Al Qaeda E-Coli?

Reaganite Republican has the story of the major veggie E-Coli outbreak in Europe, and specifically in Germany. The rugged bug is resistant to eight different classes of antibiotics – but why? This particular strain is not normally resistant and the suggestion is that it’s not magic. It may be bio-engineered. Read the details, and note the all-but-forgotten back story: if suspicions are correct, this will not be a first for al-Qaeda.

This story linked by Blue Star Chronicles – Thank You! Read Beth’s companion story on the very serious veggie illness. She has a contact in Germany and has first-hand information.

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  • Much obliged, Maggie- this is some scary stuff indeed

  • I actually wrote about a prophet who predicted that Islam would attack Europe this way. I wrote about it a long time ago. I’ll have to look up the link.

  • Here it is. Make of it what you will. She made some accurate predictions and some of it gets kind of crazy ….

    2011 – Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere – no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.

    • Beth, that is a fascinating read! For a completely uneducated woman, her mind really did some work there to envision that much future, that far ahead. But yes, Muslims using chemical warfare against Europe (and why not us?) is comprehendable. Muslims running Europe – almost a truth today.

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  • I can’t imagine that they won’t use them against us when they can. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out they are behind this outbreak. My daughter-in-law is German. She was in Germany last month and came back talking about the E-Coli outbreak – that was before I even heard about it. Our news just doesn’t report the stuff the European news reports.

    • Hubby and I were out today and I was telling him about RR’s story (before I saw your comments) and how RR’s article reminded me of the Black Plague story, only at the time, I didn’t realize al-Qaeda was working with those particular bugs and got bitten themselves and died. I should have thought of that. Anyway, I said I don’t know why aQ hasn’t poisoned water somewhere in the U.S. If they just killed 50, the rest of us would be panicked. Why haven’t they blown up a shopping center, after school, when the kids are hangin’? It doesn’t make sense. I feel they could do it in smaller venues. Our future is, as RR said above, scary.

  • BTW – I have another prophet I need to write about. He lived in the 1800s and made some amazing prophesies. I’ll try to get that up in the next day or two. Although I’m not really into believing all of that I do find it interesting.

    • Beth, Let me know when you have it up.