How Stupid Do We Have to Be to Allow Mexican Cartels to Tunnel into the US?

Pretty damn stupid is the answer, and stories like this make me want to send everyone serving in Congress for more than a year back home. Where is our class-action law suit against Barack Obama and the Department of Justice, and Congress for their failure to secure our borders, or the failure to allow the states to do the job for them?

Smuggling Tunnel from Mexico into U.S.

After years of these tunnels, it seems we need more legislation to let border security and “prosecutors” do their jobs. We have idiots in Washington, D.C.

The new bill, which Feinstein will introduce today, would punish people for conspiring to build smuggler tunnels, regardless of whether the tunnel is completed. It would allow law enforcement to use wiretaps in tunnel cases and permit authorities to seize a tunnel constructor’s assets _ legal powers law enforcement officials currently do not hold.

Feinstein said the law is needed to halt the growing number of border tunnels in recent years. Authorities have found 137 completed passageways along the U.S.-Mexico border since uncovering the first in 1990. Of those, 125 have been discovered since 2001.

Assuming the “contractors” and those “conspiring to smuggle” live in Mexico and have to be caught and somehow brought to justice in the U.S., this legislation is a piece of crap.

From The Hill:

There is a growing concern in the Senate that tunnels dug by Mexican drug cartels to traffic illicit goods into the country could be used to smuggle terrorists or weapons of mass destruction.

Sens. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chair and vice-chair of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, are stepping up congressional efforts to combat the growing use of tunnels along the southwest border.

Eleven tunnels – used to smuggle drugs, money, weapons, and in some cases people –  have been discovered so far this year, bringing the total number of tunnels found by law enforcement authorities since 2001 up to 125. The majority of the tunnels have been found in southern California and Arizona…

To illustrate the seriousness of the problem, Grassley pointed to the April prison break in Afghanistan in which Taliban militants dug a 1,050-foot long tunnel into a prison over the course of five months and freed 480 inmates. The senator said that the Department of Defense has started to take more interest in tunneling efforts along the U.S.-Mexico border as a result.

Some of the recently discovered tunnels along the U.S. border show an increased level of sophistication and dedication similar to what was used in Afghanistan.

In one 2,200-foot tunnel discovered by authorities last November, smugglers installed electricity, ventilation and a rail car system to assist them in ferrying their illicit goods across the border. The entrance on the Mexico side of the border was concealed under a hydraulic steel door in the kitchen of a house. And on the U.S. side of the border, the tunnel exited into a warehouse in southern California. Officials estimated it cost $1 million to build.

The Gaza tunnels into and out-of-Egypt have long-been a source of weaponry for Hamas, against Israel. Read how they work here.