AMA Reconsidering ObamaCare Support

We consider physicians some of the most intelligent among us, yet the American Medical Association (AMA) supported Barack Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. Since I could read, and could seek out others who read the legislation before it became law, it was enraging and puzzling that those doctors we hold in such high esteem, could and would support ObamaCare, including the damnable mandate forcing each of us to buy. It was even worse when none of us could find a single doctor in our own communities who thought the Obama plan would do anything to elevate health care, but would do everything to enslave us to government care of monumentally undesirable proportions. Now the AMA is “reconsidering?”


Chicago Tribune:

The Chicago-based national doctors group, which represents nearly a quarter-million physicians, is being asked by several medical societies within the organization to change its stance in favor of the  “individual mandate.” A formal vote comes up at the AMA’s annual policymaking House of Delegates meeting Saturday through Wednesday at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

The AMA’s support of the health care legislation, which was passed by Congress and then signed into law in March 2010 by President Barack Obama, was seen as critical at the time the controversial legislation was being debated.

Now that numerous states are taking ObamaCare to court, and marching toward the Supreme Court, in protest of this outrageous and personally invasive law, the doctors are reconsidering. We The People apparently have to do their thinking for them. Who are these people? Do they have names, or are they just a face that Obama purchased to sell his plan?

A resolution will be introduced this week:

The AMA should “regard the purchase of health insurance to be a matter of individual responsibility to be encouraged by the use of tax incentives and other noncompulsory measures,” those opposed to the mandate said in their resolution.

A word of caution. No reason to get excited. Of 512 “doctor delegates” only 10% are in favor of the resolution.

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  • I wrote about this last year. Most doctors are not members of the AMA. That they are “reconsidering” Obamacare shouldn’t be a shock.

    This is from a past article in Human Events.

    “In fact, excepting membership given to students and residents in training, the AMA represents only 17-19% of physicians actually in practice.

    During the last twenty plus years, the AMA has progressively lost members, and this slide continues.”