Foot Surgery!

Please scroll down for current posts. This has been quite a year around my house, and it seems blogging has had to take a backseat on the fast-moving bus carrying Obama’sMy Boot! wrecking ball to the finish line. My latest interruption was foot surgery last Monday, June 27th. I won’t be in a shoe for another month, but am hoping now that I’m three days out, I can sit at the computer for short periods of time. Karen at The Lonely Conservative has been posting for me, and I am so grateful for her generosity in sharing her work here.  I see the doctor today, and hope I am finished with pain meds. In the meantime, my posts will likely be shorter, with some excellent links.


  • Karen has done a fine job filling in Maggie, get well soon. Best wishes.

  • Oh my! You take care of yourself and keep that foot elevated,
    eat some mac and cheese, followed by some dark chocolate.

  • Maggie,
    Take it slow, don’t rush it. Foot ijuries are helped by martinis.

    • BeachGal

      I had my first Martini after 3 weeks since I couldn’t drink on the meds they gave me! But, I totally agree!!

  • Maggie … no, the best help is prayer. Sorry to hear about surgery. Peg and I will add our faith in Jesus to yours. Heal fast, heal right.

  • My prayers are with you. Plus I had a prayer put into the Kotel for your speedy recovery!

  • Ran

    Heh. That’s what you get Maggie for stamping-out burning ducks.
    Cheers and a quick recovery.

  • I’m sure that boot goes well with all of your summer outfits! All kidding aside, sorry I couldn’t help more. I meant to tonight and got so busy and now it’s time to get some sleep. Glad to see you’re a little bit back and on the mend. Tomorrow I’ll be free in the afternoon so I’ll check in. Take good care of yourself!

  • Summer heat and any kind of boot.. is not fun. I had a walking cast on my leg..from the hip down and around my foot.. and man that itched… lol Summer of 64. I couldn’t sleep in my bed, so I slept on a webbed lounge chair set up my my families living room. Three stinking months.. all through the summer. I couldn’t sit in the family car, so my parents left me to sit there while the rest of my family went to Yellowstone Park.. We lived near Salt Lake City Utah back then… I got so bored.. TV back then was very boring… lol… I did have a bb gun and a big screen door in front of me all the time.. so I ended up shooting holes in the screen.. It was cool to see little round holes suddenly appear… not so cool when mom and dad got home with my three siblings.. lol Years later those holes were still there for my kids to see.. haha
    Take it easy.. glad the operation went off without a hitch..

  • Get better soon, Ma’am

  • Jess H

    My prayers are with you. Take care and best wishes.