Anthony Weiner House Gym Photos (Taxpayer Funded Gym) – Disgusting, Outrageous

First we supply them with a state-of-the art gym. Then we pay them while they work-out, and one or some, we pay while they film their own pornography, or close to it. Note that in most of the 11 photos show here, Weiner is photographing himself, photographing himself. He thinks he’s Michael Jackson, perhaps? Yesterday, this congressional Twitter predator, announced he was taking an immediate leave from Congress, for treatment (because that’s what they all do, assuming they are monied). Today his friends “are worried about his mental state.” Weiner-man will not harm himself. He is too egotistical and arrogant for suicide, and likely thinks moving his family jewels to a burial site would be cruel and inhuman treatment for the rest of us. The problem with his “mental state” is, he’s a pervert. See an update below.

Anthony Weiner

Barack Obama

Isn’t it ridiculous: a 46 or 49-year-old man, wearing his ball cap backwards?

UPDATE 6:45 p.m. CDT: Fox News and New York Daily News are reporting that Weiner is thinking of resigning after media and Democrat leadership pressures.


  • I wholeheartedly agree with this post top to bottom. Weener is too egotistical to off himself (and too shameless to resign and slink off into obscurity), and grown men wearing a ballcap backwards is ridiculous. I can see it at a sporting event, but it’s really scary when done by people who think they can govern us.

  • What’s even scarier is that the people in his district aren’t demanding he resign.

  • TLC is right. Who and what are the creatures in his district?

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  • This whole miserable bunch of political maniacs are sickening, who cares anymore!