Anthony Weiner 17-Yr Old Girl: Weiner and Underaged Tweeters?

Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that police showed up at the Delaware home of a 17-year old girl (high school junior) this afternoon who “followed” Congressman Anthony Weiner on Twitter. The inference is that there is a possibility (but no certitude, at this time) of something inappropriate, and perhaps with more than this one under-aged high schooler. See updates below.

Anthony Weiner's Hairless Chest

If this 17-year-old girl is Ethel – OMG!

Weiner spoke at the Delaware girl’s school on April 1st (or UPDATE 7:00 pm – it appears her school made a trip to Capitol Hill). Just another example of why Liberals should be kept out of our schools. They have fabricated history, encouraged lowered standards of integrity, and inspired parents to make victims of their non-achieving children.

As I’ve said in earlier post, Weiner had no way to know with “certitude” who he was talking to, and he couldn’t know their ages – unless they happened to tell him truth.  He put himself in a blackmailable position, which negates his oath of office to “protect” the United States. Weiner could have been talking to Russian, Iranian or Chinese spies. If you’ve seen the obscene photo that leaked this week of, allegedly, Weiner’s nude wiener – we have to ask, what if that photo had gotten into the hands of subversives? What would Weiner have done?  His “accidental” posting of the bulging underwear photo brought things to an abrupt halt, but with time, it could have been worse. Seventeen-year-old girls? I’m betting we haven’t heard the end of Weiner’s assault on inappropriate targets. The Other McCain has the dark details and asks the right questions. Thanks to Fox News.

UPDATE 6-11-11 10:10am CDT: Hot Air shows that Weiner knew the girl was only 17. Some in her family knew about the direct messaging and tweets with the girl – and says the 10-days of exchanging communication, nothing was inappropriate.

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