Anthony Weiner Study: “Sadly the Internet is the Predator’s Venue of Choice Today”

The quote in the title is from Weiner in 2007 after studying sexual predators and their venue of choice – the internet.

Anthony Weiner

So the woman he sent a photo to, of his underwhelming bulging underwear, was of age – 21 we’re told. What if she wasn’t of age? It’s the internet! Who tells the truth on the Internet? And frankly, if it were my 21 year old daughter, whom I’m still supporting through college tuition and most of all supporting emotionally, because I am her mother, and I love her dearly, I would be sick at heart.

Then I would be especially outraged that a U.S. congressman had engaged my 21-year-old daughter in this behavior, while my tax money pays his salary, and while he messes with the kind of behavior that makes him blackmailable, putting him in the tenuous position (as was Bill Clinton) of possibly no longer putting the defense of our country first, as he swore to do. So Monica and Gennette were not Russian spies – but really, who knew?

In case you haven’t heard the whole story today, Andrew Breitbart had evidence from a “new” woman, about a week before the bulging undies photo broke, saying she has photos (and I believe Breitbart has them now) and proof of more emails and “chats” (Weiner said today he had also spoken by phone to some of his 6 women). Breitbart says he is holding back one particularly lewd (dare we say pornographic?) photo, for the sake of the “Weiner family.” As you’ll read here, Weiner not only sent intimate photos, he received them as well.

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