Jon Stewart on His Friend Anthony Weiner and “Bulging” Undies Video

Jon Stewart makes the most of the Weiner Weenie story, including saying the pic shows an “ample helping” of weenie. Stewart says he hopes the story is not true, and then says the “ample” weenie isn’t what he remembers from many years ago when he and Weiner shared a summer house at times. That’s one way of throwing doubt on the story from a friend who might know: that “ample” weenie can’t be Weiner’s teeny weenie. See the video below.

Jon Stewart

You know, I’ll be honest with you the only thing that Anthony and this gentleman here appear to have in common is that they both lean hard to the extreme left,” Stewart said. “Boom! Boom!” ~ Jon Stewart

Congressman Anthony Weiner will NOT say whether the pic of a weenie in undies, sent to a certain Twitter account, is his weenie or not. He DOES say today that he CANNOT say with “certitude” that the pic IS NOT of his own body parts. SO, maybe it could be?  He IS saying that he DID NOT SEND THE PHOTOGRAPH himself. He DID say Twitter accounts can be hacked. That’s right of course, but still doesn’t tell us whether the weenie in the pic is his.

Jon Stewart on Weiner’s Teeny Weenie (video)

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  • Well all Weiner has to say is.. No that’s not me and no I never took a photo of my body part. Believe me, If I took a picture of my body part, I’d know it anywhere, even with as little as is shown in the photo Stewart was showing. Believe me… If Weiner ain’t saying.. “No That’s not Me, never took a photo of myself buldging” Then he’d be proven right once the FBI finishes their investigation. Personaly.. if this ain’t him, and Weiner, who I find disgusting, isn’t answering, no that’s not me… never took a photo of me.. well he’s doing what Obama did with his certificate of birth.. letting the press give him a lot of coverage, and when it’s found out it’s not him, he’ll, self rightously say.. “See, … Gottcha”. He’s in it for the publicity and nothing more.. if it turns out it’s not him in that photo. If it is.. he should step down from his Congressional Seat. Oh wait.. when Democrats are caught doing bad things.. or sexual things, they use it as a job inhancement.. and stay around forever.

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