Anthony Weiner “Jittery Worn-Out Staff” Calls Police on Reporter Marcia Kramer

Capitol Police were called by Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “jittery, worn out staff”

Marcia Kramer

as veteran New York political reporter Marcia Kramer, CBS, attempted to get a statement from Weiner’s staff. Weiner represents New York’s 9th District. Kramer wanted a statement from Weiner directly to his constituents, rather than a statement with Weiner ensconced in his Capitol “bunker.” See the video below.

Recently I heard Jaime Dupree (can’t stand the man’s reporting) on Neil Boortz say reporters were threatened by Capitol Police as they tried to cover the removal of a CodePinker as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint meeting of Congress.

The flip side are older reports of congressional staffers refusing to go through proper security and filing complaints against police for doing their jobs, with the support of their bosses.

Kramer has reputation for point out the big stories once she “gets on your case:”

There’s no surer sign of big political trouble than to have CBS TV’s Marcia Kramer on your case, and this week it is Mike Bloomberg’s long-awaited turn on the receiving end. Bloomberg promptly proved he’s feeling the heat by getting all prickly and callin Kramer — a prominent City Hall presence for decades — “Miss” and trying unsuccessfully to head her off at the pass.

The moment came Monday as Kramer put the mayor on the spot during his press availability, demanding that he tell a wondering city why he needs to keep his weekend whereabouts secret. The question, long pondered by reporters, has at last caught on with politicians in the wake of Bloomberg’s absence in the lead-up to last month’s blizzard. Queens councilman Peter Vallone Jr. has introduced a bill to compel the mayor to let us know when he’s out of town, and who’s in charge when he’s away.

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Marcia Kramer and Capitol Police (video)