Jim DeMint Considering Presidential Run

The most measured Republican in the U.S. Senate, Jim DeMint (R-SC), says he is considering a run for president, out of respect for his many followers who are energeticallurging him to enter the race.

Jim DeMint

The Hill:

The second-term senator would have the inside track to win South Carolina, a key early state in the nomination process. Since 1980, every Republican who has triumphed in the Palmetto State has gone on to capture the GOP presidential nomination.

Some conservative activists compare DeMint to former Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) and former President Reagan, predicting he could quickly unify social and fiscal conservatives.

A nagging question seems to be “will Independents” vote for DeMint? Their option will be to vote for Barack Obama, and DeMint is both fiscally and socially conservative. What’s not to like?

Two GOP factions have begun to draft DeMint for a presidential run.

One is organized by Richard Viguerie, a conservative pioneer in the field of direct-mail political marketing, who helped Reagan win election in 1980.

The other is Conservatives4DeMint, which claims to have about 4,700 members and regional coordinators in 35 states.

I have the greatest respect for Senator Jim DeMint. He has been my first choice, and the only negatives I see is that he is not a rousing speaker and pithy one-liners will not be his strong suit, but when DeMint says something, it doesn’t need explaining. He hits the bottom line every time.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative who likes DeMint too.


  • Interesting development! I didn’t see this one coming, but I too admire Jim DeMint… a little more sizzle would be nice, though-

    • RR, he probably will no run, but he says he respecting the work some of his friends and followers have done, and will prayerfully consider it.

  • DeMint is the Conservative Gold Standard. It would be big if he decided to run.

    I do think he has the potential to chase moderates back to Obama though. His boycott of CPAC over gay republicans (people who want to vote with us against Obama!), was disconcerting. Making common cause with a group on fiscal issues doesn’t mean you endorse their lifestyle. The more I think about it, the more I think this is a bad idea. DeMint reinforces the GOP as the old white religious bigot party

    • Silver, I do think CPAC might hurt him, but only slightly. There are only so many choices and DeMint may not be theirs, but if a Gay is leaning to the Right, and they believe in small government, they will recognize that single issue politics do not always fit.

      In the same vein, everyone clamoring for the pithy Chris Christie is ignoring that he is insisting on placing a second Muslim on the NJ Supreme Court. The Senate will not confirm the man, and Christie says he’ll wait them out. For more egregious to freedom and liberty than gay marriage (in my opinion).

  • I have always respected and admired DeMint’s leadership, conservative values, and efforts for adherence to constitutional principles. He’s not perfect, but he’s no weak-kneed RINO, either (yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout you, Newt). Need more popcorn – this race will soon start getting interesting.

    • ClassicFilm, it is indeed, getting interesting. I like the way things are stretching out…drawing out…without the media knowing what the heck is going on. If Palin announces, she can do it in September for all I care – or never. What a hoot that these people (media and pundits) believe they can be outraged at her refusal to step to their drummer – all the while chasing her around the country.

  • This is welcome news. I think he’s actually stand a chance of convincing the RNC to support his nomination. But can he raise money?

    • Euripides, I know about the money either. I’m also not sure about the RNC. I think they see him as thorn in their side, which is why he will be for the country. I believe he is an outsider among the insiders.

  • Will the MSM castigate him ala Palin or call him unserious ala Ron Paul?

    • Country Thinker, they will try, but to paint DeMint as unserious will be a challenge. He is a very serious guy.

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  • I could fully support DeMint, I think. He’s a lot better candidate than others who have thrown their hats in the ring — by a long shot.