Jerry Browns 27% Tax Hike in California: Taxed Enough Already

Californians got the governor they chose, and as a result they are facing a  27% tax hike over the next three years. A new state budget must be presented by July 1. Courtesy of a new rule, California legislators do not have the luxury of Capitol Hill legislators. If they don’t PASS a budget by that date, they forfeit their pay. Now that’s what I’m talking about! See the video below.

Jerry Brown

Most or all of the tax hikes appear to be extending existing tax increases that were likely promised would disappear by a certain time frame, but of course have not. When you’re taxed enough already, you want those offending and abusives tax bills to go away. It’s hard to feel sorry for the beautiful and tourist rich state of California. Voters, if you want your businesses to move back, stand up to these tax and spend Democrats. We won’t bail-out your state.

A May poll from the Public Policy Institute shows that just 46 percent of likely voters support extending the tax increases, down from 54 percent in January. Source: The Daily Caller

So in November 2010 California voters sent Brown back to the Governor’s office. Two months later 54% of voters supported extending the tax increases (the same also howl at the moon), but by May 2011, only 46% of likely voters support Brown’s plan. The GOP is talkin’ TEA.

Jerry Brown’s 27% Tax Hike in California: Taxed Enough Already (video)

  • There is no end to the abuses progs will heap upon the people when they have the power to do it.

  • I’ll never figure out the idiots in California.. the Liberal idiots. I deal with a gallery in Tahoe on the California side.. He’s failing and it’s because of the Liberals that run that state and yet he voted for Brown.. and Obama.. I ask him why? He loves them both. He believes in more socialisim.. and I ask him why, as he’s failing, and yet he loves them both.. Obama/Brown. I ask him, why would you put such a burden on future generations and since he’s never had kids, he says, I don’t care about them, I only care about me, and yet he’s failing.. I’ll never understand the liberal mind set.. Never..