John Conyers Lets House Go to Hell: Conyers Son In Underpants at 5PM Video

This is both hilarious and infuriating. Charlie LeDuff, a Fox 2 Detroit reporter says the city is trying to bring a PGA tournament to the City, but the tournament isn’t happening because of unsightly homes along the fairways. One of those shabby, and unmown homes, with “grass as high as wheat,” “peeling paint” and a “collapsed awning,” belongs to Democrat Congressman John Conyers (MI). Read more about LeDuff below, and see the video.

Charlie LeDuff

The hilarious parts: After showing the Conyer’s mess, LeDuff rings Conyer’s doorbell. Conyer’s alleged-son answers…in his underpants at 5 p.m. on a weekday. The conversation starts with the “grass as high as wheat.”

Charlie: It’s mowed?

Conyer’s son: Yeah.

Charlie: I just saw it. It ain’t mowed.

Conyer’s son: Yes it is.

Charlie: That’s mowed?

Then LeDuff is told to get off the property or the police would be called.

John and Monica Conyers

The infuriating part: a U.S. representative would be so irresponsible, but then Conyer’s life is a mess. His wife, Monica, was a Detroit City Council member and is serving a prison sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery, but she was charged with theft and bribery. Monica is 45, and an attorney. The Congressman is about 80 years old. She has quite a reputation around the city of Detroit. You can see her unique style in action in video here.

One of John Conyer’s latest antics is telling the world he would not read Obama’s health care legislation:

I love these members who get up and say read the bill. what good is it to read the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill.

The House Ethics Committee gave Conyer’s a pass after a 3-year investigation, with him promising not to use staffers to run his personal errands or do campaign work.

What can we say about voters who continue to send Conyers back to Congress? In the video, one of them is interviewed, I assume she is a constituent because she lives in the neighborhood. She seems not too concerned about the unsightly Conyer’s property.

LeDuff is a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist. Before his writing career, he was a schoolteacher, carpenter, and baker. He worked for The New York Times, and his Pulitizer was for contributions to the 2001 NYT “to How Race is Lived in America. He has some “plagerism” and “manufactured quotes” accusations in his past. He is the author of two published books. He has quite a background if this Wiki report is accurate.

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  • So, Conyers won’t maintain his house and lot? Why am I not surprised?

    Around here, in Northern Virginia, the local “lawn police,” county employees all, come around and give us a warning if the grass is too high. If we then don’t mow ASAP, we get fined.