Jon Huntsman The “Nice” Guy on the Stump: 13 Things Nice Guys Must Talk About

Lucky, lucky Republicans. We have another nice guy on the stump. Jon Huntsman, former Republican governor of Utah and Obama’s current ambassador to China (until his April resignation), announced his run for the presidency today. This nice guy said he “respects” the president of the United States (who he doesn’t name), and says there is “no need to run down any one’s reputation to run for President.” It’s not about being the better America, but only about being the better president, he said. And in case you didn’t hear it in the video, Huntsman proudly said we “have Rule of Law in America.” See 13 issues nice guys and gals must talk about on the stump. (see a funny video below)

Jon Huntsman

Let’s be clear, we no longer have the Rule of Law in America, and the best president is the always the better American. If Huntsman thinks Conservatives want to hear about Obama’s rumored time in a gay Chicago bath house, he needs to think again.

We want to hear policy truth: that Obama’s policies are killing this country, killing freedom, killing jobs. The truth will drag the president’s reputation down a rat hole to lie there and fester, but don’t worry, none of it will make it into the history books, because, you know, only Republicans show up in school textbooks for our children to hate and revile.

But the truth will get us a new president, and a new Senate, and grow the Conservative base in the House. That should be good news to Huntsman, but we won’t be hurting Obama’s reputation in the pure sense of the word, such as talking about the rumored Man’s Country bath house in Chicago…and Obama…and Rahm Emanuel.

During Obama’s term, we have seen:

1) Taxpayer money fund abortions abroad and more here.

2) Taxpayer money slated to fund abortions in the U.S. through ObamaCare

3) Congress refuse to pass environmental laws, with Obama giving the EPA the right to issue lethal job killing regulations.

4) No. 3 above subverting private industry jobs through regulations and unavailable bank loans, to swell the ranks of government employees.

4) Coal-fired plants closed (6 to date) due to EPA regulations. Twenty-seven percent of America’s energy comes from coal.

5) Taxpayer BILLIONS given to Brazil to drill for oil

6) Without Congressional approval, The Bureau of Land Management, at the direction of Obama, grabbed tracts of “unspoiled” land, some already leased to ranchers, sportsmen and energy companies.

7) Illegal aliens welcomed into the country, and border patrol cautioned about prosecution.

8) A pervert become our Safe School Czar

9) A 9/11 Truther, and al-Qaeda supporter appointed Green Jobs Czar

10) Extraordinary advantage given to unions, both public and private, and Obama push hard for Card Check. What kind of president advocates for union memers’ right to a private vote be taken away, or the private vote to decide to unionize? Answer: a marxist president.

11) Economic justice in the name of redistributing the wealth

12) Social justice in the purest form, and in the ugliest form

13) This mammoth regulatory mess dropped on us

Huntsman said Americans have “a sense that the deck is stacked against them, by forces totally beyond their control.” That’s pretty much true for the stacked deck, but we know the forces are not TOTALLY beyond our control. Thousands of us have gathered on the steps of Capitol Hill, several times, and it did no good. That was distressing. Nevertheless, we still have the ballot box.

Huntsman said Americans have lost faith in themselves. What we have lost faith in is not ourselves, but in the American political machine. With cheating at the ballot box and the DOJ standing up for the cheaters, we are losing confidence in the Rule of Law, and “authority,” and we know we need our candidates to tell it straight and true. We don’t need a nice guy on the stump. We need a truthful tough guy or gal on the stump.

Note that I skipped over the misused and abused stimulus and the irresponsible monitoring of it by the administration. There are lots of things I left out, but the candidate who talks about these issues in detail, is the candidate that will win the hearts and the confidence of the American people.

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6-26-11: William Teach at Pirate’s Cove explains the media and RINO fascination with Huntsman.

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