Anthony Weiner Resigning? He’s Thinking About It

The news is breaking that Congressman Anthony Weiner is considering resigning his House seat for the 9th District of New York. After constitutents rallied outside his Queens’s home today in protest of his continued arrogance and refusal to resign, perhaps he is having second thoughts. Only after announcing that he would enter rehabilitation to “get well,” Democrat leadership began calling for his resignation.  The New York Daily News said someone “close” to the Weiner-man says media coverage is leading him to believe he should step down. If he does resign, how fast do you think he’ll drop the rehabilitation plan?

No Anthony Weiner in Congress, please!

That may not be all of the story, however. Another friend has allegedly said Weiner was surprised that it took the TMZ photos so long to surface:

New York Daily News:

TMZ published a new slew of squirm-inducing self-portraits, including several full-body shots taken in the House gym – some clothed, some not.

Several show Weiner showing off his naked body holding only his camera and his privates.

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