Jim DeMint: Republicans Gone if They Support Debt Ceiling: Most Toxic Vote Video

I love Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC). He isn’t flamboyant but he is a straight talker, and he is conservative. He doesn’t shy away from getting to the bottom line, and he does it without a plethora of words. In this video DeMint says Republicans will be “gone,” if they vote for raising the debt limit, and says such a vote is the most toxic vote a legislator can make right now. DeMint talks about the need for a balanced budget amendment (and says Jon Huntsman indicated he will not sign a balanced budget amendment pledge). He expresses what so many of know, and feel with such dread: The 2012 election is the “last chance as a country” [America has]. The election is a “final exam” for We the People.

Jim DeMint

My thought on not signing a balanced budget amendment pledge or supporting legislation means that you are okay with being a thief – your hand in my pocket for yet another time, after you’ve already taken my taxes.


PHOTO: Jon Karl and Sen. Jim DeMint

Jonathan Karl interviews Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. (ABC News)

  • Senator DeMint is urging all of us to sign the Cut Cap Balance Pledge and then send our Reps/Senators a message to do the same. Here’s the link: http://action.freedomworks.org/4662/cut-cap-balance-pledge/?src=CCB7&gclid=CJmZ4Mbmz6kCFULc4Aode3-8Mg

  • I am afraid the fix is already in. I have a feeling we are just seeing political theater leading up to the inevitable because most Republicans aren’t willing to make the tough choices needed exemplified by HR1.

  • The urgency of the economic crisis in America and in the world, for that matter, seems not to be recognized by many. I do indeed agree with Sen. DeMitt that we should not raise the debt ceiling. However, I’m not a great fan of balanced budget Amendments. Everyone I’ve seen contains a percent of GDP clause, which in itself is a license to increase spending. There must be a better way. I’m just not smart enough to know what it is.