High Dollar Obama Donors: 80% Got Key Admin Positions

Eighty percent of those donating more than $500,000 to Obama’s campaign received “key” positions within the administration. Included among those, more than half of his ambassador nominees. Overall, one third of all donors and their spouses “joined the administration,” in some way.

Obama's Long Shadow over America

Stimulus money was handed out to donors, funds earmarked for energy (green initiatives) will go to donors. Some our working inside our putrid and lawless Department of Justice and the Obama FCC. Others use a personal relationship with Barack and Michelle, including photos with them, for their company’s personal gain. The good news is, all those benefitting are “the most qualified,” – it wasn’t about the money they contributed.

Read all the details at iWatchNews. Read some pertinent reminders of the truth of Obama’s promises to end cronyism here and here.

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