Glenn Beck: Common Hate for Israel Brings Socialist Left and Islam Together to Bring Down Capitalism Videos

Glenn Beck has been laughed at and derided for his theory that a union of communists, socialists and radical Islamists, including The Muslim Brotherhood, would form in order to take down the West under the guise of the democratic revolutions sweeping the Middle East.” Today we see clearly there is no freedom or dignity for Freedom Fighters in Islamic countries. Without Capitalism, there is no liberty. Beck put this video up but says little about who is featured, other than one of them is Syrian and speaks at various Socialist events around the world. I do not know who filmed it or how Beck got it, but if I get that information I’ll update here (I will also work on a transcript). In the second video below, Beck explains the first video, and I encourage you to watch the second first.

Glenn Beck

Capitalism is the mechanism through which freedom is possible. America meet your enemy.

A Syrian man and others talk about ending Capitalism and how the Arab Spring is a part of their movement (video)

Glenn Beck’s Explanation of what you hear in the first video (video)

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