Border Security Kills Illegal Invader Crossing Through Border Fence Hole

A group of illegal invaders into the U.S. were spotted by border agents climbing through a hole in a border fence near San Diego at San Ysidro.

San Diego - San Ysidro Port Border Fence

From NBC San Diego:

When a man crossing into the U.S. illegally struck a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent with rocks, a second agent fired his gun, killing the man…

Two suspects fled back into Mexico through the opening but agents caught a third suspect who resisted arrest officials said.

The American agents were assaulted with rocks and a “piece of wood with nails,” which hit one of thm. God forbid another Ramos and Compean situation. Let’s keep these unnamed agents in our prayers for fair treatment in the courts, which is where they are heading.

The thing to remember is, if we didn’t have illegal invaders, we wouldn’t have guards making life-changing decisions. Invaders wouldn’t be in prison or dead, if they didn’t invade. If we put unemployed to work stablizing the border fences, we wouldn’t have holes.

Photo Credit: National Geographic

  • Let me guess who the plaintive will be, La Raza? I hope the judge throws the case out. I also hope that the two invaders, that ran back to Mexico, spread the word.

  • La Raza was and is funded by the Ford Foundation. It’s main contributors are the same Wall St. banks that received the bailouts. These are the same people who want a North American Union, that’s why they don’t care about illegal immigration, because they’re planning to integrate our countries whether we like it or not.