ATF Chief Ken Melson Won’t Resign: Melson to Testify in Gunwalker? DOJ Terminating Whistleblowers in Fast and Furious

BATF Acting Chief Ken Melson isn’t going quietly into Eric Holder’s good night. He hasn’t resigned, yet…says he won’t be the fall guy, and reportedly wants to testify before Congress. Melson was at the BATF wheel as the deplorable Operation Fast and Furious went forth, and Project GunRunner as well. The short story is, our government let weapons walk into Mexico knowingly and illegally. A U.S. Border Agent, Brian Terry, was murdered in Mexico with one of those weapons. Today there are thousands of illegal American guns across our southern border. Melson want to testify. Meanwhile, the DOJ is serving termination papers to veterans and kicking their cohorts up the career ladder.

About testifying. Congress has invited Melson. The Department of Justice hasn’t given him permission to do so. The DOJ refused to release records on Fast and Furious and GunRunner to a congressional investigative committee. They are a cranky bunch at this lawless DOJ. Issa said he would hold him in contempt.

Isn’t it a cold day when our Congress has to threaten the Department of Justice, and this isn’t the first time it has happened. You may remember the DOJ refusal to cooperate in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Sipsey Street Irregulars says the Obama administration is punishing “traitors” and pinning medals on “good little Gruppenfuhers.” In otherwords, some in the gunwalker scandal are receiving promotions. Others, a retired U.S. Marine and former police officer, Agent Vince Cefalu, has been served termination papers. Read about Cefalu in another Sipsey Street article.

Vince Cefalu

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) believes Holder lied in the testimony you can see in this video. Earlier this week, when news reports indicated Melson was resigning, it was also reported that Holder was on his way to Chicago to confer with ATF Bureau Agent, Andrew Traver. Obama nominated Travers for the position Melson now has, and the U.S. Senate refused to confirm. Read about Traver here. This story via Si Vis Pacem, via Ace of Spades Headquarters. Thanks to BigGovernment for the graphic.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative who has news of yet another murder due to Fast and Furious and some great video of testimony.

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