m saying. Have I jumped in and said you’re crazy for suggesting there is drug traffic going on in your area, or tried to discount that you and your dogs were shot at? There are only 2 places north of Steins, Lance Williams place and the old John Guess place, so I have no idea where it is you’re suggesting there might be drug trafficing or meth labs stationed, but the John Guess place would be absolutely perfect if someone wanted to do that. More than likely Lance Willimans still runs cattle out there so he would be in and out and seems like him being far more remote he would encounter these bad people you speak of more than Larry, I just don’t think Lance would provoke someone like Larry would. And this smart remark that Larry was shot by someone like me, you don’t know me. Angry yes, disgusted yes, loads and loads of disrespect for another man and now most of his family, yes, yes, & yes but capable of shooting him, no, probably not even the night I yelled and screamed for him to come outside 23 years ago. Just like the guy in Lordsburg, rancher from the South side of the Highway that thought I had taken things from his ranch, stormed into Steins like some crazy individual accusing me and I welcomed him to look over everything I had, and I had nothing to hide. Even though he found nothing, and it was supposed to be materials, lumber and stuff but still he left in a huff. One day I walked into his business and said, “You know, one of these days I’m going to catch you on the side of the road with a flat tire”, and I just know he thought I was going to make a threat but instead I said “and i”m going to stop and help you fix it” and I walked out. I dealt with Larry the same way, no matter what he did to me I still tried my best to be nice to him but that’s like thinking you can make friends with a rabid dog.

    And before I go, yes once again the Ortega’s did drive out 22 miles, they had nothing else to do,they didn’t work, they were either on welfare or possibly some kind of pension but they chose to plop down there BECAUSE IT WAS STEINS AND THEIR FAMILY LIVED THERE. Mexicans are very family oriented people, just like the ones that go and sit for hours at a gravesite years after they’ve lost a loved one. When I was there Patricio Ortega came and he would point out various things about the home that was the Ortega home. There were only walls left that were what they call jacal structure and a little bit of a roof but he pointed out that they had ONLY one calenton and his dad ran the pipe through the wall to heat the other room where they slept. And your purpose for repeating what I said about my returning to Steins and taking over the 2 acres, PLENTY OF PEOPLE HAVE MOVED AND THEN REGRETTED IT, this was a childhood dream to restore this property, I first saw it when the hotel was standing, the saloon, P.O., boarding house, bordello, and chinese cafe.

    And to answer you request of giving any leads, I haven’t been to Steins since 2004 I think it was when I went to the Tejano Awards in San Antonio and I was with someone then who only drove in and out. A trip by myself was long before that when I went first to Deming then El Paso and I too only drove in and out but long enough to see the desecration. Behind what was the ruins of the MIners Cabin were some tall greasewood. Nestled in the middle of them were 2 Giant Barrell cactus probably 3 feet tall which had escaped the freeze of 79 when it hit 18 below. That was very unusual to have such a cactus there considering it’s 4500 feet up. I was so proud of those castus and yet Larry had bulldozed EVERYTHING away, the foundation of the miners cabin the greasewood, those beautiful cactus. That freaking all mighty dollar was all that meant anything to Larry Link, nothing else. If somehow he inherited the Statue of Liberty, he would have melted it down for scap and sold the metal. When I built the museum there was a big mesquite on the west side. I suffered through geting stuck continually as I refused to harm one limb on that tree so everything would appear natural. Then to go in and see those barrell cactus torn all to shreds and in a pile of dirt, the ruins of the miners cabin reduced to rubble and to think his stupid ass nephew gives him credit for any work done there.

  • Karen W.

    I have heard that when people swear, it is because they can not express their thoughts in an intelligent way and that they lack self confidence. Just sayin’

  • PAID

    just consider your self an ungratful heartless piece of crap! Quit running your mouth! You obviously dont have the balls to say anything to anyones face as you keep asking people to do so to you! May GOD bless you and give you the strength while you suffer when justice is served!

    • Warren

      Listen you godless fool from hell, no doubt yet another Link, I have said I am very very very accessible in Tucson, Set a time and a place you spineless little worm. You know, at first I said that I would not, could not judge where Larry Link might have gone when he breathed his last breath but as I look over the demonic spell he has on you miserable and foolish individuals when this started as a simple expression of disappointment that I really didn’t even know was this deep that this SOB would be so GD selfish, so GD possessive, so GD dishonest that he would take the credit I deserved from 1976 until 1988, I have no doubt in my mind right now that he is elbow to elbow with Osama Bin Laden, Sadaam Hussein, and so many others like himself, and just like you. Absolutely amazing that you tell me I have no balls and yet you chicken chit little worm don’t even acknowledge who you are. But as I said, got to be another godless Link. To think that the Number #1 problem with our kids today is bullying and violence and look at you you worthless bstrd, if you’d read what I’ve written, repeatedly I only say give me my credit due, give Larry and Linda their credit and yet you pathetic little worms just will not because like Larry, you’re just too damn stupid, selfish, and ready to war. By God you picked the wrong person to war with these days, again, “time and place, Tucson Arizona”.

      • Calistro E.

        first I have to say to you warren that I am shocked at your anger even though it is evident these people continue to call you names and discredit you, please don’t fall for this. I am Calistro Estrella and am head of the electrical dept. at the Pascua Yaqui reservation in Tucson. I have known the Garrisons since about 1956 when they came to minister at the old village in Tucson. I along with my wife, another friend and 4 children took warren to steins new mexico in 1976 with little more than the clothes he was wearing and a few dollars in his pocket. I truly did not want to leave him because there was no elect, no water, and no visible signs that he could possibly survive, but he did. If anyone would like to verify this, I can be reached at because I think of warren as a brother it is very disturbing to see the cruel and harsh remarks made against him here. At the same time I am not the type of person who would begin calling you names or criticizing you in warren’s defense. I do question the effort being put forth to take from warren the credit he deserves. I never met this person Link, I pray that his family finds comfort very soon in this matter. I visited steins only one time after leaving warren there, it was several years later when a number of people went there to encourage warren in his efforts and we were completely shocked at his accomplishments. What do those of you who are saying that he did nothing have to gain in all of this? I’m can produce photos of the day we took him there showing the state of decay in the only building standing as well as other work he did from that day until we went to the campfire meeting. While I am not happy about warren’s responses here, I understand it far more than the name calling and disrespect you have shown him. ——–CE

        • Warren

          thanks Cali appreciate this, can’t imagine it doing any good though, never did any good to try and deal kindly, maturely, resonably, or honestly with Larry Link. If you read some of the postings then you can see what I’m dealing with. Sorry you had to see all of this, can imagine it’s not very encouraging but I’m not just angry with their insults and unfairness to me, these people and people like them represent a threat to this world. I have yet to face what we know as a raghead terrorist, haven’t dealt with any road side bombs, but the evil that resides in those terrorist, also resides in those that have come at me like demons from hell. You’d think though I would be use to it after dealing with Larry, thank you again.

        • Warren

          got up this a.m. thinking about how my postings must have disappointed you but this has been a slow and very effective breaking down of my attitude. To go from taking in as many as 6 and 7 desperados at Steins, feeding them, clothing them, trying to encourage them only to have them rip me off and yet I just kept going and trusting God. AND THEN I met Larry Link. I stayed pretty strong and upbeat for quite some time. For every evil he did to me, I tried to repay with kindness and I would have to think long and hard to remember the time my attitude really changed. Maybe it was when Margaret left me and we were doing so well, building on our little section of land, coming to Tucson and buying up trinkets at yard sales and reselling them at Steins. I was able to tell of my work at Steins and still direct the people over to see how Larry was maintaining things but that just wasn’t enough for this individual, not enough at all, he wanted ALL the glory. A shame you never got to see what I completed before leaving, those were my most productive days of life. I just have to wonder,no, no, I know very well how they would act I don’t have to wonder if these relatives and friends of Larry sold a piece of property and in the contract it said they would be able to retrieve personal items from their home which included family photos, paper work, even a 48-49 page transcript of a story I was writing and for me to return to get those things and Link say, “nope, can’t have them”. Knowing that I was only getting enough each month to barely survive on I had given him such a killer deal, and didn’t have enough left over to hire an attorney to MAKE him follow through on the contract. What is he then if nothing but a damn thief to take those things from me. Oh me, here I go again but hey, this will be fodder for his godless relatives to feed on and come back with more name calling and bashing me and continuing to give Link all the credit. Have a good day Calistro, thanks for attempting to give me a little credit for my work but you know what it says, “a word to the wise if sufficient, a fool does not heed instructions”, these people are going to listen to nothing, they’re much to wicked and evil just like the individual whose life layed the foundation for all of this.

  • Angela Wilds

    Wow! What a website! Guess I shouldn’t but am going to comment to the parties on both sides of this issue.

    1. Warren, I can see you want recognition for the things you did at Steins.You worked hard on something you loved and were proud of. You are very angry at Mr Link. But saying the things you did is not going to get you that recognition. It can’t hurt Mr. Link in any way and it sure can’t make him admit he did wrong to you. He’s beyond all that so what good is it going to do to hurt his family when they are already hurting a lot? You’re taking it out on the wrong persons. Plus the language you used would make anyone lash back at you, related or not. The Links responded in kind so they poured gasoline on the fire too. not the best way to handle conflicts.

    2. To the Link family. I am very sorry for your loss. I lived in Lordburg for many years but never met your Uncle. I don’t know what kind of person he was. But you all seem to be trying to make him and the whole family appear like saints. I figure he was a human and flawed like us all. Personally I like real people not saints. Saints make me uncomfortable. Can’t measure up to them. Why not admit he could have done things that could upset others, like making up a few historical whoppers or making it sound like he invented Steins? No one will ever be perfect all the time. He was human. Pouring out more abuse will not change anything.

    It’s really time for all the name calling to stop. It doesn’t make your nightmare any better . It will never make up for the loss. It just keeps your hurt growing.

    I am sorry for the loss on both sides of this issue. Hope they catch whoever did this horrible deed. No one deserves to have their life taken away for any reason. No one deserves to have their accomplishments taken lightly either. We all just do the best we can in this life. We all deserve respect and caring. Like I said, I probably shouldn’t get involved in this issue but you are hurting each other so much. It’s painful to see.

  • Warren

    thank you Angela for the post, and of course you are right in every sense of the word. I am a very passionate person about the things I believe in and have always defended the weak and down trodden. I think that comes from having an afflicted sister who people would look at laugh, point and make fun of. To me there is no such thing as a gray area, it’s only black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. Anything that isn’t the truth is a lie, and anything worth having is worth asking for. The insults directed at me, the effort to strip me of any recognition which Link worked over time to do over the years, even when people would FINALLY get in touch with me and say that he would tell them nothing about me that of course bothered me enough. But then to have these people twist and distort the situation, lie just as Larry did in an effort to continue this anger that Larry put into place yes it bothers me for my sake at first and then it bothers me that these people might be called for jury duty or be put in a position of having to make a decision that would greatly affect someone’s life and they do not have the conscience, the fairness or the morals to do this. If we were able to pull this seed of anger out of a person and weigh it, I assure you it would be equivalent to what say someone feels when they see baby seals being bludgeoned to death, or the anger many felt over Michael Vick, point is these people represent something that is not healthy or good. And of course my attitude since this began is certainly not healthy or good. If you read my posting of Sat. night and the encounter with a young Mexican boy and his girlfriend then you would see that this situation is pouring over and greatly going to affect the lives of others because I can only guess what might have happened that night if I could have gotten the kid to pull over. What I try and get people like this to understand is that I may never see them, I have no idea where they live BUT, while they incite me from afar and my attitude may affect someone here in Tucson, someone here in Tucson is inciting someone in their area who could do them harm. I haven’t heard of the lately but there was a flower power group that use to meet here at sunrise and chat and felt that their energy was healing the world. On that same note, these kinds of wars are doing just the very opposite, if in fact we can control peace and disharmony and I think we can.

    Again, I’ve certainly been wrong for feeding into this. Thank you again for taking the time to give your opinion, it was very insiteful and right on, I do appreciate your post very much.———-Warren Garrison

  • Angela Wilds

    Warren, you hang in there. You will get the acknowledgement you deserve. Steins wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t started the process of building. That you can always be proud of. It can not be taken away. Even if others don’t know about it, you do. That is the main thing. No one can take your acomplihments away by ignoring them. You know you did it and so do others.

  • warren garrison

    Well Angela, we certainly need more people like you in the world. Good way to start my day considering all that’s been going down but then seems like the lynch mob decided to disperse, probably couldn’t find a tree to throw the rope over and I also heard they lost their rope but anyway, the first thought that comes to mind when reading your post is “Blessed are the peace makers” and that of course would be you. At the same time if you consider that thought then surely it would be “damn those who don’t make peace” and I have to stop and think, “uh oh, that’s me” so I’m sure going to work on it. Rather than take up much more of your time I will say in my defense once more that just about time I do begin to think I’m being unreasonable to want recognition then I turn the TV on and here are the CMA awards where someone sat down and scribbled a tune so they get applause and an award they are beaming over and then you have the person who got up and used a little talent to sing those words so they get an award and applause and congratulations. And that of course is just one organization that honors it’s people and yet there are so many, so when you consider that and the fact that a simple gold star on a kids book report they’ve turned in encourages that kid to continue to do good, or even do better, then you can see that it’s just human nature. So, enough of that, thank you again. On another note, know of anyone that could help me write a couple of books. One is a story completely unrelated to Steins, and on the one about Steins I’m sure someone like yourself could help me not insert so much venom when it comes to the years AFTER selling Steins. If you do, then contact me at, thank you again——-Waren

  • Warren, on June 15, 2011 you state that you were tied up and beaten by three men looting your kitchen. On June 15 you state you were helping them fix a tire. You also state you tried to talk to them – apparently after they had been arrested- but the Mormon Sheriff stopped you. That’s weird. In the “Rolling Stone, issue 1133, June 23, 2011, page 23, in the article entitled: “America’s Most Twisted Crime Family,” by Jesse Hyde, a Mormon clan is said to be an “organized-crime operation,” that has “some 100 businesses spread out over the Western states…” that “sent out men to run the clan’s coal mines or ranches, or to oversee one of its many storefronts…”It’s “a mafialike organization…”

    None of the ranchers you named north of the Links is the name Donna Tankersley (Kerr) told me was involved in trying to kill me. Also, the convicted criminal Robert Armejo said that Sheriff Hall the previous Sheriff was the only honest cop in Hidalgo County. More later.

    • Warren Garrison

      Eochaidh, you sound, at least for the most part, like a pretty educated person but, I’m beginning to see an inability to take a posting and comment on it without twisting it in parts. I think this is what happens wayyyyyyyy too many times when cops are filling out their report and it’s several hours, maybe even a day later and they begin to fill in what they think happened, or even their own personal feelings about a situation and it certainly doesn’t help a situation when and if it goes to court. The boys who beat me did this in 1987, prior to my selling the property to Link. It was 2 anglo/white boys, and 1 black kid, the one that actually did the most harm with the crow bar. It was during a time in my life that I could forgive just about anything and this situation certainly reenforced that because I NEVER had one bit of anger towards those boys. Most would NEVER believe the events of that night after yes, I had tried to help them fix a tire and then was actually taking them to Road Forks to have it repaired when they came from behind and whacked me with the crow bar 3 or 4 times. It was Sheriff Bill Darnell from Animas that found out I was going in to visit with the boys after they picked them up in Las Cruces and knowing that I was supposed to be basic Christian, with him being Mormon he was not going to allow me to talk to them, but then hey, if you’ve read your history books then you’d know that many a settler was slaughtered as they passed through Mormon Territory, the “Massacre at Mountain Meadows” being one of the worst. But anyway, Darnell cut me off and didn’t let me come in anymore. That’s sad because one person that would in the beginning just pace back and forth and refuse to come over to the bars where I was standing, but did begin to loosen up was the guy that cut his sisters head off and threw it in a dumpster after a weekend of drinking. That damage was already done but to think that the system ONLY kept him incarcerated for something like 5 years, he got out, married some gal in El Paso and then killed her. Strangely enough it was Ed Kessler/deputy that allowed me to even go in as he did and let me stay for hours talking to these guys about their wasted life. When I moved back it was Kessler who would wake me up in the middle of the night on purpose and I didn’t realize what was going at first but he had taken sides with Link and just made it really difficult for me. I”ve heard that in the past few years his health has been really bad, but there again, what goes round comes round. Kessler was known for his unorthodox and undisciplined ways and if I saw a story on him being sick or having passed away I’d probably have nothing good to say about him. I remember the time he almost got fired after storming into a class room and grabbed a teenager up and literally drug him out of the class, just so unprofessional. Anyway, on the names to the North I plainly mentioned the Lance Williams Ranch, if in fact Lance still owns it. Then past him was the old John Guess ranch, John died the year before I went to Steins. An older couple bought that, redid the shallow well John had dug by hand and when I was there the man had left and come to Tucson and the lady was still there. Considering their age, both are probably gone by now. Dunno about the Mormon clan thing, I know from people who tried to work in Springerville that Mormons still try and control everything and will make your life miserable if you are not Mormon. I didn’t get to know Sheriff Hall very well but I never heard anything but good about him and he was ALWAYS pleasant and respectful to me. As far as being the best Sheriff ever, well dunno about that as Lloyd Payne from Cotton City was as honest and helpful and considerate towards me as anyone, and he was Mormon. He would run over and help me with my animals from time to time, being a farm boy he knew just about everything when It came to animals. W

      When I saw there was a message from here I thought, “oh no, don’t tell me we’re going to start this again”, but thankfully it was from you. Sorry you’re going through all of this crap about people trying to kill you and making life unpleasant for you. Even though Larry’s daughter doesn’t want his death to be used as a political thing towards Illegals, we all know that this country CANNOT survive when like in Tucson they constantly bust a safe house with 25-30 and more illegals, plus bales and bales of Marijuana ALL ready to disperse into our society. Since it is Liberals who want them to have the freedom to waltz in then I always say, “what if they came home and their fence was cut, their door busted, and their security systm jammed”. Then inside were 25+ people lounging around, eating their food, showering and picking clothes from the closet, basically making themselves at home. And if they call the cops the cops tell them, “sorry, but since they are already inside your home, they are allowed to stay and furthermore, YOU have to take care of them”. But again, sorry these people whoever they are, are making it difficult for you. Cartel people are nothing to joke about, they’ll hurt you in a heartbeat, and if that doesn’t accomplish their goal then they’ll cut you up in little pieces and leave you in the back of a surburban somewhere in the desert, they certainly are not people to take lightly. At the same time it didn’t have to be drug people that killed Larry, if you watch AMW at all then you’ll se story after story where it takes absolutely nothing to provoke a person and have them pull a gun and just shoot you in broad daylight and they don’t even need a reason. —-You have a good day, Warren

  • Warren – I hate the Lordsburg Public Library bureaucratic mind set. Its rules won’t allow the use even on the adult computer of any removable media such as floppy discs.

    I just filed a complaint on disc with Deputy Smith about being stalked after dark in the Gila National Forest four and seven nights ago and three nights ago south of Lordsburg. I can’t afford to drive to Silver City, so, I can’t post the complaint here now. It relates to the murder of Larry Link. I think the bad ranchers north of the Links who may be connected with the bad Mormons involved in organized crime and ranches, mines, storefronts, etc. in Western states have dismissed the first batch of assassins involving the “James” of the note and replaced them with another team who stalked me during the past week. No matter what, Deputy Smith has the information and I hope she passes it on to the State Police.

    A man in a trailor park on the way to Silver City said some bad things about Sheriff Darnell while he was on duty. I won’t repeat them here and I have no reason to tell the State Police. I’m sorry about Sheriff Darnell’s son.

    I met Judge Payne. I didn’t know he was Mormon or a Sheriff. He’s a wonderful man. Deputy Kessler has my respect for embarrassing a teenager in front of his classmates. It probably got the kid back on the straight and narrow. No taser? No mace? No night stick? Good job Deputy.

    None of the names of the ranchers north of the Link family that you posted for the whole world to see are the names that the police and\or Donna Tankersley (Kerr) gave me concerning the man who threatened to cut my throat or the men who tried to chase me down with pickup trucks, rifles or shotguns, and finally a big black dog. Also, none of your names are the last name of the “James” of the note, that the police told me. By the time one of the pickups drove by with the dog I had figured out they were trying to kill me and I was sitting on a hill watching them drive by. I was surprised that their dog didn’t notice my dogs or me. You see Warren, there’s book smart and then there’s dumb luck. I’m just damn lucky.

    Warren, have you ever wondered why during the past 10-20 years, there’s been virtually no arrests of drug dealers or take downs of meth labs in and around Lordsburg? When I started hiking in the area of the U.S. Continental Divide Scenic Trail 10 or so years ago, I’d report possible criminal activity to the Sheriff’s department. Almost on que a week or so later, the newspaper would report that law enforcement found some abandoned bales of marijuana. Those were “sacrifices” to make people think that the cops had done their job and everybody could then go back to what they were doing.

    Larry Link’s murderer is still on the loose so to imply that an illegal alien must have done it because illegal aliens exist in our area is a smoke screen or Latino drug smugglers must have done it because drugs and smugglers exist, is another smoke screen. One of the few things I know is that “James” is the only qualified sniper with a gille suit in Hidalgo County.

    • Warren Garrison

      Hello Eochaidh, My my but there is a lot going on over there to say the least. Sorry you are experiencing these things, life is so short and seems that some people just enjoy making another’s life completely miserable. Yes, there was a lot of negative talk about Darnell when he was sheriff but my only complaint was his cutting my nights out as I worked with the prisoners in hopes of encouraging them. Glad I helped you get up to speed on Judge Payne, yep, Mormon all the way but he sure befriended me when I was there, one of the few. As for Kessler, I’d be right in there with you IF that is the kid needed correcting, I AM NOT A FAN of the teenager of the day, or his Liberal parents who should have been prevented from having children, BUT, I think in the case I’m talking about Kessler just jumped the gun and over stepped his authority and as I remember, got in a lot of trouble about it. I do hope you get some of these issues resolved over there, as for me, I’ve always called Lorsburg, N.M. the armpit of the universe. It took many many years for some to break the strangle hold that older land owners and business people had on that town before another resturant, or the Dairy Queen, or another Hotel was permitted to come in. I could probably name those who helped me on one hand, but they helped a lot while others tried many times to actually block my efforts, but they failed and I prevailed. Tommy Anderson I think was like the county supervisor and I was given an old cabin that sat in the forks going to Silver City. The highway department actually gave me permission to tear it down because they were going to bulldoze it away the next week and knew that I needed materials. As usual I was out there working my butt off and Anderson comes along and tells me I can’t do that and I’m to bring everything back. I told him that if I brought anything back I’d dump it on the court house lawn because at that point I was so sick and tired of the resistence I got from the town. Needless to say, he went away and left me alone. Anyway, I hope things lighten up for you, it’s really sad to have to live like you are describing but really if you live anywhere near people you are going to have some of those problems because people these days love to war and fight and contend verbally. Not healthy at all. ————have a good day, Warren

    • Warren Garrison

      AND I failed to say that I do hope they catch Larry’s murderer. I normally stop at a Mexican taco shop after leaving my DJ work on the weekends and last weekend I stopped, trucks were pulling out, people were yelling “they have guns” and it was just chaos. Either I just don’t care anymore or something but I went ahead and pulled in and got out just about the time 6 cops cars came up and grabbed several gang bangers. Now here we are on a main street, cops everywhere as a rule, gobs of people and these guys pull guns and just start shooting. Point is, if they will do that in a place of business, then what’s to stop them from popping someone like Larry out in the desert? They seem to have NO FEAR whatsoever of the repercussions at the time they do these things. For me, it’s the product of too many time outs and these people have no idea what true punishment is so they just don’t care and with gang initiations growing in leaps and bounds, it’s nothing but a war zone.

  • Mike

    I met Larry for the first time in mid 1993 he showed my wife and me around the town of Steins giving us a great tour for 2.50 or so. I was able to return to Steins around 2005 or so and was able to see the work and love he put into the place. One thing that struck me was that he remembered me and my wife she was Pregnant when we where there the first time and he recalled that fact and asked about our son. My wife and I morn your loss after only meeting Larry a few times I did consider him a friend. As for the gentleman that he “bought” the property from it is sad that he has taken this time to vent and say the things he has. As one person that meet Larry and know what he was like he will be remembered as a good man trying to keep the history of Steins alive for the future generations.

  • Warren Garrison

    Mike, really glad you enjoyed your trip to Steins and your meeting with Larry. Thing is, you would have never enjoyed either had I not gone there in the 70’s and saved the town from a local who had full intentions of bulldozing everything away and putting in an over night camping site. If we go back to the very beginning of my complaining, you’ll find that I said that Larry refused to give me any credit for having ever been at Steins, and that it bothered me that he had altered History in some of the stories he told, something I’m sure will be verified when the memoirs of Janaloo Hill from Shakespeare come out. Once the family began to call me names and continue to strip me of ANY credit whatsoever, I dug in and was ready to fight, and still am as long as anyone continues to make these efforts to remove my name from Steins and for the work I did from 1976-1988. A large % of the world has ALWAYS been cursed with a “do as I say, but not as I do” attitude in life, but it seems the % has grown tremendously because those attacking me would NEVER sit back and take it anymore than I have. It’s a shame that some of the thousands who came through when I was there do not know about this site here. I’m sure they would be somewhat disappointed that I have reacted as I have, BUT at the same time I’m sure you would hear some of the same compliments for meeting me that you would hear from those that met Larry. Almost daily I had people tell me, “we planned our trip so that we would be able to stop and visit with you Warren, come on down and have supper with us and share what’s been going on”. So once again, glad you enjoyed your time there, I’m sure you would not have walked into this hornets nest had a number of Larry’s family not chosen to poke that nest. Strange and possibly it doesn’t even relate here but last night I was watching an old episode of Seinfeld, the one about the soup nazi who was so hard on everyone. If you saw it then you might remember that if anyone did anything out of the way to annoy him it was, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” While person after person heard that and were turned away, Kramer would go in and lounge around, talk to the soup guy at his leisure and you would have never known it was the same guy in the way he dealt with Kramer. I have only expressed in these writings what it was like for ME to deal with Larry, the way he dealt with you is another story.

  • Mike

    Warren, I was not intending to attack you in any way. I only wanted to convey my heartfelt sympathy for the loss Larry’s family has incurred, and my distaste for anyone speaking ill of a man after his death especially the manner in which Larry died. Ill comments placed at the end of a news article about a man’s demise is not the place to air dirty laundry. You have your reasons for disliking the man and those reasons are yours. I just believe this was the wrong venue for this kind of commentary.

  • Warren Garrison

    Thanks Mike, I didn’t take it as an attack at all, and of course you could not be more right on. I guess this all just slipped up on me and I had no idea I felt like I did. I can imagine as I said in another post that if I heard my ex had passed away I would probably react the same way considering her efforts in keeping my son from me, and she succeeded. My parents use to go and get one hamburger and split it 3 ways with my afflicted sister, but then turn around and send my son in Georgia all kinds of money, as well as his step brother. My sister passed, mother passed, my dad is just barely holding on and the son could care less, he has not responded at all. It is kind of sad that I could go from forgiving 3 guys that beat the crap out of me with a crowbar and talk to them like I’m talking to you right now and then do a 180 and end up with this anger. But again, you only stated how you felt about Larry and how he treated you and that’s what counts. Thank you, Warren

  • One white man who showed me around town when I first arrived bragged that I wouldn’t find a M.A.L.D.F. (probably Mexican American Legal Defense Fund) office in Lordsburg. That seemed to be an inside joke in Lordsburg. Another white man a trucker who stopped in at one of the laundromats I was at went off on why he hated Mexicans while a young Hispanic woman and her son were there washing clothes. Many times I’ve felt like announcing that I’m not related to certain people in the same room with me, even though we’re both white. Oh yeah, the people involved in trying to hunt me down in 2009 and last week weren’t Hispanic either, as far as I could see from as far away as I could get from them.

    I never met Sheriff Darnell, but I think he did you a favour by stopping you from encouraging prisoners. That seems like a pretty air-head liberal thing for you to have done. The cops must have have been shaking their heads as to why you showed up at County lock-up the first night demanding to “encourage” their prisoners. Like I said, you have to be a Liberal, butterfly hunter, sheep counter, or originally from New York City. I’d also like to recommend a medal for Deputy Kessler for a “Job Well Done.” Hopefully, he’s still with the Sheriff’s Department.

    You may have been driven off your land and run out of Lordsburg. Other people or families maybe are being harrassed up by Steins and Summit Hills in order to drive them off their land. The ranchers who you named and are not the names that Donna Tankersley (Kerr) and the police gave me, may be victims of an attempt by organized crime (bad Mormons – the Kingston clan; read that article or contact the Utah State Attorney General’s office) to take control of the land, state border, and Interstate exit/entrance in the Steins area. The only other two Interstate exit/entrance ramps from Silver City to Lordsburg and Duncan to Lordsburg, now have closed circuit tv cameras. Even if Steins does too, it would be easy to counter them way out there.

    Maybe 15 years ago when I lived in Duncan, the Sheriff and a Deputy gave two public lectures that trucks with chemicals used in making meth were being driven through Duncan to Lordsburg. Their public talks were held before the Oregonian newspaper published a five part series on the danger meth posed to America and before the U.S. Congressional hearings. Lordsburg is still a big meth town and it looks like the bad guys have won.

    Several years ago I reported finding two dead dogs just north of town in the Gila National Forest. They had their collars and the owner, Deputy Burns, and the Grant County Animal Control officer came out and retrieved them. One had been shotgunned between the shoulder blades and the other had been stabbed. Officer Burns said it may have been done by a trapper and his son from Kansas. A guy in Lordsburg said it was a trapper and his wife from Kansas who are hired by local ranchers every year. Funny thing is, one of the people who stalked me after dark a few nights ago was a woman on an ATV talking on a two way radio over the noise of the ATV. So, is Deputy Burns’ Kansas trappers involved in Larry Link’s murder? I’d really like you, Warren, to come back here and work on Larry’s murder. You know a lot of people and have a lot of information that would be helpful.

  • Warren Garrison

    Eochaidh, appreciate the time you spend responding but I’m losing confidence in your ability to follow what I say so let me make it a short one today if I possibly can, it’s almost a curse to be able to type 85 plus wpm, but since I’ve got tons of stuff to accomplish and after a couple of weeks of suffering with a horrible back injury, probably from my days on the WD getting thrown, trampled, and kicked around it probably hasn’t done me any good lately to be riding a motorcycle. Anyway, if you were truly following my post and not reading something into them other than what I was saying then you would have understood that I was trying to talk to those KIDS, who we found out later had come from some pret-ty screwed up homes, suicides, parents dying of over dose, others alcoholic, I just wanted to try and get them to see the error of their ways so HOPEFULLY they would not get out and go and bonk another innocent person in the head, maybe even you. Maybe, just maybe something I said to them might have helped, of course I lost track of them completely but let’s hope they’re on the right track now. It could have been a show but even the black kid that did the bonking with the crow bar flipped a chair around in front of me while I was tied to my chair and started to cry. Said his entire family were into drugs, told me he was sorry he did to me what he did but his mother died of an over dose, his grandmother was a drunk and he just didn’t give a damn about life but knew he was on the wrong path. Now I could have sat there and said, “well if I was free I’d put a bullet in your head” or something stupid and mean like that but instead I encouraged him to change his ways and I really have believed he might have. Even that night as the other 2 began to pilfer through my things, one started to grab a radio, another was going for some other stuff and that black kid stopped them, he is also the one that I’m sure kept the white kid from shooting me. And so, Knowing that I could have had the jump on them several times I sat back and let them do their thing just to see how far they would go and I have to believe it made an impression on the black kid for sure. Anyway, again I appreciate your time you devote to keeping me informed, but look closely at what I say and try and not twist it around or read something into it that isn’t there, or fail to apply something that is there. On the coming back, sure wish I could but I got a 91 year old dad that’s just driving me nuts. I run into town for an hour or two at the most, grab some groceries and all the time I’m calling him to see if he’s ok. He’s fallen out of bed a couple of times lately so I’m coming to a point I just do not know what to do with him and I just cannot let him go to a rest home, that isn’t my style. When I go and DJ I get a neighbor down the street, the Skidmore’s to check on him and sometimes when he doesn’t answer the phone for me I rush 50 miles back home to make sure he’s ok. Personally I would love to work on that case, granted Larry didn’t deserve getting shot like he did. I’ve always thought I would be a great detective because I consider everything, the biggest draw back is me believing people. Even if I had the time, money just doesn’t permit me to do much right now. I bailed two different friends out of hock and it’s a clear case of me jumping in the river to save them, they make it to shore with my help and then I drown as they watch. I really never thought they would do me this way when I offered to help them but it’s sure put me in a bind. Ok, thanks again for the 411 but do concentrate on what I say a little better. ———-Until Later, Warren

  • Benny Parker

    Benny Parker

    I know nothing much at all about Stein’s Ghost Town or the history of it.
    I only met Mr. Link once. He and his wife Linda were very nice to me. I am terribly disturbed about the murder of this man and the hurt it has caused his family. I know their lives are in chaos at the moment as they are seeking the answer to a question we all would have, that question is why? It is my hope that they will find the person or persons responsible.
    Mr. Garrison,
    I am sorry that this man caused you pain and is a fuel for so much of your anger. There are people I once considered friends that have hurt me as well. I’m no fool,and certainly not a saint. People can often take advantage of each other and hurt one another. I never have understood it, but it unfortunately happens. I hope you see that I have not called you any names nor am I saying you are right or wrong with your dislike of Larry Link. I only hope that his murderer is found and brought to justice.

  • warren garrison

    Benny, appreciate you taking the time to write such an encouraging letter and as I’ve said to several, you’re absolutely write. I’m really glad you found a friend in Larry and again, that’s all that matters, how you treated you. Too bad they had to close Steins down for whatever reason, but I hope if Linda sells it they get someone who will put it on the map even more that any of us did. As I said a couple of times, or at least referred to the fact that I just barely saved it from a local, Mr. Dixon who wanted to bulldoze it clean and put in an over nite parking facility. I know it isn’t quite as significant as say Shakespeare in Lordsburg, but still, Steins did have a part in history. Ok, again appreciate you taking this time and especially the kindness of your letter. ———-Warren ps If you read some of the other post then you might have seen at least one person asking me to come over and help in solving this matter. I certainly would if I didn’t have this 91 yr. old dad driving me bananas. The latest thing is that he’s coming out to the motor home I stay in and waking me up all hours of the night, completely disoriented about time, whether it’s day or night, just totally confused so looks like I might really have a problem on my hands as time goes along.

  • Thanks for your reply Warren. The first murder I was involved in was that of Mr. Tracy Sam in Mobridge, South Dakota on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation. About a month before in Jamestown, North Dakota, I had turned in my neighbor, Wade B-something, for distributing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a public school. In the Scandinavian community in Minnesota where I grew up, when you turned in your neighbor for selling drugs to children, the police would put a stop to it and then the neighborhood was a better place. But, not so in Jamestown. Wade’s girlfriend keep pounding on my door all hours of the night yelling that she was going to kill me. So, I moved to another apartment complex.

    Wade’s friend, Chris Patner, who was in Wade’s apartment when Wade was bagging up the grass, had a Sioux girlfriend, Juanita Baker, who took me to the bars with her because people in town wanted to beat her up. After I moved she came over with her sister, Dawn Baker, and Dawn’s boyfriend what’shisname. “Nita” asked me to drive them down to the rez so they could see her and Dawn’s mother. After arriving, I met Aunt Irene, a witch in the European tradition, though she was Sioux. Later that night, Irene and Nita went to the Casino. Earlier that day, Dawn had ditched her boyfriend at the Bismark, ND Albertson’s. So, Dawn, her brother Frankie Baker, and Irene’s boyfriend, Mr. Sam Tracy, and I rented a motel room in Mobridge. We were drinking and talking on the phone when Dawn sat next to Tracy. Tracy put his arm around the now single Dawn. She got mad and she and Frankie told Tracy to leave. Tracy grabbed the bottle of vodka and walked out the door. About three months later his body washed up in the Missouri River.

    Later on the rez, I met the Baker’s other sister, Brenda. Her boyfriend, Marco Fernandez was the biggest drug dealer in the Wester Dakotas. Every month when he came up from his home town on the Texas-Mexico border with a load of drugs, the whole rez knew about it. Marco showed me his 9 mm pistol. I though he was trying to spook me because I had turned in that guy in Jamestown. I think like an Apache – Jamestown is separate from other towns and therefore, I had nothing to worry about. When Tracy’s body washed up on the bank of the Missouri River, I drove back to the rez and gave a statement to the Bureau of Indian Affairs police. The B.I.A. has no jurisdiction on the Texas-Mexican border. Tracy may have been set up. It turned out that the reason Marco the Narco and Frankie didn’t finish me off was because Nita had some of the monthly drugs and needed a ride back to Jamestown. Tracy was executed and his murder was never solved. Marco probably retired to the Bahamas. Drugs are a big business.

    Fast forward to today. James the Sniper tried to kill me for camping on public land around Summit Hills and admitted that there’s meth labs in the area. A lone Sheriff in Arizona warns about the meth trade in the Lordsburg area 20 years ago and nothing is done. Then Larry Link is murdered. As of today, the police have no suspects. I don’t believe it. Drugs are a big business in Hidalgo County.

    Just before leaving North Dakota, I phoned the F.B.I. in Bismark about the self admitted biggest drug dealer in the Western Dakotas who said he smuggled drugs in from Mexico through his Texas border town. The Feds weren’t interested. During the past five years, Mexican drug traffickers have murdered 40,000 people. Maybe if the F.B.I. had done something way back then, we wouldn’t have the trouble we’re having today. I think the only way to solve Larry’s murder is for someone to put up a large reward for the arrest and conviction of 1. James, 2. the man who threatened to cut my throat in the area of Summit Hills, or 3. whoever, or 4. to hire a private investigator.

  • I’m drunk. My roommate, Kathleen “Angel” Westerfer, just told me something about “James” that relates to Uncle Larry’s murder. I must tell the State Police as soon as I sober up and can drive over there.

    Kathleen just told me that last week her friend Denise, here in Lordsburg, told her that about nine months ago, when she was in MacDonalds, she overheard two men in one of the booths negotiating over a large brief case that one of the men had with him. Denise overheard one of the men say “scope.” Denise and Kathleen, according Kathleen, believe that the man trying to sell the brief case was “James” and that a sniper rifle broken down and a scope, were in the briefcase. “James” was angry that the other man didn’t buy the brief case.

    I’ll bring Kathleen over to the State Police office with me and have her tell the troopers what she told me. As soon as I sober up. The Herald finally published Larry’s obituary. It was very nice and made sense.

  • Warren

    DRUNK? hey, you stop that, it’s the middle of the day. At least you write better than most when they are drunk, not one single typo that I could find. Well, since I’ve not heard ANY particulars I don’t know what to say or how to assess the situation. Did they shoot him from a distance, were they arguing and shot him, what type of gun? Has there been any further news? What direction in reference to the road north, was it to the west or east? If East then I would think people traveling would have seen the activity, to the west there is a blind spot from the edge of the property until you top the hill there. Who was it that found Larry? hate to think it was Linda and did she hear the shots or see anyone out there at all? Don’t think I even answered your last e-mail, sorry but between caring for dad and just surviving it’s hard to make it through the average day. I had a Dr’s appt. last night at 8 p.m. BUT, first I thought it was Monday so I went, that was a wasted trip. Then I go yesterday morning and the girl says “sorry sir, it’s p.m. and not a.m.” and here I try and watch my gas and oil and yet those 2 errors cost me because I’m like 15 miles away from them. Ok, thanks for the update, stop drinking though or I’ll have to organize an intervention for you. 😉

  • When I first went to the Sheriff’s office in order to have copies made of my 2009 complaints about the Summit Hills area north of the Link’s, I told a deputy that I thought Kathleen (“Angel”) was an informer. I said I didn’t know whether she was working for the good guys (cops) or the bad guys involved in drugs in Hidalgo County. I told the deputy that “Angel” had told me a few days after I found out that Larry Link had been murdered that she had shot a man with a handgun in the elbow years ago, while she was in Georgia. I thought she was trying to prompt me into saying something stupid. A little more than a week ago, she told me that she had shot another man with a handgun under different circumstances, in the knee. When I asked her if she had shot two different men, she said yes and with two different handguns.

    Last night when I returned from camping (I actually have a better chance of surviving in the forest than I do in Lordsburg) she again confirmed having shot two men with her handguns. Her story this time is that the man in Georgia was from New York City and had followed her to Savannah, Georgia. I don’t tell her what I post here, yet, she seems to know.

    That’s how informers and undercover cops lie – telling several different versions of the same story so that we can’t keep them straight and hold them accountable for any coherent story. James lied to me the same way. I did drive Angel over to the State Police office that night. She got out of my vehicle and walked away, refusing to talk to the police. After I finished telling the troopers what she told me about Denise, I drove down the block and asked her if she wanted a ride back to our place. She said no. As you can guess, when she got home, she said that she had talked to the police. She was very angry that I had told the police what I had told her. She said the bad guys would kill her or that all of us were now suspects. She said the troopers asked her to get a signed and dated statement from Denise. I told her that’s bulls___. Last night she said that Denise was no longer sure about what she saw and heard nine months ago. Therefore, the whole thing with Denise can be dropped. How unexpected is that????

    So Warren, we can now be pretty sure from a probable police informer that Larry was murdered with a hand gun. Here’s something else that may be relevant. The two dogs that I found and reported to Deputy Burns and the owner in Grant County a few years ago didn’t show any signs of blood on them or on the ground around them. I suggested that they had been killed somewhere else and dropped there. Burns didn’t say anything. From what little I read in the papers about Larry Link’s murder, no one apparently heard any gun shots. Yet, there were people in the area. According to my belief, he was murdered by professionals connected with the local drug trade. They can basically get away with anything. On the other hand, when I first came to Lordsburg, a man befriended me. He was interested in silencers and just everything else about me – NOT an Ortega, but he still needed to find a life for himself. I told Sheriff Hall. The man has turned his life around now and stopped drinking. But, any jerk can make a silencer. James the Sniper is a jerk. So, he could’ve used a silenced handgun. Like I said, I’m safer in the woods even around the Link’s and Summit Hills area than I am in Lordsburg.

    My favourite suspect is James the Sniper, my second is Angel’s “handlers,” third is you Warren. The cops haven’t made any arrests and they haven’t said much. You’re right up there near the top of the list Warren. Yet, if I’m wrong about you, watch your back.

  • Warren

    Well EMO, you are certainly a busy person aren’t you? and interesting! I was just sitting here wondering which way to go this a.m., nothing seems to be finalizing for me these days considering that I have a motorcycle for sale and everyone and their mama has called about it, all say they want it but no one comes through. Hate to sell it but evident I’m not going to be able to ride any more with this back condition that seems to have gotten worse over the months. They’ve found the problem, now to do something about it. Still, a simple 5 mile ride to the store a month ago and I was almost down for days from the jolting, and it’s a Yamaha V Star, can’t imagine what a Harley would do to me since they are much more rigid. Anyway, where exactly do you live in that area, and what is your function? Other than my anger towards Larry for the things he did to me, an anger that I probably possess for my first wife Sylvia, I’m trying to figure out what you or anyone else would think might have prompted me to get in my truck, drive over there, and shoot him? If I heard Sylvia died or was killed I would respond pretty much exactly the same as I did with hearing about Larry if I heard someone praising her. Her brothers and sisters and other members of her family and or friends might respond like Larry’s family did and defend her, but then they didn’t have someone try and bury them in order to prevent them from being able to see their son. I would tell things like the times I went to pick Bryan up and was no more than 2 minutes late and she and her boyfriend would be driving down the road with Bryan and I would miss getting him that weekend. I would tell things like the time I went on a trip and miscalculated the return by only 1 hour, BUT, stopped and called to tell Sylvia NOT to worry, we were on our way. ONLY to get there and have her boyfriend curse me out and threaten me as to what he was going to do to me. It was a constant fight and then when I moved to Steins, broken, calls to Bryan were always met with, “sorry but he’s not here” and I know for a fact he never got my letters. SO yea, I would bash this woman in the same manner because now I have no relationship with my son, I hate the woman for it, but I wouldn’t kill her. I’m coming to the conclusion that you are just a major busy body and have the potential to be quite the trouble maker and tell you what, you are now my suspect in this matter because of all you seem to be involved in over there. And of course I’m just being facetious and letting you see how it feels to be accused of something you had no part in, or did YOU? I’ll tell you, for days I could not sleep thinking about these idiots that were bashing me and wondering if they had the power to implicate me, I know they wanted to. It wasn’t until I was watching the news and seeing how they monitor the flow of traffic up and down the highway here in Tucson that I got some relief and realized that there is no way I could move in or out of here undetected, no way whatsoever. I have a 9mm, have had it for years and it has not been fired but once since having it and that was probably 4 or more years ago. I fired it when I was on 19th street when I came home really late from DJing and once again someone had stolen property, both mine and my neighbors, it was a commercial center. I fired a round at the big dumpster and yelled, “come around here again and I’ll shoot your ass”, thinking it might scare away the drug addicts who lived in the arroyo just west of the complex. Guess what, for the remainder of the time I was there we didn’t lose anything, AND, I didn’t have to shoot anyone. You know, in any situation there needs to be a strong motive. Yea, my attitude towards Larry might have been a motive 23 years ago, maybe 20, maybe 18, but 23 years later, you’d never make much of a detective. If I had approached him recently and wanted to buy the property back and he refused, then turned up dead, MOTIVE!. If I came through and stopped and Larry and I got into a heated arguement, maybe even swapped a few punches, MOTIVE! I had not even mentioned Steins to anyone for at least 2 years because it did bring up bad memories and anger me. Last time was when some guys came through from Las Cruces, stopped at a club I was DJing at, heard some music of a band that was from Las Cruces, spoke to me about it and asked where I got the music, I told them when I was at Steins, “oh you were at Steins” and a conversation took place which probably included the comment I usually make that I could not have found a worse person to have sold it to. People would always ask if I wanted it back and I would say, “not really, it would be like returning to an ex, nothing would ever be the same”. In closing, even though I have little remorse for Larry being gone, still, his killer or killers need to be apprehended before they take out someone else. We just had another home invasion here in Tucson but they’re pretty sure it was drug and gang related. Still, the fear we live in these days is horrible. I think about the time I lived at STeins and was uncomfortable when I had to close my doors when it got cold. I was much more comfortable with the doors wide open and could hear what was going on outside. I can imagine that Larry and Linda never felt comfortable doing that because even my Mexican friends here will tell you, the illegal of today is not the illegal of yesterday, but then people in general are not what they were 20-30 years ago. Reading this horrible story just days ago about the kid beating his parents to death and then had a party while they lay in the next room. Morality has hit an all time low in this world, and sinking. Even though my attitude towards Larry was NEVER healthy, still it took years to form. To think that people in the city can flash a gang sign or even look at someone the wrong way and get shot, now that’s just insane. Anyway, LATER EOM, sorry about the reference to being a busy body but you do seem to have a lot going on that keeps you in hot water. Have a good day, Warren

  • Warren, phone Bryan right now and just try to talk to him. Maybe, he’ll carry on a decent conversation with you. You know Sylvia poisoned his mind, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying again. I guess that makes me a busy body. Is Sylvia good looking? Have her phone me for a date. She’s a woman, right? That’d be the best way to get even with me. Is she about my age?

    There’s organized crime in Arizona. One powerful group is in your area and then there’s another similar group in the state and surrounding states. Do you think that Larry may have run afoul of some very bad people years ago in Arizona?

  • Warren

    Thanks EMO for the encouragement to call Bryan, I think about it all the time because you can hardly watch TV without the mention of something about a dad and his son. My complaint with Bryan though is that I’ll excuse his attitude towards me, but my parents really helped that boy, would send him money when they didn’t have it and yet, he’s shown them NO love whatsoever. Well too late for mother and sister, they’re gone but still got my 91 year old dad he will not contact. And hey, I’m not really offended with you, you have your opinions and even though you seem a little eccentric, you sound very intelligent and I’ve yet to be able to find a typo in all you write, 😉 Anyway, Sylvia’s married to redneck David and I guess they’ve done fairly well in life. When I sold Steins Larry was only paying me $500 a month and we just got a small downpayment because I wanted out at the time, but It was Bryan’s graduation time and so I headed back that 1800 miles to Georgia with just change in my pocket to see him because I had not see him since he was 5. Got there, walked up to him, told him who I was and there was little or no response. They all said they were going back to his granny’s house so I went over, he zipped in and out a few times, I got no time with him and then he comes through with a bag and tells everyone “hasta la vista” and headed off for a school trip. So an almost 4,000 mile trip got me just minutes with him and little or no conversation. Worse yet, Sylvia chewed me out for “coming back and interferring in such a special time”, AND, that’s why I have such an attitude toward the woman. But anyway, on the question about who Larry dealt with, racking my brain I’m thinking the last time I came through was 04 when I went to the Tejano Awards in San Antonio, and even then I was with a group of people, didn’t even get out but they did drive down in just long enough for me to really be displeased at how Steins had been altered. I worked so hard to maintain ANY portion of Steins that had weathered the storms and yet I saw that on the East side, foundations and plants I had nurtured had been bulldozed away, it was sickening. History just bladed away because someone didn’t care enough to maintain it. Ok, enough for today, I got tons of stuff to do far more productive to keep me busy. Have a good day——-and from all you keep telling me about the people you deal with and the scrapes you get into you’re the one that needs to watch your back. I got a girl here that I thought was a true friend, Rosa, and now she’s seriously upset with me because I told another mutual friend that she bought a new car. Can you imagine, someone upset and hating because you told someone who ask, “you seen Rosa lately?” and I say, “no, but talked to her and she said she bought herself a new car” and the proverbial sheet hit the fan, I’m still shocked. Point is, if a person can have that kind of hatred, then I can only imagine what’s going on over there if you’re involving yourself with people, or ratting them out who are dealing in drugs. At the same time if you can help put a stop to it, you have my support 1000%. I didn’t let the gangbanging drug pushers scare me when I was in South Tucson. Most are surprised I’m still alive because it didn’t bother me to go out and confront them at 2 a.m. at the car wash. Didn’t have much support from Pima County because of my criticism of their piss poor dealings with these problems, but then you have to understand that crime is a commodity to the system, without it, they don’t have a pay check so they have NO INTENTION of stamping it out, just milking it, and I point this out all the time. In closing, I’m just having a hell of a time believing they don’t have any serious leads in Larry’s death. I thought they were supposed to be watching for air craft dropping drugs, you have the Arizona check point, I guess it’s still working isn’t it and taking people’s fruit and checking for fire ants, or is it? Thinking back though I can remember going North to Duncan the back way, South to Rodeo and NEVER seeing a vehicle of any type. Just wide open spaces for drug runners an illegals, surely in 23 years they’ve gotten some control over that. Maybe not. ———–Ok, almost a curse to be able to type 85 wpm. You have a good day, thanks for the post. ———-Warren

  • I just got auto insurance again. According to my agent, 75+% of New Mexican drivers are driving without insurance. All a traffic cop has to do is pull any driver over and she or he is practically guaranteed more points for writing another good ticket. Forget about the narcotics detail, assign me to traffic, I’d make captain in three years.

    Here’s a religious note: “Bad things happen to good people.” Unless you’re psychotic, you cannot believe that something bad that happened to someone was the will of God. It’s just a mind game in your head. Then there’s that saying about removing the log in your eye before removing the splinter from someone else’s eye. Therefore, even if you know that Larry was a bad man because he did bad to you, you still don’t know the will of God and the smart money would be riding on Jesus wanting you to say and believe nothing on the topic, in this case. I’m not religious, so ask your minister where to place your bet.

  • Warren

    and I was just about to get up. Had downloaded all the music that came in from various distributors, a few problems with some because they insist on sending it via that sorry and worthless Windows Media, so had to make some calls to get them to resend it in MP3 format. Nice day, really hot and humid and these monsoons keep playing games, mostly destructive winds. On the insurance, I try and keep up to date, car and motorcycle, don’t need anymore problems. On the splinter, moat and log and all that stuff, very true about cleaning up our own act first before yelling “string that sorry rascal up to the nearest tree. who’s got a rope?” Thing is, and I should just let this go BUT, if Larry were alive and we did another mediation thing or court or whatever then except for the one night I just lost it and yelled and screamed for him to come out when I had taken all I could take, THAT is the ONLY time I spoke like that to him. I NEVER called various agencies to cause problems like BLM, Highway Department, Sheriff, you name it, but he did. SO, when it comes down to it, for the most part in 99% of the instances I repaid good to the evil, but no matter what good I did, it was repaid with evil, this is my major complaint. I was replacing fence post down on the WD and we were pulling out those beautiful old cedar post. I took a load of them up to Larry to use in the work there because they were just priceless, I barely got a thank you. You know, there’s a vast difference between contempt or disrespect and out right hatred. While I might have disrespected Larry for any number of things, I know, whether anyone else does or admits that he had a pure hatred for me and I still question from time to time what he based it on. Oh well, gotta start my blog one of these days, who knows, all the blah blah blah might turn out to be that book I’ve wanted to write for so many years. Later, EMO. (Weird to write that when you have these kids that call themselves EMO’s)

    ps just looked up at your “Bad things happen to good people”, yep they do, the bible plainly says that the rain falls on the good and evil, and that everything that happens works for the good of the person it happens to, both good and bad”.

  • O.M.G. Warren, didn’t you realize that Westerners say very little? That’s it – that’s your problem. Larry barely gave you a thank you, Larry hardly acknowledged your contribution to Stein’s Ghost Town. That’s the way of Westerners, Warren. O.M.G. I’m not putting you down, but, admit it, you’re originally from New York City, right? You gotta be or some other weird Eastern city. To now realize that your problem with Larry was due to your ignorance of the West is both laughable and sad. Are you from Boston? You gotta be, if you’re not from New York City.

    On a more serious note. Our James the Sniper with the ghille suit here in Lordsburg is of Scandinavian descent. A few days ago, another Scandinavian sniper with a silenced high power scoped-rifle murdered around 85 children. Shot them down one by one. It’s all over the news right now. This other Scandinavian sniper was a Fundamentalist Christian. Do we stop turning our backs on White people, on Christians?

    In a case where a man was gunned down and the New Mexico State Police refuse to release the details even though they have no suspects, should we jump to the conclusion that some Brown Mexican Roman Catholic immigrant did it or that our own White Protestant sniper here in Lordsburg did it? The police cover-up may do more harm than letting the public know at least a few details. The murderer is still lose. Don’t we have a right to have the information necessary to protect ourselves from the murderer roaming the hills around Lordsburg?

  • Warren

    You know, it’s better to have people think you jump to conclusions, than write and prove that you do. I’m from the deep south, but believe the south isn’t going to rise again. After all they screwed up the first time round, maybe they’ll be smart enough not to try that again. But anyway, Larry was from Iowa, or did you know that. So you kind of got out locations and personalities reversed. Personally, I thank people and do whatever I can to show my gratitude when someone is nice to me, have always been like that. AND, I’m disappointed in you, I found 2 typos in this last posting, non before, you must not be concentrating. On the police not releasing any info. maybe it’s one of those things like you see on TV where ONLY the killer would know what they have so they’re waiting for the right moment. While DJing Friday nite a trucker tried to rape my girlfriend. She went out to the SUV to get something for me and he followed her out. I’m thinking that had he been just a little bit more hard core he would had drug her to his truck, he and his buddy had parked in back of the club. Sure scared her but she didn’t tell me until Sat. a.m. It’s getting so bad in Tucson I have started carrying my 9mm in the glove compartment, a lot of good it’s going to do me in a situation like that. And then of course the system will turn it on me even if he was raping Amy, prosecutors are from hell as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, am so hoping he shows back up at the club soon and we’ll see how Tucson Police handle something like this, I do not have much confidence in “Proud to Serve and Ready to Protect”, but I’ll give them first shot at this guy. Anyway, carry on, slow down on the drinking and keep me posted. I notice you didn’t respond as to how someone could possibly come and go and commit this act without being seen as much traffic as there is on I10 looking down, you have a panorama view of that area. Do tourist still pull down in there? Trains passing, railroaders, I don’t understand. Who has that old ranch beyond Lance Williams that use to be the old John Guess place?? People use to come in from San Simon and steal those people blind that bought it after John died, in fact I bought a lot of his things from his daughter from Seattle and so much had already been taken.

  • Based upon the little that has been released to the public about the murder and from my own experience with the bad guys in the area, there’s some strong possibilities. Larry could have been shot somewhere else and then his body was dropped outside his house. That happened to those two dogs that were dropped by my camp. Another possibility is that the murderer used a silencer. Sheriff Hall had the name of a veteran who had training in making silencers and all other special weapons while in the military and had expressed a keen interest in still using them. I’m sure James was impressed with the veteran’s special operations combat experience overseas.

    Ms Billy Johnston who ran the balloon shop where James made his statement about the meth lab burning down north of Larry’s place told me before she passed away that someone had let her look through the scope on a rifle one time. She said that she couldn’t miss hitting a target when using a scope. I suspect that James was the one with the rifle and scope.

    Did I mention that one night while walking the 20 or so miles from Summit Hills back to Lordsburg before those bad guys tried to hunt me down, I was in the overgrown area of the railroad frontage road when I saw out of the corner of my eye a red dot off in the bushes for a brief moment. It was one of those laser sights on rifles. Someone was aiming a rifle at me at 1:00 in the morning. The legal thing is that it’s illegal to hunt after dark in the state of New Mexico. So, hunters don’t need night sights. On the other hand, maybe laser sights are used during the day. I don’t know because I don’t need a firearm for anything. In fact, about three weeks ago, I saw an adult black bear on Jack’s Peak. A few days later I saw it again, lower down the mountain. Last Friday I went camping up on Jack’s Peak with my two 50 pound dogs, a hunting knife, and a 5 foot long Japanese fighting stick. That’s all I needed. So, for all I know hunters do use laser sights during the day. But, that redneck had me scoped out at 1:00 a.m. a few miles from Larry’s place.

    From local talk, apparently someone saw a vehicle in the area of Larry’s place. Also, considering Larry’s familiarity with firearms due to his need to defend his family, he may have known the killer and therefore, the killer got the drop on him. I still think you’re a good suspect Warren.

  • Warren

    one question I haven’t asked in all of this is who was with Larry at Steins during this time? Did he not say to someone I need to go out and check and see who that is on the property. One thing though, your continued effort to implicate me is getting to be annoying, I don’t know what you have to gain by it unless you’re protecting someone over there. It is evident that you’re a rather eccentric individual, but from the way you write and the lack of typos and or errors, and the way you verbalize your thoughts it’s evident you are an intelligent person for the most part. NOW to apply that intelligence in a more productive way. Let’s apply your theory that Larry was killed somewhere else and placed where they found him. Anyway you look at that theory it would require several people since the news said he was found next to his truck. That means someone would have had to drive his truck with the body in it, pull the body out and dump it on the ground and then either walk out or have someone there waiting to give them a ride out. All of that seems pretty stupid to even consider that. I said once before you’d make a terrible detective. For at least 3 months or more I have nutured a back problem that has literally had me bed ridden at times. While standing, if I shift to my left leg, I just go down from the pain. I’ve been to the Marana Health Clinic 4 times now for it, and just received a referral to a specialist. So with phone records, cameras that monitor our expressway here, caring for my dad, you just knock yourself out with any idea it was me. I’ve made my feelings about Larry very clear, BUT, if I had Larry in front of me and a couple of DJ’s in Tucson that have made my life miserable, my attitude for those DJ’s would be much much worse and yet I wouldn’t shoot them. Just came to me how stupid a person would be to come on here and express their feelings as I have if they were responsible for this, it would be like me saying, “ME, ME, PICK ME, I’M A GREAT SUSPECT”.

  • I apologize Warren – you didn’t do it. This morning on the way to Silver City a New Mexico State Trooper pulled me over to say that he was on a mission. He said you didn’t do it. Someone named Chip who owns property on the railroad tracks, but not in Steins, did it. The trooper said that there’re bodies buried near Summit Hills and that I’m safer staying in Lordsburg than camping in the Gila National Forest. He then showed me a picture of Chip or he may have called him Sparky.

    Anyway, Chip is the head of organized crime in the area and his people are the ones who follow me into the Gila National Forest every time I go camping. He said they want to put a dress on me and hang me from a tree. I told him I wear a Scottish kilt, sometimes. My Clann is a sept of Clann Brodie of Inverness. He said that that’s not why they want to kill me. In fact, they’re into White European racial superiority and Celtic and Irish witchcraft.

    Chip is a homosexual and Sniper James is his gay lover. The trooper also told me most of the cops in Lordsburg are corrupt and will let me hang until I’m all crapped and pissed out so they won’t have to dirty their hands on me. That technique comes from hunting and is like letting an animal bleed out. That also reminds me that the convicted criminal Robert Armejo said Sheriff Hall was the only cop in Lordsburg I could trust. Hall is gone.

    The trooper went on to say that Larry saw Chip doing something wrong so Chip had him murdered. Based upon what the trooper said and that which was in the press about Larry’s murder about him last being seen alive around 6 in the morning and his body being found around 10 in the morning leads me to believe that James the Gay Sniper shot Larry with a handgun somewhere else and then dropped Larry’s body outside his home.

    Because the convicted criminal Robert Armejo said almost all cops in Lordsburg are corrupt I don’t know what to make of what the trooper told me this morning. We’ve all seen men dress up as women. They all look like clowns mocking real women. I really don’t want to die butt-sore hanging from a tree looking like Crusty the Clown. The gay sniper James won’t know whether he should buy a spaghetti string summer dress for me in a size 16 or 18, let alone what colour to get. I certainly don’t know. Now that I think about it, James the Gay Sniper probably does know. But the two times he had me in his sights he didn’t even pull the trigger. He’ll probably screw up my murder too, by leaving me twisting in the breeze without even thinking of putting lace panties on me, let alone a bra.

    Honestly, until the Trooper talked to me today, I thought the Mormons were after me and I was all set to drive to Walmart today and buy a “Mormon Buster” – a 12 gauge over/under double shotgun and open fire the next time someone walks into my camp carrying a rifle or shotgun. But knowing that the gay half-wit James is the one stalking me, I’ll continue having fun in the woods with just a Japanese fighting stick (Bo). I’m not like Larry who had responsibilities and a family to protect and therefore, who had to stand his ground against all threats. My dogs and I can keep running circles around Chip and his gay sniper lover – James.

    Again Warren, I’m sorry I thought you murdered Larry.

    • warren

      Quite a story, and then when I started to read the news article I kept looking for an admission from these druggies that they did it, but guess not. Just this past Monday some smart ass kid shot and killed a husband and father of 2 girls, road rage. They even showed on his facebook page him saying that just that morning he had gotten so high his nose bled. I guess I’m pretty lucky to be alive because it don’t bother me to get out in traffic and walk back to a car and tell these little bstrds with these sound systems to turn the damn thing down, the cops here sure won’t do it. Thanks for the apology but you need to make sure of what you’re saying when you say it and have your ducks in a row. I’m still questioning your idea that Larry was murdered somewhere else and dumped at his home. Seems like someone that would do such a cowardly thing would just hit and run. I am anxious to see the outcome and hear the particulars about why Larry was by himself and he could lay out there for hours like that, that’s cruel. Even if he did have the place closed, considering that I could never go more than 30 min’s without someone driving in, SURELY by now he had built a clientele enough that there would have been a steady stream of traffic, how could he just be there for hours and no one be suspicious as to his where abouts?????

      • Warren

        Well EMO, I’m figuring that with all you’re usually involved in and dodging the bullet, since I haven’t heard from you in weeks they’ve probably gotten you now, if so, guess I won’t be getting anymore FYI emails. But anyway, would like to know what’s going on in this situation and case. In all my writings and postings about Illegals I ALWAYS point out that the Illegal of today IS NOT the Illegal of yesterday, but then you didn’t have stories bombaring the airwaves and news like the Principle that was killed yesterday by a 17 year old student who just didn’t like her because she had been rude to him. In the past couple of years if it hasn’t been a hispanic that was directly responsible for a murder, somehow they were involved like the girl’s parents who didn’t want her to see a mexican boy, she and the boy killed the parents and burned the home. Nine out of 10 of my Mexican friends will tell you that it’s a new breed coming across and of course makes it hard for the hard working and honest Mexicans here. My ex is Mexican and ramrods the big organization called the Centurions, big money girl, highly educated, no vices that I know of, I was just too country boy and simple for her high price taste. Ok, better git busy as I gave up most of yesterday to help this old guy I’ve let move into the property. Bout my age but serious back problems and his cooler went out yesterday so the load to repair it was on me and that didn’t get done until right at dark after an 82 mile round trip to get him a motor. Anyway, got to DJ tonight as usual so need to get things ready. So, if you get this then let me know the latest. Oh wait, now I know why I even started this in the first place. WHY hasn’t someone contacted John Walsh on AMW??? I can’t believe this could all happen in site of the expressway and some trucker or someone not passing, looking down and seeing vehicles or whatever. But after so much time passing it’s going to be hard to jog someone’s memory if they let it go much longer. I just thought John Walsh would jump on this in a heart beat what with the ghost town being involved and all. Put that idea to whoever you’ve been dealing with. ——later, Warren

  • Mexican Kingpin Says U.S. Protected Cartel
    Latin American Herald Tribune
    August 4,2011

    CHICAGO – A Mexican man charged with smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States told a federal judge in Chicago that U.S. authorities protected his outfit, the powerful Sinaloa cartel, in exchange for information on rival gangs.

    The defendant, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, is the son of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, reputed right-hand man of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, and played an important role in the organization until his March 2009 arrest in Mexico City.

    Zambada Niebla was extradited to the United States in 2010 and will go on trial this week in Chicago.

    In legal pleadings submitted to U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo, Zambada Niebla said the collaboration between the Sinaloa cartel and U.S. law enforcement arose from the 1995 drug indictment of Mexican attorney Humberto Loya Castro, “a close confidante” of Chapo Guzman.

    Loya subsequently became a U.S. government informant, according to the pleading.

    “Sometime prior to 2004 … the United States government entered into an agreement with Loya and the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel, including Mayo and Chapo,” the document says. “Under that agreement, the Sinaloa Cartel, through Loya, was to provide information accumulated by Mayo, Chapo, and others, against rival Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations” to U.S. authorities.

    “In return, the United States government agreed to dismiss the prosecution of the pending case against Loya, not to interfere with his drug trafficking activities and those of the Sinaloa Cartel, to not actively prosecute him, Chapo, Mayo, and the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel, and to not apprehend them,” the pleading claims.

    Just hours before his March 2009 arrest, Zambada Niebla said, he met at a Mexico City hotel with U.S. agents who assured him the arrangement was still in effect, but that he would start communicating directly with the Drug Enforcement Administration, rather than through Loya.

    The deal stipulated that Sinaloa bosses would be “informed by agents of the DEA through Loya that United States government agents and/or Mexican authorities were conducting investigations near the home territories of cartel leaders so that the cartel leaders could take appropriate actions to evade investigators,” the pleading says.

    U.S. officials also pledged, according to Zambada Niebla, not to “share any of the information they had about the Sinaloa Cartel and/or the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel with the Mexican government.”

    Federal prosecutors responded to the pleading by asking the judge to order Zambada Niebla to produce “evidence that a specific American official or officials with actual or apparent authority expressly authorized” him to import cocaine and heroin into the United States or assured him “that these acts were not criminal.”

    The indictment accuses of Zambada Niebla of coordinating the import of “multi-ton quantities of cocaine … using various means, including but not limited to, Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, private aircraft … buses, rail cars, tractor-trailers, and automobiles.” EFE

  • joseph

    okay first of all i was born and raised in Lordsburg and the surrounding areas how old are you guys damn bad enough the town has a crappy reputation grow up oh yeah who owns steins.

    • warren

      It is bad Joseph that it has a bad reputation, I’ve always called it the armpit of the universe. Sounds like Larry might have gotten a little help and support from the town, I NEVER did, only resistance except from a very very few nice people. All the Graham’s at Roadforks except Johnny fought me tooth and nail for water, but then they were pissed they didn’t get the property when it first went up for sale and Al Dixon, Judy’s husband wanted it with plans to wipe everything off and make an over night camping spot. But anyway, maybe the town will get more good people in it someday, Lordsburg did make just a little headway when those who had a choke on it lost their grip and some other businesses were able to come in and help with it’s growth.

  • 57 years young. Lordsburg’s reputation is that it’s a “big meth town.” That means that bad cops protect meth labs in and around town. That’s very crappy and worse than victims in Lordsburg ruining their lives and the lives of their families just by using meth which happens all over America. Are you part of the problem or the solutions? How many more people in Hidalgo county have to be murdered to shut them up before you do the right thing? Did you risk your life in the military to protect this country? If so, then why are doing nothing about the drug problem and the murder of Larry Link now, hero?

  • warren

    Well, thought surely you had been abducted by aliens, Legal of course, we cannot have Illegal Aliens running around this country abducting people at their own discretion. BUT, apparently you are alive and well as I see from your post, very strange post but then hey, you live in New Mexico and worse yet close to Lordsburg the armpit of the universe. So, howz it going over there, no break through in Larry’s killer/killers huh? Not good, even though there was absolutely no love loss between us, this isn’t the way to handle things. I have an EMU next door that has driven me stark raving mad with it’s bellowing and I’ve fought the 2 Queers who own it tooth and nail. Would be no trouble at all to poison the damn thing or shoot it when they aren’t at home but this has gone on for almost 2 years now and I’ve NEVER done a thing to harm the stupid animal, never done a thing to hard their horses, never done a thing to harm their property. I spent over 2 hours just recently and I think I might have already written it in a previous book that they had left the water on in the corral and even by the time I caught it, it had flooded a large area. Since I don’t dare go over there for fear of being accused of something I began to call, text, even fax and got no response. Then I began to call neighbors that know them and are friends with them, couldn’t connect with anyone. Even called the water department, 911 to see if a deputy would go in and shut it off, NOPE! sorry can’t help you. Most people would have said “ha ha ha, you deserve this” and they probably do because these are nasty individuals who were caught dealing in porn, young boys infant to 12 years old, BUT, I still have this driving desire to do the right thing with push comes to shove. And so in this post of yours were these question generalizations and directed to those reading it or to me? If to me, nothing I can do to help. I’ve had a guy living on the property for some time, older than me, not well BUT, he’s wasteful and he’s freaking lazy and he’s not in that bad a shape that would give him the excuse to be either. He went off the other night and left his cooler running for almost 5 hours and yet I had turned my dads off just to save a few cents because money is kind of tight right now. THEN, I had bought him a cooler pump motor, spent a day going for it and putting it on and that was $150 and he hasn’t paid me. I knew I would not make much off him when I quoted $100 but since I never get to go anywhere except maybe run to Tucson and back, I thought he would and could look in on dad because it’s getting a little worse each day with dad. I put an extension to the phone out there in case dad fell or was unable to answer the phone when I call and yet I cannot get Bob when I need him so that failed. Bottom line he has cost me far more than he’s been worth. I had so hoped to go to a class reunion in Georgia the 24th of this month but that’s totally out of the question both financially and because of not being able to leave my dad. Anyway, as much as I disliked Larry and as little respect as I had for the man I feel sure that he would confront anyone involved in drugs because of his grandchildren and not wanting this to be a society they would have to live in. BUT, I do think he would be stupid enough to confront them out there in the middle of no where not realizing how ruthless these people are and what they are capable of when you consider that they find Suburban’s all the time with 15 bodies all dismembered, sitting out in the desert. People who have crossed the cartels. Ever watch these movies where someone is out in the middle of the desert with a group of Hell’s Angels and they get pissed off at the Angel’s and blurt out, “well I’m going in and I’m reporting you to the sheriff”, DUH! and you know what happens to them. I think Larry would use poor judgement in confronting someone out there like that. But then who am I to judge? Many a night I’ve gone out to the gangbangers of South Tucson that were at the car wash at 2 a.m. and told them to shut their damn music down, NOT, considering that just the day before the news reported them shooting someone point blank just because they flashed a gang sign. But anyway, really don’t need someone running around that could shoot someone in cold blood, that’s for sure. I still suggest they call John Walsh and get him in on this!! CANNOT believe someone didn’t see some coming and going, some type of activity during this time period, Railroaders, Ranchers, Hunters, tourist, truckers, someone and the more time that passes the harder it’s going to be for someone to remember back and say, “oh yea, I remember a certain vehicle coming out right about that time, I remember someone stopping in San Simon that acted suspicious, I remember someone coming through the port of entry (or do they even stop you anymore for fruits, plants and ants?)”, someone had to have seen something not realizing what had happened to Larry. ———————Dang, wish I didn’t type so fast, Probably wouldn’t write as much if I pecked away with one finger. ————-Later Mr. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

    P.S. Is there any chance of me just calling you Fred or something simple??

  • Warren, you’re not making sense again. Are you drunk at the library’s computer again. I am. Anyway, in your post that I recieved via my e-mail:

    Author: warren


    It is bad Joseph that it has a bad reputation, I’ve always called it the armpit of the universe. Sounds like Larry might have gotten a little help and support from the town, I NEVER did, only resistance except from a very very few nice people. All the Graham’s at Roadforks except Johnny fought me tooth and nail for water, but then they were pissed they didn’t get the property when it first went up for sale and Al Dixon, Judy’s husband wanted it with plans to wipe everything off and make an over night camping spot. But anyway, maybe the town will get more good people in it someday, Lordsburg did make just a little headway when those who had a choke on it lost their grip and some other businesses were able to come in and help with it’s growth.

    you write that the bad Grahams (a proud Scottish Highland (Grampians) clann who stopped the Roman Empire and then proceeded to breech the Roman Wall between the Forth and Clyde) fought you over water. But, you’re the pr____ who threatened to shut off the Link’s water. You made up the water fight with the Graham’s. By the way, the Rodrigues ranch fired the pr____, Mark, who threatened to shoot my dogs and cut my throat. But, James the gay sniper is still roaming the foothills around Lordsburg as are the truck loads of rednecks with shotguns and rifles who tried to kill me that day. You’re not helping Warren.


    first of all I’m not drunk at the library, home, or anywhere else. Second, I think you should try and regroup those brain cells before you respond because you’re sounding so much like a Liberal it scares me. Absolutely astounding how you could take a portion of a comment and twist it to a point to make me sound like the bad guy, referring to “shut Larry’s water off”. You need to go back and refer to your notes. Larry, in an effort to steal the new portion of land from me because I was a threat to his outlandish and made up stories of Lynchings, shootings, death and destruction in the old west in order to made his tours sound exciting, but all the time completely altering history, he then came up with 13 items to charge me with and file an action. Those, just like his lies about history, were all fabricated but Larry didn’t care, the end justified his means. I did what ANYONE would do in a situation like that, I lease the land in front of him and I said, now listen closely, I said, “I COULD HAVE SHUT HIS WATER OFF”, BUT, I gave up that Ace in the hole when he came over with his finest Halo, and his phoniest humble speech that he was sorry he was doing this to me and AFTER Christmas would drop the law suit. Most people would have held on to the lease I had that yes, could have shut his water off had I wanted, BUT, me being the peaceful person I try to be until you piss me off, I IMMEDIATELY gave in and ordered the RR to give Larry that portion of land. AT WHICH TIME, Larry being the underhanded wicked and evil person that he was, followed through with the law suite and DID NOT keep his word. Why? because his word was worth absolutely nothing. And damn, you’ve got me fired up again. Lemme go take a chill pill. And in closing, what the hell is this about making up the water fight with the Grahams, again, you need to write when you’re sober, or who knows, maybe you’d be just as misinformed when you are, I’m thinking you might. When I first went to Steins Mr. Graham was still alive and drunk 98% of the time. I thought absolutely nothing about pulling into the service station, filling up with gas and then getting some water in a small drum. Mr. Graham came out and told me to get the hell out of there, and I had never even met the man before, but this of course is the way that miserable, selfish people conduct themselves. When you look at Road Forks now and see an abandoned mess, then I see once again a family whose lives and what they created will be forgotten because of the ill will they spread. Johnny was the good one, he was always good with me and even told me I could get water at his corrals, BUT then, the wicked and evil sister Jane and Judy stopped that. I don’t know how or where they are today but I do know that what goes round comes round and I would have to believe they have suffered because of their attitude towards me and my efforts. Later EMO, stop drinking, it’s bad for your Liver.

  • First, let me state for the record that Mr. Graham, Senior is my hero. So are Jane and Judy Graham and that Dixon who was fortunate enough to marry into Clann Graham. Of course, Larry Link is a hero, too. All of them sized you up correctly. I’m sorry to read that John, Jr. has passed away – you did use the past tense: “Johnny `WAS’ the good one.” Instead of being good, maybe he was the wild one; that would explain him having tolerated you. I’d really like to read Larry’s 13 item law suit. Also Warren, you write like you’re drunk. You’ve written that Mr. Dixon, Judy, Jane, and probably John, Sr., at Roadforks fought you tooth and nail for water. But you’ve implied that you gave Larry the water rights by having the Railroad give Larry “that protion of land.” So, why are you dragging in the Grahams? You might as well add the Ortegas to your brew. Homebrew, do you get it? Ha, ha.

    It’s obvious that it was Dixon, the Grahams, and Larry Link against you and John Graham, Jr. was some sort of saint or ordained minister for turning the other cheek to you, again and again and again. Didn’t you ever get enough water?

    Explain the water rights. This is getting interesting; unless it’s one of your Alzheimer’s delusions.

  • Larry fought to the bitter end. A TRUE Westerner.

    Autopsy: Former Steins Ghost Town Proprietor Died of Gunshots
    By Ashley Meeks / Las Cruces Sun-News on Fri, Oct 7,

    Albuquerque Journal – Online Edition (ABQJournal)

  • Warren

    wasn’t in the mood to answer your once again ridiculous, smart ass, I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to prove e-mail, but today I got a sec. only to say that the opening line of your e-mail where you say that John Graham sr. was our hero just goes to show that a person doesn’t have to be worth much for them to be your hero. Don’t tell me, Charles Manson is your hero also right? Anyway, I’ve really tried to be nice to you but you’re getting to be annoying but thanks for the article as it gives me more of an insite to what happened. My question is, “what was Larry doing on Summit Road at 6 a.m.”? This is the road going to Rodeo, right? Summit Peak and all?? Is this a drug deal gone bad?? These abrasions, cuts and all he suffered, was he up on a rock watching someone?? Not that I feel any compassion at this point for Larry being gone, wish I did because it tells me I’ve got some soul searching to do but now my interest is stirred. All this time I thought it was out next to the tracks, and now this article puts him a few miles from home at 6 a.m., weird. Weird as in strange an confusing, not like if I used weird to describe you.

  • John Graham, Sr. seems to have been an American original and I would have liked to know him. To put it nicely, you must know that Summit Road runs northerly out of Steins, towards Summit Hills, New Mexico and Duncan, Arizona. You wrote that you were at Steins Ghost Town, New Mexico before Larry and that after Larry got Steins, you had the property from the railroad right next Larry. Just a friendly question, why did you think Summit Road leads south to Rodeo, New Mexico?

    Larry was on Summit Road at 2:30 a.m. with a revolver next to him. When I was on active duty in the U.S. Army in 1973 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, my squad leader, Sargeant Reaves, was an Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces (Green Beret) just back from Vietnam. He told the squad that when the Green Berets captured someone in an area where Special Forces didn’t want to be caught, they shot the prisoner in the shoulder as a matter of routine to end any resistance. But, the detainie could still walk and wouldn’t be in so much shock that he would have to be carried out of the area. Another U.S. Special Operations Vietnam veteran, Jessie Ventura, a Navy S.E.A.L., made a cheap movie wherein he and a small military unit captured someone. After the prisoner was secured and walking back with the unit, one of Jessie’s comrades in arms or Jessie himself, hit the prisoner on the head with a pistol that the Special Ops or Jessie was holding in his hand. That was done to discourage any resistance on the part of the prisoner.

    James the Gay Half Wit Sniper in the Summit Hills area, bragged about having Ranger training. I asked a Special Ops in Lordsburg, who served in Iraq, about shooting Larry in the shoulder and hitting him over the head in order to control him. He said that now adays, Special Ops don’t do that or abuse prisoners in any way. Therefore, James the Half Wit Gay Sniper received his Ranger training from a Vietnam Vet. Got to go.

  • Warren,you are a worthless peice of human flesh.. You had NOTHING to do with the success of Steins, you were merely just living there and breathing in our oxygen. So do us all a favor and quit breathing the air that you dont deserve. You sir are merely jealous and angry because MR Link was more of a man than you could ever try to be.. You have spouted off anger ever since his tragic death, you want anger, you just found it you selfish bastard.

  • Just maybe the insults should stop, its been 4 months, and you have had no respect for the family of this man. You have your own opinions of who he was and yes your entitled to them, but show some respect to the situation, and go back to elementary thinking.. if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. We have all read your words, and listened to your judgements, give it a rest and let the family and MR Link rest in peace.

    • Warren

      you will pay for these comments, and I won’t have to lift a finger for it to happen. Trust me!

      • Is this a threat warren? Im sure the police would love to come chat with you, I have forwarded this comment to the police

        • warren

          You worthless lowlife piece of shit from hell. No wonder you come to the defence of Larry Link, you have the same spirit controlling you that controlled him. I’m sitting here minding my own business trying to forget this worthless little man and all the problems he caused while he was alive, and even now after he’s dead and you come out from under the rock you must live under with your insults, your accusation, your put downs, your name calling. And then JUST LIKE Larry Link when he did the exact same things to provoke me in his quest to steal my little portion of land, when I responded it’s “OH OH OH, HE SAID THIS TO ME, HE DID THAT TO ME, POLICE POLICE LOOK LOOK”. Let me be more specific about “you will pay and I won’t have to lift a finger”. IT MEANS, I hope, before THE SUN GOES DOWN tomorrow night that someone very close to you, the person you love the dearest if it’s possible for a miserable individual like you to love, but before the sun goes down tomorrow night I hope that you receive a call that they’ve been invovled in an accident, and that you must rush to the hospital. And while you’re standing over their lifeless body maybe, just maybe you’ll stop and consider the hatred you have for me that has come from nothing more than some angry postings that were all fueled by 5 years of harassment, theft, sleepless nights, my wife returning to Tucson because of the pressure from Larry Link, being forced into court over trumped up charges, just to name a few things. I am not nearly as sick as you and others who have responded as you have. You are the sick ones.

          • Nice wishing death on someone, go to hell you spiteful bastard….. You look like such an ass on here, and trust me god knows you are worhtless and you are doomed to hell

            • correcting my spelling * worthless*, god knows no one needs to give you another reason to be an ass.

              • Im done wasting my energy even typing words to such a blind heartless man with no respect for anyone. Keep writting all of your hateful comments warren, because they are just empty nonsense to most. I wish you no harm, just the empty feeling of being filled with so much hate.

                • Warren

                  you might be done wasting your worthless cowardly breath, but you are not done paying for your comments, I assure you. And those that might find my words empty nonsense would be those who are minus a number of brain cells and certainly are minus ANY compassion. It has not bothered me for one second for someone during this time to express sadness or frustration or disappointment that I have been, or am so angry. BUT, when they come in like you do, the demon spirit that you are and with the problem facing us and the problem that I have bitched and complained about from the day I heard Larry had been killed was that he worked his ass off to strip me of my recognition, you come in and start that same crap. YOU care less about the Link family or any of his friends than I do because the more you prod me, the more I am going to speak out. These outrageously long postings, rants, whatever the hell you want to call them will be used in my book. Many of the things that have come back to me I had not thought of in many years like the story of Steve the drunk pornography possessing State Worker, so thank you. Keep poking and prodding!!!

        • warren

          Sorry, I got so wrapped up in responding to your demonic postings that I forgot to give you my address to include in your complaint, even though I am so very accessible here. But anyway, it’s 17510 w. quemado lane, Marana, Az 85653. I-10 through Tucson, old Marana exit, Marana road about 7 miles to Silverbell, right on Silverbell about 2 miles over a one lane bridge. Left on Cocio “Green Acres”, 5th street on the left and at the end of the street on the left. The gate is always closed, but there are no dogs so come on in. Only time I”m able to leave is when I run to the store for groceries, or have a DJ job which is late and Dad has eaten and sleeping. I’ll be waiting!!

  • On the front page of today’s Silver City Sun-News is a story about Mr. Link that indicates that he was murdered on the property that you, Warren, rented from the railroad and then used to harass him. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but, you seem to be involved with Larry’s murder or at the very least, it’s one of the biggest coincidences that your enemy, Larry, died on the property from which you used to harass him.

    According to some guide to the “Bootheel,” when some mining or other operation nearby shut down, the railroad stopped delivering water to Steins. That must explain why you used to go to “Road Forks” for water.

    On page 2A of the newspaper are three pictures of graffiti found near where Larry’s body was found. Just by coincidence, yesterday a guy I know, told me that the Arizona-New Mexico border in the Steins area has a “history” of 45 murders and that there’s many bodies buried in that area. Those 45 murders were done by members of a cult. It got to be so much that the cult had to stop its activities in the Stein’s Ghost Town area. A judge or former judge named Kramer knows or knew about them. The guy who told me about the murders and buried bodies around the Link property is not on my side. The number 45 may have been made up and based on the Colt .45 and he may have been aware yesterday of today’s new article. There probably is or was a judge named Kramer, but I can’t believe anything the guy told me.

    A few years ago I did report cult activity in the Southern Gila National Forest to Grant County Deputy Burns. I had also found two dogs that had been killed. The owner, Burns, and the county animal control officer came out and retrieved the dogs. Burns may know about cult graffiti and activity in the area. The New Mexico State Police can’t know everything, but, they’re very good at what they do and will be notified of my information here, I hope. I ran afoul of a cult in this area years ago and I know they’re a real threat, even today, even if there are no bodies buried near the Link property.

    I would like to state for the record. The day I stopped in at Billy Johnston’s Gem Stones Plus and was telling her about me just returning from retrieving my wool socks from my abandoned camp where the week before (January 2008), three truck loads of red-necks and two guys in camouflage had tried to kill or kidnap (“snatch”) me, in walks James the Sniper in camouflage. That’s when I realized he was the loser who the week before had run with a gun down the gully out of which I had just climbed. Then James the Half Wit Sniper said that he was out north of Stein’s when I got my wool socks and had pictures of a burnt down meth-lab for which I was being blamed. When I went back to my room I found James’s signed note that mentioned Donna Tankersley (Kerr), stuck in my door. So, I typed up a second criminal complaint about James and the losers who tried to kill or snatch me the week before and then the day or so before when I got my wool socks and then James at Billy’s place.

    When I returned to Billy’s and gave her a copy of my second complaint, she freaked out. She said something like, “Not my Jimmy, James couldn’t do anything like this.” Then she phoned James and told me that she and James were going to go to the Sheriff’s Department to explain that James couldn’t be involved in anything like that. Guess what, Billy Johnston is now dead and Sheriff Hall is no longer in office. How convenient for James the Half-wit Gay Sniper now that Larry Link has been murdered in the same area by people using the same M.O. James and the Cult murderers around the Link property didn’t go away after the January 2008 attacks on me or the 45 murders years before that. Their violent crimes are an ongoing activity and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they killed Billy Johnston.

    Larry Link stood his ground, fighting to the end, thereby preventing his murderers from going on to attack his family. In other words, he sacrificed his life protecting his family. He’s a HERO. I hope the scum-bags who killed him are brought to trial. Can you at least agree to this, Warren? I don’t hate you Warren, but, you could try to be less annoying.

  • Here’s another reason why Warren is almost certainly involved in Larry’s murder:

    New Mexico murder victim’s family out for justice
    By Milan Simonich \ Santa Fe Bureau
    Posted: 10/17/2011 12:00:00 AM MDT

    “For 18 years Link ran a 24-hour business strategically placed on the gateway to the West Coast.

    Trucks carrying citrus fruit would pull into Link’s enormous parking lot three miles from the Arizona border. Then Link or his family crew would fumigate the produce to cleanse it of parasites.”

    Several postings above Warren said that someone named Dixon wanted to buy Steins Railroad Ghost Town and turn it into a parking lot. Lo and behold, there already was a large parking lot there. Why would Warren be dishonest about this matter? It must bother Warren to no end that Larry was normal, successful, and had a strong family that loved him. Warren, you’re so evil and disgusting that if I’m ever trapped in an elevator with you, I’ll find someway to take my own life.

    Getting back to the murder of Billie Johnston. She told me that her daughter worked on a road crew. When the job ended she went camping with some of the other workers, near Springerville. Billie said that those worker were Satanists and only her daughters head was found. She also said that her daughter’s murderers were caught and are in prison. However, when I asked the old cowboy named Casey who hung out at Billy’s Gem Stones Plus, he said that Billy lied. He said that her daughter was a meth addict and had died of a drug overdose. Casey and James the Sniper didn’t get along. The last time I saw Casey, he had locked himself in his trailer home with a padlock on the outside of the front door. I was there to give him a ride to Silver City. When I arrived at his trailer, he said he would be right out. A half hour later I asked him if he had lost the key to the lock. He said no and he’d be out in a few minutes. After an hour and a half of this he said that I could take him another day. I went to the Lordsburg police and asked them to check on him. A few weeks later, I heard that he was in the nursing home. From what that guy told me about the cult in the area and the 45 bodies buried near the Link’s as well as my experience with James the Half Wit Sniper, I think Casey had been threatened and was scared to death. Just after I filed the second complaint in 2008 concerning James the Gay Sniper’s signed note, about eight cops, some in uniform and others in plain clothes, showed up at my room. They asked me where I had been camping near Summit Hills. One of them shouted out James’s last name and Rodriques, the name of the ranch involved in the attempted murder and kidnapping which is north of Larry’s place. Finally, one of the cop’s told me to stay away from Casey.

    Billy Johnston may have come down from Reserve to Lordsburg in order to spy out the Satanic cult here about which she had information indicating they were involved in the murder of her daughter. If she lied to me, then, she may have come here to spy out the drug dealers which she had information indicating are responsible for the death of her daughter. Casey may have lied to me. What probably happened is Billy had information about either cult or drug activity in the area incriminating some of the people responsible for her daughter’s death. She thought she could trust James. But, James and his associates thought Billy knew too much and they murdered her. Casey was used by them to get close to me, but was so threatened and intimidated by James and his people that he ended up locking himself in his home – afraid to leave his home. The associates of James the Gay Half Wit Sniper should have killed James. Apparently, they’re as brainless as James.

    The small caliber handgun and the articles from the Link’s storage unit that were found strewn around Larry’s body may have been deliberately placed there to mislead the police. The graffiti is even more likely to have been left to mislead the police. I can’t believe Larry’s murderers would have been so stupid to leave these as real clues. Which means they went out there with the intent to kidnap (“snatch”) and murder Larry.

    Warren, your postings have been so full of hate that you were probably a member of the cult in the Lordsburg area. Should I sign off: “Blessed Be?” Are you a high priest? I’ll bet that if your father wasn’t a friend of Alistair Crowley, he at least partied with Anton Sandzor LaVey. A religious man like you claim to be wouldn’t be so hate-filled. There’s still time to save your father and yourself from your current master – Satan.

    The cops say they still don’t have any suspects. That’s bull-pudding.

  • Warren

    I’ve just about had it with your and your freaking stupid moranic baseless accusations. Tell me where I can find you and I’ll meet you in person. Say what you have to say to me in person and we’ll go from there, which will probably be me mopping the damn floor up with you. You’re nothing but a alcohol demented individual that twist and distort every damn aspect of my life at Steins, all those involved, and Larry’s death. I’m kicking along here trying to forget all of this crap, all the crap that Larry dealt me, the fact that this miserable and worthless little man could continue to cause me problems in after he’s dead and first this piece of dog shit from hell pops up calling themselve Nurse to once again open these wounds, and you come along being the goddamn freakng idiot that you are and you pour more salt into the wound. Once again you stupid freak from hell, I had been at Steins for little over a year when Al Dixon, Married to Judy Graham came to me. He said, and I quote, “Warren, I just wanted to tell you that I have put a bid in on the property, I know that it is still for sale. But listen, don’t worry, I have no immediate plans and you’re welcome to stay as long as you want”, and he left. Later one of his workers came to me, “Warren, I heard what Dixon is doing, that’s sad after all the work you’ve done, what are you going to do?” I said I don’t know, Dixon said I could stay as long as I want but there would be no reason for me to do that. The worker said, “oh don’t believe him, the minute he has the property you’re out of here, he plans on making (not a parking lot jackass with the stupid name EMO) but an over nite park for campers”. You start bringing my father in this and bashing him as good a man as he is and I will track you down and I will hurt you. Now run to the cops and tell them I threatened you because I’m sick and tired of you and everyone else that this worthless little man Larry Link had cast his spell over. Not a goddamn one of you can tell me that there isn’t someone in your life that hasn’t done you wrong, someone that you walk to the other side of the street to avoid, that you don’t speak to because they offended you, because they hurt your feelings. If you say there isn’t i’ll spit in your face and call you the liar that you are. To witness and be the subject of the hatred I have on this site and from you worthless pieces of crap from hell, except for the 1 or 2 that have been kind and impartial, to consider the hatred towards me from my complaint that a person did me wrong, and over a period of 4 or 5 years, and to think that you hate me instantaneously in mere seconds of reading a post and you tell me I’m sick, you tell me I have problems, you tell me I’m full of hate. Larry might have been to his family the best father ever, the best grandfather, to a number of people a good friend but to me he was as worthless a low life that ever walked this earth. I would not dare say that he is in hell because he may as the thief did, asked for forgiveness in his last minutes, but If I was asked to guess, then I would say that he is bouncing off the walls of hell right now. And before I go you worthless asshole from hell EMO, first of all you’re there in that community, you seem to know everyone and everything, the more you run your mouth and point the finger, the more I wonder if you didn’t have something to do with this crime. Secondly, you mention the property I leased and used to harass Larry over, again you brainless moron, I leased that property in hopes of stopping the 13 count ridiuclous lawsuite Larry had against me as the damn thief from hell tried to take that little 2 1/2 acres from me. Furthermore, that property was right in front of his home. At this point in time I still don’t have a fix on where the bastard was killed but surely it wasn’t as you say “on the property I leased and then used to harass Larry on” or Linda would have heard the shots fired. Get your stories straight before you start making accusations, you’re nothing but a damn idiot and i’m just about ready to look you up in this matter. I’ve tried to joke with you, I’ve tried to ignore you, I’ve tolerated you but this is just about it for me. Why don’t you stop drinking long enough to have a sensible thought pass through that pathetic misguided brain of yours.

  • Blessed be Warren. Someone in Lordsburg said that many years ago you gave a looney guest sermon at a church in Deming on masturbation. She doesn’t live in Deming and she doesn’t go to church. So, it must have been some whopper of a sermon for the folks in Lordsburg to be talking about it even today. I won’t get into a flame war with you. But, with the cult graffiti where Larry was murdered, the big cult activity in the Lordsburg area, and your posts here that are so like what the Church of Satan preaches as the way its members should not be afraid to express themselves, I have to ask whether you were part of the cult scene when you were in Lordsburg. Did you party with Kenneth Anger, too?

    “Since the ‘Lucifer Rising’ ceremonies were captured by homosexual Crowley
    disciple Kenneth Anger in 1966, the Druid Wicker Man re-enactments have
    been re-established at Bohemian Grove, ‘Burning Man’, and Zozobro Autumn
    event in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

    “They are preparing entranced pagan audiences for the real mass sacrifices
    to come.”

    Your kind, Warren, are out in the open in Sante Fe. My Gawd, are you a High Priest – blessed be? Was the murder of Larry a cult killing? Here’s my guess, you’re a very big man and you and your coven members here, tried to physically intimidate Larry; but failed. That blew your mind – you couldn’t figure it out. Am I right? I’m seeing new faces in town. I know your games. Why don’t you and your coven just live and let live. Peace brother.

  • Warren

    A religious man like you claim to be wouldn’t be so hate-filled.

    Once again, you just cannot seem to keep things in order, can you? I have to wonder if anyone other than me is wondering what you have to gain in all of these attacks, accusations, endless effort to at least create possible loss of time, questioning, all kinds of inconvenience that might even take me away from my dad when there is NO ONE to care for him? I cannot remember what I wrote in that last posting, am not going to waste my time re-reading it so If I’m repeating myself, don’t care. More than ever over the past few days I have thought or my dealings with Larry and even though I have a hell of a time remembering a persons name 5 minutes after meeting them, I have an uncanny ability to remember events and things that were said. It came to me that first of all, and believe what you want, I had not been through that area since 2004 when I came with my friend David Samorano going to the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio. On the way back I had him pull down in there and just make a wide circle out front. It was as if I didn’t even know the place anymore, cold, lifeless, dead, cluttered, unproductive like when I was there. I do not remember thinking of Steins, or Larry for several years, 07 possibly when I ran into 3 guys from Las Cruces that I knew from coming to a club here in Tucson where I DJ’d. They had promised to get me some CD’s of a band there, “the Krucez Band” but of course like most people they never followed through. One of the guys remembered me though and told the other 2, “this guy use to live at Steins, he rebuilt all of that”. AND I SAID, “well I didn’t do all that’s there, the guy I sold to has done some stuff, BUT HE HAS BUILT THINGS THAT WERE NEVER THERE, AND HE’S MADE UP STORIES ABOUT THE HISTORY THAT NEVER WERE”. Take the little shack, house, whatever you want to call it down there on the west end RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING STREET where it turned to come into the Mexican homes. Larry told the tourist that it was an outlaws home and the reason the door was so low was because it gave the outlaw a chance to get the drop on anyone trying to catch him. Whether any of you care of not, Steins is a piece of history and should be considered as such, and kind of honored. There was a point in time where I had to call a writer and challenge him, he in turn called Janaloo Hill who was still alive at Shakespeare Ghost Town and knew the history of that area like the back of her hand and even she gave the writer and ear full about how Larry was twisting and distorting history. The write called me back, apologized and removed the story from the publication. The more I think of it the more I realize that I came face to face with Larry very few times over the years. He popped in the 3 or 4 times when he was interested in buying, I tried to stop at his place down in Cotton City one night and this is when I first began to realize this man was really strange/weird/messed up in that he let me know in no uncertain terms that I WAS NOT welcome to drop in on his camp site like that, AFTER, he had come to my place as I said 4 or 5 times, plopped down in his little lawn chair and made himself at home. Should I be telling any of you this story and it was about someone other than Larry, the first thing out of your mouths would be, “damn Warren, that guy had problems didn’t he?” BUT NO, this is your friend, this is your father, your grandfather, your cousin, so anything he did is ok, is justified, is condoned by you people. Something came to me the other day concering this hatred all of you have for me and that is when I was there at Steins, I had the opportunity to buy some things from a widow lady in town who had lost her husband. She allowed me to go through his shop, pick and choose some of the coolest things, old things for the museum and Steins, I would lay them out and we would agree on a price. BUT, while going through his things, and it was just me, no one else in the shop, I found this box over behind another box. In the Box was pornographic material. This man was well thought of in the community, a loving father as I understand, grandfather, even a deacon in the church. I put the box back where it was and figured if it was meant to be found, I’d let someone else find it. Months later I was talking to the daughter who was always very pleasant and respectful to me and she asked if I was able to use the things I got from her dad’s shop, I said that I was so happy to have been able to get these things and I thanked her and her mom. She says “well, it’s good you got what you did because a few weeks later, and we think it was kids that did it, the shop burned to the ground, everything was lost that you left behind”. This is the first time I have EVER related this story to anyone and wouldn’t now If I had any idea you knew who I was talking about but my point is, we never know what people are really like. I’m not suggesting that Larry had porno, or led a double life, but even though he might have been a great father, grandfather, friend to many, Larry Link hated me and made my life miserable every chance he got. The last time I even saw Larry must have been early 90’s AFTER he had done everything he possibly could to steal that small portion of land from me, but instead he was forced by Judged Saucedo to buy it, so he failed in his attempt to steal it. I moved, Margaret had already given up because she couldn’t take the harassment and moved back to Tucson, but then once again I was to get some things left behind and just like the freaking first time, this individual prevented me from getting those things. I drove in, confident that maybe this go round it would be different but I should have known better, Leopards rarely change their spots. Next thing I knew there was a state patrol there demanding that I not remove anything. Once again, a law suit was not worth the things I was getting so I let it go and Larry Link won again, or at least he thought he did. I always waited for a phone call, personal appearance, letter, something tell me he was sorry for the things he did to me but again, people like Larry do not change.

    EMO, why don’t you give this a rest? All you people have done is to make me aware how much I disrespected and disliked this person. It wasn’t until I got this nasty little note from another hater, the one that came in right before your next to the last post that I scrolled up, looked at Larry’s picture and thought, “damn, you wretched little man, you really had a lot of people fooled”. I also thought, “wait a minute, I’ve cut LInda a lot of slack in all of this and yet she knew Larry’s plans and schemes. She knew the 12 or 13 count law suit was nothing but a bunch of made up lies. She stood by and allowed Larry to file that action and so she is like anyone else we consider Guilty by association. At any point in time she could have said, “look Larry, Warren is over there, he hasn’t bothered us, he just wants to still be a part of Steins something he’s wanted since he was 14 years olds, and this surely couldn’t be helping him and his wife, let’s just live and let live”. But no, she went right along with his plan to steal that little portion from me. I appreciate Judge Saucedo seeing through this sham, but it really dind’t take a very intelligent person to see what Larry was doing. For instance, on the deal where I walked over to my portion of land where I had been pulling loco weed, and i’ve been through this before, but we had strong winds coming up so I took a pint of deisel fuel over to MY property, poured it on a pile of loco weed that would not have filled up a large coffee can because if was dry but I wanted to burn those seeds. I’m 80 or more feet from any of Larry’s dwellings, there’s NO Other dry grasses or materials of any kind. I go home and when I received this law suit I’m looking down through it and I see, “on such and such a nite Garrison burned an image like a cross like the KKK burn and I was frightened for my wife and myself”. Then he went on that he felt it best and for the safety of Linda that she goe to Tucson for awhile for protection. I’m reading this and I can’t believe what I’m reading. Then he goes on asking for this unbelievable amount of money BECAUSE he had to hire someone to conduct the tours and wait on the tourist,

  • Warren

    I WAS NOT FINISHED, AND I HAD NOT CORRECTED MY BOOK!!!! SO I WILL CONTINUE!! As I was saing, Larry said that he had to pay out an unbelievable sum to have someone to conduct the tours and because they did a crappy job he lost money. NOW WAIT, who the hell is going to allow someone to run their business while they sleep during the day so they can sit up at night and guard their property??? YOU run your business and you hire someone to stand guard. I really had NEVER heard anything anymore stupid than this and as I said, Judge Saucedo saw right through it and what Larry was attempting. He thought he would get such a humungus settlement I would have to turn the property over to him, sorry Larry and Linda, you failed didn’t you!!!! Well, I just wanted a chance to vent tonight AND it’s helping me to bring back to mind various events for the book I hope to write which will include everything. I’ll begin with the 3 Adult Yaqui Indians and their 5 children who took me there with the clothes on my back and the $9 in my pocket, no water, no electric, sleeping on the floor, and walking to Road Forks 3 miles one way to get 2 gal’s of water. THEN I’ll walk all you pathetic little people who continue, as Larry did, to strip me of my efforts to save and restore STeins and I have a ton of photos of my work step by step to prove it.

  • Warren

    for you typo freaks, I must correct one thing that I saw when I said

    unproductive like when I was there! Meaning to say that it was NOTHING like when I was there and the place seemed so alive!!

  • Just letting everyone know warrens threatening comments have been forwarded to the police. Eeveryone is tired of empty threats and nonsense.

    • warren

      don’t include everyone you spineless and miserable excuse for a human being. There have actually been a number of people, who even though they didn’t agree with my anger or posting it, presented themselves as peace makers and their kindness certainly helped. But you, whoever you are, are a fool. And I’m sure the authourities are going to press charges for something that wasn’t even a threat towards someone I don’t even know who is hiding behind an inter net name. But again, you’re nothing but Larry Link in the flesh, he still lives through you and people like you. I reread my very first post where all I did was explain that Larry had distorted the events of History and stripped me of the recognition I deserve at least for the years I was there and you people took it and ran with it. I was somewhat in shock from hearing about his death almost like when I heard of the events of 911. The more you defended him, the angrier I got but at no point had I done what I did the other day when I got your message bashing me, stripping me of my work at Steins, cursing me. After reading that I immidiately scrolled up and spit on the picture of Larry above here and curse him for what he did, and what he is continuing to do. AND so, I really should not be quoting the bible, I’m the last one that should do that these days but I do think of a scripture that covers all this and that is, “a soft answer turneth away wrath”. I’m sure you’re too stupid and too demonic to understand that but it’s like walking up to someone and saying, “I’m going to kick your rear end”. They can either say, “well hell, come on, I’ll give you all you want”, NOT A SOFT ANSWER!! Or they can say, which I did with Larry over and over when he treated me wrong, “I don’t understand, what is the problem, can we talk this out, please don’t act like this” A SOFT ANSWER!!

      • you deserve no recognition for Mr. Links town or success, let me make that crystal clear for you. YOU DESERVE NO RECOGNITION for MR links town or success. That family rightfully bought the town and made it a peice of history, which you did not do. Get that through your head warren, Mr Link is deceased, you nor anyone else can hurt him anymore, so let the man rest in peace. Most people do not care about you nor your negative insane thoughts and hatred, You want to be hateful, you can be a bitter old hateful man, go ahead, leave a nice respected family out of it.

  • warren

    September 18John ChertudeThanks for you reply, Mr. Garrison. If you’d like to talk a bit, please drop me a line. John
    3 minutes agoWarren Garrison
    Hey John, Guess I’ll turn to you, one of the few with a kind word in this matter. If you made the mistake of keeping that link open then by now you’ve seen this on going problem continue to escalate once again. I was just saying last night as i headed for the motor home, “where does it end?” The last word on this matter, well the last productive word was to you in response to your kind words. But then this person with an unusual name, Indian sounding kept popping up. At first I tried to pass him off, a few times I even joked about his post but then they kept getting more and more strange as he not only twist and distorts everything I say, but seems hell bent on putting this crime off on me. His typing is flawless, never a typo, you can tell he’s very educated in a lot of things but just rattles on about other people in the area, events, but most everything has something to do with some kind of drama. It was enough that members of Larry’s a family began to post that they had suggested to the authourities that they should question me in this matter and I lost quite a bit of sleep for weeks, knowing how these people sometimes wishing to close a case can just grab someone and do everything in their power to say bascially, “ok, tag, you’re our suspect, you did it, case closed”. I thought, what in the world would my father do? This isn’t a really bad area but still I can imagine my property would be stripped in days if people knew i was not here, it was just really traumatic and what actually intensified my attitude towards Larry that even in death he could still wield this kind of power to disrupt my life as he did so often when I was over there. Between you and I, and based on one simple quick conversation with Larry I think I’ve finally narrowed down his hatred for me. You may or may not know that his mother as I understand was Penecostal. One time Larry says to me, “yea, I was in a church meeting one time, kind of a board meeting” so it meant he was adult if he was in this meeting. He says, “do you know what the preacher said?” of course I said no. Larry said, “He gave his little lecture on what the church was doing and going to do and then he said, ‘ok, now I’ve shot my wad, it’s your turn’. and you could tell this had really offended Larry, but then he had a right because this is a street term a pastor should not be using. I too am very angry with the church and professing Christians so I can understand this. Surely Larry heard about my horrible affair with a ranch woman towards the end of my time at Steins and no one realized what a failure I was to have lived for almost 13 years like a monk there, talking to people about their lives and all and then fall flat on my face in an adulterous situation. I truly believe that Larry looked at me as an A-1 hypocrite, but thing is, during the time I knew him I NEVER claimed to be something special, NEVER quoted scripture to him, never acted like I was anything special whatsoever or even a Christian which means Christ like. All my posting would cause a person to doubt me if I said that had I been there when Larry was shot that I would have come to his aid, but I have a very strange personality. I could have been standing there arguing with Larry about the difficult times he gave me, I could have been cursing him to everything I could think of and yet had someone that had it in for him walked up and said, “Larry I’m going to kill you”, I would have come to his defense in every way from trying to talk them out of it, to actually stepping in front of him, this is just my nature and why I’ve always thought I would have been a fantastic judge because you can slap the crap out of me and 5 min’s later if I have to make a decision concerning you, having slapped me IS NOT going to affect my decision. Well anyway, I’m sure you are a productive person and don’t have time for all this crap but it’s really bogging me down. This past weekend was like a 1-2 punch. First I get a hateful, cursing, demeaning note from someone calling themselves NURSE, I wade through that and don’t do one of my extended rants but did say with the thought in mind that what goes round comes round, “you’re going to pay for this and I won’t have to lift a finger”. Then the second punch comes when this other individual writes this outrageously long letter and it’s just crazy but still he seems determined to implecate me in Larry’s death and will not give up. That set me off once again because I’m really tired of it. Now last night I get another note, well 2 notes from this NURSE and they’re turning my so called “THREAT” over to the police, they’re calling the police and reporting me because I said they would pay for their note to me, blah blah blah. So it’s like one reopens the wound and another comes along and pours salt into it. I hate to criticize Larry as much as you thought of him but I just had a Doctor friend call and I was giving him an update on this and just like you he’s always encouraging me NOT to respond to these people who just want to keep this matter going. As I told my Dr. friend in closing, isn’t it sad that the people who keep attacking me are doing it based on my angry postings, the first which started off rather mildly with a message that Larry had altered history, and that he had not given me the credit I deserved. Now consider that my attitude towards Larry came from almost 5 years of him doing everything he possibly could to eliminate me from Steins both physicaly, spiritually, being recognized for my work in any way. And yet I’m dealing with people who have this hatred for me over a few postings. They never lost personal belongings that Larry refused to give me, they never had to go to the door time after time and face the BLM, sheriff’s department, State of N.M. Hwy. Dept. because of some accusation on Larry’s part. They didn’t have to watch someone they loved pack her things and go back to Tucson because she couldn’t take the harassment Larry was giving us. They were never served with a 13 count law suit of conjoured up lies that was initiated for one reason and one reason only, that was in hopes of getting such a massive settlement I would be forced to give him that portion of property I was on. AND, they never had to look back as they were driving away from something they really really loved and realize a dream they had since they were 14 years old was ending. OK, thank you again for the kind words. Sorry to disrupt your life with this horrible mess—-Warren Garrison

  • I received at my e-mail account your posting with the detailed instructions of where you live (Warren, Thursday, November 3, 2011 2:36 AM). Maggie deleted this post because she’s not insane. I’m NOT surprised you don’t have any dogs left.

    In one of your most recent postings you said Larry had insomnia because he stayed awake at night to protect his property. In the following sentence from a posting above, you practically confess that you vandalized the Link property during the night. The night is when cultists terrorize people. You’re confirming everything about your involvement with the cult in Lordsburg.

    Warren: “…And while you’re standing over their lifeless body maybe, just maybe you’ll stop and consider the hatred you have for me that has come from nothing more than some angry postings that were all fueled by 5 years of harassment, theft, — “SLEEPLESS NIGHTS,” my wife returning to Tucson because of the pressure from Larry Link, being forced into court over trumped up charges, just to name a few things (Warren, Thursday, November 3, 2011 2:05 AM).”

    By the way Warren, both of these posts of yours were done around 2:00 in the morning. Larry’s dead, yet you’re still up. It couldn’t have been Larry harassing you.

    You know what, I feel sorry for you. Your coven will probably reason that they’re safer if you’re not around. You’re a liability to them. I know your people and other Satanists, they won’t waste the money for gas to and from Tucson, if you break off all contact.

    Warren: “Once again, you just cannot seem to keep things in order, can you? I have to wonder if anyone other than me is wondering what you have to gain in all of these attacks, accusations, endless effort to at least create possible loss of time, questioning, all kinds of inconvenience that might even take me away from my dad when there is NO ONE to care for him?”

    Eochaidh (which is an Irish name even though its pronounced like Yokie (Japanese)): James the Gay, Half-wit, Satanic Sniper is still loose with his high-powered scoped rifle; so are those three pick-up loads of red-necks up by Larry’s place. As long as you and your coven avoid arrest, I’m likely to be the next cult murder. It’s not a coincidence that Billy Johnson of Gem Stones Plus had the goods on you, the Satanists, and the druggies in Hidalgo County and was then killed in March of this year, a very little time before your “friends” murdered Larry in June. Also, they’ll kill again, even if not me.

    Warren, your hatred of the Link family is getting in the way of your thinking. For what other reason would an outlaw build a house in Steins with a low door other than for that which Larry said? It makes sense. More importantly, if someone told me that I wasn’t welcome at their camp unannounced, like Rachel Perez of Kansas City, Missouri and Mark, the father of their son Osiris, said to me near Moon Ranch, that wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, Rachel and Mark, but more so little Osiris with them as parents, near the Moon Ranch, had other serious problems. Osiris is the name of an Egyptian God with a very interesting story. Rachel is now in prison doing six years for attempting to starve Baby Boy Osiris to death. Mark was cheating on Rachel at the time with Fionna. All of them in the local coven, Warren – Blessed Be. They told me to not come unannounced to their camp. Baby Boy Osiris’s family certainly doesn’t sound at all like Larry and the Link family. I bet my running up the hill to Rachel’s camp for dinner, off Sacaton Road is part of your cult’s legions.

    Warren, your posting above is insane — Warren: “For instance, on the deal where I walked over to my portion of land where I had been pulling loco weed, and i’ve been through this before, but we had strong winds coming up so I took a pint of deisel fuel over to MY property, poured it on a pile of loco weed that would not have filled up a large coffee can because if was dry but I wanted to burn those seeds. I’m 80 or more feet from any of Larry’s dwellings, there’s NO Other dry grasses or materials of any kind.”

    You burned a coffee can-sized amount of loco weed on a windy day 80 feet from Larry’s dwellings. You should have been committed right then and there. Larry was actually trying to help you by notifying the authorities. Larry’s only mistake was notifying the wrong authorities. He should have notified Social Services.

    The 3 Adult Yaqui Indians and their 5 children dropped you at Steins because their legions taught to them as children that that area used to be Apache country. That’s how annoying you are. I bet those were God fearing Christians as well. They would have done everyone a favour if they had dropped you at Bylas.

    That woman who told me about your masturbation sermon at the church in Deming further said that at the end of it, the minister ran over, tied you to a chair, and beat the crap out of you. If she hadn’t done so, the congregation threatened to tie her to a chair and beat the crap out of her. What’s most shocking is not that a woman was driven insane by your ranting and had to give up her ministry to God’s flock, but after she was transferred to the Hidalgo County Jail, you tried to get in and “Encourage” her. That was too much for even Sheriff Darnell. He had Deputy Kessler tie you to a chair and beat the crap out of you. Then, Kessler phoned John Graham and asked him if he had any empty holes near Summit Hills. But, Darnell had the Deputy hang up before getting an answer.

    Warren, I don’t have any feelings against you for having an affair with a ranch woman; just pity for the ranch woman. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why Margaret left you for Tucson. I’ve said that Donna Tankersley (Kerr) should not have gotten back with her husband after he got out of prison. There must be five MILLION adult single men in America who don’t have a criminal record. Part of her husband’s rehabilitation should have been that as a convict he should accept that his life may be a little different than for those men who aren’t convicts. In other words, “you can’t go back.” So, make the best of what you have. BUT Noooo, Donna is in love, so she stands by her man. BUT, you Warren, cheat on your wife with a rancher’s wife. You broke up their marriage and then you dumped her or maybe she came to her senses and dumped you. BUT, you didn’t even stay with her. Now you’re in Tucson with the woman you cheated on. I can understand Larry’s revulsion of you.

    You mention the Pentecostals, a deacon with pornography, Larry’s involvement with his church, and shooting one’s wad, trying to connect all four. You’re offensive, Warren. By the way, shooting one’s wad refers to muzzle loading firearms. If Larry was put off by that statement it could only be for the reference to killing that was made in his church. Of course, you put a deviate sex meaning to it and don’t have a clue. I will never get in an elevator with Warren Garrison because of the possibility of being trapped in it with no way to take my own life.

    • I couldnt agree more with everything you have said Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne , thank you

  • Warren

    Yokie, I just called some people in Lordsburg to see if they had heard of you and oculd give me some insite on why you are capable of writing such lengthy ramblings, remembering names and times and dates, and yet you cannot take one single sentence and repeat it as it was told to you. NOw you’ve already mentioned in a couple of post about being drunk at the Library and so I’m assuming that you are drunk much of the time, except that a drunk person normally makes a lot of typos so I’m rather confused. The one thing that doesn’t confuse me is that you are emmotionally and mentally unstable as you speak of covens and high priest, and this and that, it isn’t normal. I would hate like hell to be involved with you on some kind of a committe where we had to make decisions concering the town, or a group, because you would be impossible to deal with. Real quickly let’s takes this last paragraph and how you completely misinterpreted it, you have no idea what I was saying, it went so far over your head it’s unbelievable. NO, and try and follow me for a second. NO ONE I know of thinks of “shooting ones wad” refers to a muzzle loading gun, even though yes, that might be where it came from. The reference that 99% of us on the street believe it to be is of a man ejaculating. Larry was offended that this preacher said this, and AS I SAID, I agree with Larry and I would have been offended also. I guarantee you that preacher has some problems in his life, he probably has some serious skeletons in his closet and Larry recognized this. This is why I feel sure that he was offended with me that I would dare at any point in time consider myself a Christian and then fall into the trap that I did. Again, you twisted and distorted that. This happened 3 years before I met Margaret and you dare say to me:

    Warren: “Once again, you just cannot seem to keep things in order, can you?

    Your insane ramblings truly are getting worse and worse about these sermons in Deming which NEVER happened, being tied to a chair, which never happened, Kessler tying me to a chair and beating me, damn Yokie, you really need help. The closet you came to anything was putting Billy Darnell, Kessler, and me at the jail at the same time. No women involved when I went in, just men including the kid that cut his sisters head off and threw it in the dumpster. Kessler, even though he was a bonafide asshole and good friends with Larry, he did allow me to stand and talk to the boys that beat me for hours at a time, UNTIL Darnell found out. Darnell being a Mormon wanted no one talking to his prisoners unless it was about Mormonism, bottom line, and so I was not permitted to go back in once Darnell realized I was coming in.

    I’m sure that you’ve heard, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. I have a feeling that at one time or another you might have been a fairly intelligent individual, capable of sorting through difficult problems, maybe even being able to add 2 and 2 together and getting 4 but whether it’s the drinking, possibly drugs, peyote, I don’t know but you truly whacked. It actually makes me angry with myself that I’m so far down in life that I can’t help you, as it says, the blind can’t lead the blind so I can’t possibly help you at this point in life but you do need help. I kind of agonized most of the weekend about saying I would mop the floor up with you, instead I took your harassment out on people here in Tucson. I use my bike to run most errands to save gas because of my fixed income. I”ve done it before but this weekend when I went for groceries I did it with such anger when I chased a couple of vehicles down that ran a redlight and told them to get their freaking drivers license at Motor Vehicle rather than Circle K because MVD would require them to stop for a light. Another time I saw one that was going to run a light and I pulled right over in front of him, almost wrecked him. Granted, I’m going to run into the gang banger who is going to pull a weapon like one did just recently and shot a husband and father of 2 young girls because they has a confrontation in traffic. The boy that did the shooting had posted on his facebook, “I’m so high today I think I got nose bleed”. But see, this is how life works. YOu pissed me off, I take it out on someone here. I piss someone off in Texas or N.M., they come through and take it out on you, this is how “what goes round comes round”. AND, if God just finally gets completely fed up with either one of us and there isn’t a person around to do the job, then we can count on a meteorite, or rabid pit bull, or tsunami, or like these poor guys waiting for SugarLand this summer when the building fell on them. One way or another, we are going to get our just dues, the only difference is, were we ready to go. I can’t speak for you but I know I’m not right now!!!

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  • Warren

    If you were not such a spineless little coward, you would put a name up here, but like Larry, you are a coward. He had a chance to come out some 20 years ago and face me once he pushed me to a point where I challenged him. He’s the one that said he was a good shot and it would take only one if he shot me, but again, he was too much of a coward to come out after he pushed and pushed and pushed me just as you are too much of a coward to put your name here. I really want to thank you for stirring me up enough with your accusations that I never did anything at Steins, my photos month by month, year by year will show you as a liar and instigator of trouble that you truly are. The photos taken before I turned it over to Link, compared to what it is today, an abandoned mess, will show that little was done to improve on what I had already accomplished. Looking back I do remember complimenting the rock work Larry did under the edge of the store porch that I built with lumber and materials that I brought in from Fierro,N.M. above Silver City. Wasn’t bad rock work at all, just a shame that he, like you, worked so hard to strip me of my recognition rather than saying, “ok, now this is what I bought, and since then I have done this, this and this”. But that wasn’t good enough for Larry, nope, not good enough, he wanted all the credit. Speaking with some people in Lordsburg this afternoon who were aware of these postings, they expressed a concern and were questioning why you and others are so hell bent on stripping me of my work there? AND, I did enjoy a few words of encouragement that, “no matter what Warren, many people know what you did and how you sacrificed to save Steins, DO NOT let these people get to you”. But hey, let’s go back to the “what goes round comes round” phase of life and me saying that you will pay for your comments and you wanting to turn that into a threat. Granted, God isn’t anxious to do much for me these days in the way of retribution considering my attitude, should I pray those prayers would probably not get past the ceiling, BUT, things do still happen, I saw that just this week in a situation here in Tucson over a most trivial situation. But anyway, listen up. I forget the year, could probably stir up some of the guys on the Highway department and see if they remember but back then I would go to the Arizona rest area for water. Oh yea, here’s 2 stories in one about “what goes round”. After the manager of the rest area found I was getting water there, he jumped my ass and said that he didn’t feel Arizona should be giving New Mexico water, so he cut me off. So I would take my 500 gal. water tank down at 10-11 p.m., it took almost an hour to fill, 20 min’s back home because I drove slow, and then I would come under the brige and head back facing West and stop on the side of the expressway to empty my tank with a series of garden hoses down to my big tank which took me hours because it was coming out gravity compared to going into the tank under extreme pressure. Those were the good old days, before I met Larry and was close to God so I would actually lay down on the ground and look at the stars, pray and just thank God for being alive and my accomplishments of the day. THEN one day the little guy that ran the Highway Department, STEVE, he came out and chewed me out about putting my truck up there on the side of the Highway when it was at night, little or no traffic, but just the typical Lordsburg “I’m going to make life hard for you” spirit that kept that town down for many many years. OK, I was humble in those days and wanted to get along and not cause any problems so I found that I could come up the dirt area between the on ramp and the fence, be completely out of harms way and not bother anyone, well, anyone except STEVE. He comes out again, “I understand you are going into this area, I can’t allow that”, I said, “but I need to download the water”, he said he didn’t care, do not come into that area. The next day he sent rippers and a crew out to rip up the ground and they even took the time to put up a fence to prevent me from getting into that area. One worker named Tiny who was also a jailer, and a person that belong to a local church said, “Warren, I’m sorry to be doing this, I can’t believe Steve is doing this to you, I know you are trying to live right and I bet Steve pays for doing this, I just bet he does”. I’ll never forget that conversation because the VERY NEXT WEEK, they found STEVE in his State Highway truck parked somewhere on the side of the road in Lordsubrg, passed out drunk, with boxes of child pornography. Needless to say his ass was fired immediately, AND, I cut the fence and began going back into that area again and NO ONE ever bothered me again about that particular problem. It was very difficult to go in because of the ground being ripped up, BUT, my old 58 Chevy Apache was quite the trooper and work horse and it did what I asked it to do. Yep, what goes round comes round, lemme tell ya. Be sure and get that through your cowardly little mind, NURSE!!!!! And as I said, I didn’t have to lift a finger then and won’t now.

  • Warren

    Well, well, well, looks like we’re going to actually make it through a day without attacks from those CLAIMING to care for Larry and the Link family. Don’t tell me, you’ve found someone else to harass today. If those of you attacking me had any common sense whatsoever you’d realize how double minded and stupid you truly are to bash me for my complaints about Larry, and realize that if you really cared for this family and or Larry, you would not continue to provoke me and cause this thing to continue. All afternoon though I’ve been thinking about something, especially after speaking with very responsible and honorable people in Lordsburg both yesterday and today, all encouraging me to stay away from this chat area and not feed into this, still, besides that encouragement, all parties reaffirmed that on many occasions people had come to them inquiring about me, my work at Steins, and stories that were coming forth from Link that seemed to contradict history as well as his desire to take full credit for what I had accomplished there. I realize it isn’t my place to punish Larry, something that I have been doing and apologize more to any innocent bystanders that just happened to drop by, more than those who have been involved in this on going bashing and refusal to give me the credit I deserve. But today I kept picturing this individual we just saw killed over in Lybia, Gadafi. It was a pretty horrible site to watch this crowd attack him, kill him and then mutilate his body. A scene though that sticks with me more than that were the scenes they showed of his son who had been captured and you could tell beaten, and then we heard later killed. Many times children suffer for the sins of their parents not always, but many times. I immediately think of a contradiction to that when I think of Madalyn Murray O’hare, the person that stripped our schools of prayer and laughed at God. She was found buried in a shallow grave in a vacant lot, a victim of murder and yet, her son became a born again Christian. Again, I wasn’t the one who should be bringing Larry Links discretions to light, that was God’s duty, but it is a shame that Larry set all of this in place for his family to suffer this humiliation because I will write my book, I will shy away from calling Larry names or cursing him but I will tell in detail my encounters with him from the day I drove in and found him sitting in his lawn chair there waiting for me, until the day I took my few belongings and left that last portion of land that he forced me to give up. And so I welcome you to run your mouth and work as hard as you wish to take my credit and give it to Larry, it’s just going to make you look all the more stupid and dishonest when people see the photos, read letters that I am getting from people who lived in the area during that time, maybe I can even drum up a few of the thousands and thousands of tourist who came throught and witness the progress I made while there. Or, you can just sit down, shut up and let this thing rest.

  • I’ll keep this short and sweet. You make indirect threats against Larry’s surviving family members and others who disagree with you. That you’re not going to take direct action, but, God will even the score or make sure that the scales of justice will be re-balanced, so to speak – as if you have an inside track to God the Father. You posted that Steve the highway man crossed paths with you and ended up being hurt. You use other such examples as well. The thing is Warren, the Yaquis drop you off at Steins when you were penniless, hoping that God will “take care of you.” You some how come up with the money buy Steins and a truck with a 500 gallon water tank. You also pretend to be a God fearing man, but you commit adultery with a married woman. You gross out a whole Christian congregation in Cotton City as I’m now told by giving a sermon on masturbation. All this hate from you and the way you hate is purely Satanic. You have to be a Satanist. Read the following web-page:

    You may not even know that you’re disciple of Lucifer. It happens. As soon as the text loads on the web-page, click “work Offline” under the “File” button in the upper left corner of your browser in order to stop the ad from blocking out the description of your Satanic ways. I hope you free yourself from your master – Satan.

    The misfortune that comes to those who anger you may not be acts of God. God help us all.

  • Warren

    Each time I opened my mail and didn’t see another Maggie e-mail I thought, whew, OK, maybe these bastards have come to their senses, maybe someone pleaded with them to stop taunting me, or hopefully you had been run over by a freaking semi truck, but I guess non of that happened. What the hell do you have to gain by continuing to taunt me because, and listen carefully, I will address this matter face to face with you if you do not stop and we’ll take it from there. Threat? I don’t give a damn how you take it you miserable little person. The entire problem here that started all of this barrage of words and rants, cursing and angry postings was that there was a worthless pathetic little man, Larry Link, who chose to leave this legacy behind for his family, friends, acquaintances, and everyone else having to read this crap to face. He was a stupid stupid dishonest little man who cared nothing about his wife or his family. Even though we made it through the days of him taunting me just like you and others have done, and I held my ground and didn’t do anything physically or even verbally, he was too stupid and uncaring at any time to stop and think, “hmmm, will my actions bring a results that will cause injury to me, my wife or my property”, but he didn’t care, Larry Link cared about no one but himself. He might have gone through the motions of being a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend but he cared ONLY about himself deep inside. Now the spirit that lived in him has transferred to you and if I can find someone to care for my dad for the day, I’m coming over there and you and I are going to have a face to face talk, so get your ducks in order, make sure you have the names of those who have made up these cock and bull stories you keep spreading, and we’ll take it from there because I can see you need a lesson in NOT defaming another person, and defamation comes about IF WHAT YOU’RE SAYING ARE LIES. Nothing I have said about Larry Link to this point has been twisted, distorted, fabricated, made up, added to, subtracted from, or is it baseless gossip as the things about me that you keep coming up with. I have a dozen more other stories besides the Steve story that would curl anyone’s hair like the thieving mechanic in Lordburg who wanted an old truck that I had. We made the deal and he was to give me an engine, maybe I already told this, but I’ll tell it again. I went ahead and gave him the truck in good faith, he was to get the motor ready for me and help me put it in my other truck. Week after week went by and nothing, he didn’t come through on his promise. One night I was in town, so I stopped by his home and in those days I was kind, polite, and patient, those days are gone. I asked where he might have the motor at which time the guy went absolutely beserk and started screaming, “YOU WANT YOUR MOTOR, YOU WANT YOUR MOTOR, COME ON, I’LL GIVE YOU YOUR GD MOTOR”, and he took me to the back yard where there lay an engine block, pistons over here, a crank shaft over there, heads and valves all over the place. “GET YOUR GD ENGINE AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE”. I just turned, said nothing else and left without the engine, later I asked God to forgive him, 3 days later his sons car was hit by a train and it took them over 2 hours to get him out of the car with the jaws of life, AND,the boy was seriously injured. BUT, as I said, those days are gone and retribution is hit and miss depending on my attitude. IF I didn’t want to reposition that lying ass tongue of yours right now I can imagine that you might have faced some real traumatic situations these past months for taunting me, BUT, since I have chosen to take matters in my own hands and write these horrible responses, then God says, “ok, you wanna handle it, go right ahead”, and I just keep getting deeper and deeper into this angry stage thanks to you and these others. Of course the person to blame first and foremost, IS ME! You want to talk about Satan though, you need to realize that each time for months now that he says, “hey, demon soldiers, I want to really mess with Warren today, WHO will volunteer to go forth”, your hand pops up immediately, “ME ME, LET ME DO IT”, you say. I have a wedding to DJ for tonight, I’m strapped for time, my dad is sick, there are several other things going on in my life and here you pop up again rather than, “morning Warren, how are things going with you today, hope you have a good Veterans Day weekend”. Just about time the wound heals over just a tiny bit, you or someone like you rips it open and if you’ll observe, each time you do this I lean a little bit heavier on Larry and the fact that he created all of this.

  • Pamela Link

    Mr Warren,
    On June 23rd I asked you to please stop talking about my Father in a negative way, I also told you that he gave you credit for your work around here to all that visited. You have not kept your word, you are still writing hateful things about my Father.
    In Ecclesiastes 6; 7-12 “All man’s efforts are for his mouth, yet his appetite is never satisfied. What advantage has a wise man over a fool? What does a poor man gain by knowing how to conduct himself before others? Better what the eye sees than the roving of the appetite. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. Whatever exists has already been named, and what man is has been known: no man can contend with one who is stronger than he. The more the words the less the meaning, and how does that profit anyone? For who knows what is good for a man in life , during the few and meaningless days he passes through like a shadow? Who can tell him what will happen under the sun after he is gone?”
    Also in Romans 12; 20-21 ” On the contrary; “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
    If you are truly a God fearing man then please go back to the Bible and reference how to deal with things the right way in God’s eyes, like our family is trying to do. Please stop talking about a wonderful man in my eyes, I could never and would never speak of your Father in this way. I know that you believe that my Father did you wrong, I believe that you have forgotten your part in this, every story has two parts, every person is responsible for their part. So please, you have said your peace for 5 months now, let my Father be and let our family heal from the horrible tragedy.


    • Ms. Link, I will try to close comments. I’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked. I’ll see what happens this time. Maggie

      • Pamela Link

        Thank you I hope you can. Pamela

        • Apparently, it didn’t work. I’ve asked for tech help.

    • I totally agree with you pamela

      • Warren

        This comment deleted by blog owner. Please do not leave a comment unless you are in support of the family. Please, no more accusations.

        • I support the Link family more than you know, so stop leaving comments

          • Please and thank you

          • warren

            I’ve had a rather good day Maggie, and then I come in tonight and find that this person has once again crawled out from under their rock. I see that you immediately deleted my post, why is this individual allowed to post? This the true ignorance that has created all of this. If they want to reach me I’ve given my address, come in person. If they want to write and not subject others to their stupidity my e-mail is How very ignorant and inciting of a person to come in and start once again while telling me to be quite when I have said nothing else. If you look back you’ll see this same scenario each time.

  • To everyone, until I can officially find a way to close comments on this post, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT, unless it is in support of the family. Thank you, Maggie

  • Warren

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  • Warren

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    • I understand what you are saying Warren. I invite you to comment on any of my political posts. For now though, I want no more comments with anything even intimating that the Link family or any of their friends, or other supportive commenters here are wrong about anything.

      Please post on other articles.

      • Thank you very much Maggie, we really appreciate this.

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    • READERS: I’m asking for no more chatting with those having a problems with Warren, or who Warren has a problem with. Please, there are thousands of words on this post. Let’s stop it now.

      • Thank you very much Maggie

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    Done Maggie, thank you!