Hitler on Anthony Weiner and His Little Bulge – Video

I usually find these Hitler rant videos hilarious, but I do have one criticism with this one, in that it uses the first name of one of the women receiving an inappropriate photo on Twitter from Congressman Anthony Weiner. The woman didn’t come forward, and with “certitude” did not “out” Weiner’s wiener. Oh well…be sure to watch at 3:10 in.

Hitler Rants on WeinerGate

Hitler on Anthony Weiner and WeinerGate (video)

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Hitler on Anthony Weiner and His Little Bulge – Video

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  • Ah yes, keeping an eternally vigilant eye on these troublesome Jooz, lol

  • I was bothered by the use of the woman.. who should be protected.. Having said that.. When Hitler starts talking about you.. well… He may be promoted by the idiots he represents.

    • The first woman, the one mentioned in the video, did not try to conceal her identify, but this was a particularly crude way of using her name.

  • michigan

    Hilarious, Maggie!! If this stuff keeps up they’ll have to create some type of new sexual offenders’ registry exclusive to Capitol Hill.

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  • Tim. Carter

    This comment deleted by blog owner due to inappropriate content.

    • haha.. Now that ends my week.. with a laugh.. thank you… In a good way.. We all see things with a different eye..