Trump in New Hampshire: ‘We Have a Chance to be Great Again’

“I love (saving) things in trouble… that’s what I like to buy!”

Donald Trump spoke at a fundraiser in
New Hampshire yesterday… some select quotes:

Our country is in serious, serious trouble… as it’s never been before.

We have to get rid of ObamaCare… it’s a disaster

If Barack Obama gets re-elected, your taxes will go through-the-roof… I believe he’s holding them down as long as he can to get re-elected.
The worst abuser of the United States -and that’s the right word, abuser- is OPEC. The second worst abuser is China. 

A diplomat is someone who studies how to be nice… I don’t want a nice person (as diplomat)

I like Paul Ryan very much, but the plan that was put forward was put forward too early… there’s no reason to put forward a plan that even touches Medicare, not at this point… It was put in play by the Republicans, and (we’ve) got elections to win. And you talk about “demagogue”… the Democrats are doing a number on that (Ryan) plan like you’ve never seen.

“Enhanced interrogation” got us to Bin Laden… the people who performed this should not be under the gun they’re under… they just shouldn’t”

Wind is limited… solar is expensive and it’s not been perfected… We are the king of coal… we’re the all-time of natural gas- we don’t use it! Then you hear of a country like Abu Daibi using natural gas (for transport) so they can sell their oil (to us)… and I ask “what are we doing?”

The bad guys in Pakistan could take over very easily- and they have nuclear weapons. The solution is easy: don’t give them any money (now $50B/yr) if they don’t surrender their nuclear weapons-

I know how to deal with these people (the Chinese): they’re smart, they’re cunning… and they are not our friends at all.

Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world… 15 trillion dollars… We’ve spent $1.5 trillion. I say this: At a minimum, we get our money back- and we pay each one of the families of those soldiers that died a couple of million dollars. And we give our badly wounded… a lot of money… you’re talking about peanuts compared to what the numbers are in this incredible oil reserve… and I mean our allies, too.

Let me ask you this: when the families of those great soldiers are sitting home a couple of years from now- when Iran goes in and takes over Iraq, and takes over the oil, and tells everybody how stupid the United States is, which is absolutely going to happen -and they’d be right- how do you think the parents of that 22-year-old soldier… are going to feel about that?

If gasoline doesn’t go down substantially, we’re going to have a second crash. If oil stays at over $100 -which I think it’s going to, and it could go a lot higher- we’re going to have a real problem… and we’re going to have a second crash.

The dollar is being decimated: if you look at your food costs… your clothing costs… your gasoline costs… they’re setting records, and a lot of that is due to the decimation of the dollar- we need to get a strong dollar back.

I’m very anti-establishment- that even includes the Republicans. I see even Republicans taking a shot (at me)- what really that I said today can really take a shot at? What’s so controversial?

I think even the Republicans don’t like it, because I’m not in the club (Beltway GOP)… you can’t be in that club. And that club is not what is going to make us imo a great country again.

We have tremendous potential -tremendous, unbelievable potential- if we had the right people, if we knew what we were doing.


Myself, I’m keeping an open mind here: like anybody else, Donald Trump has his plusses and minuses -inc. towering Palin-esque negatives in early polling- but I surely disagree with those on the Right -and specious liberal pundits- who purport to think that this potential candidacy is somehow not serious… or feel some irrepressible urgency to nip Trump’s political ambition in-the-bud… why?

Let the man talk- it’s about time somebody made Obama and his MSM bootlicks squirm like a worm by cracking them over the head with the truth and a few hard questions they really don’t want to talk about. All the Newts and Mittens out there had their chance to back up Palin’s previous attempts at an offensive on this two-bit scam artist currently squatting in the Oval Office… but instead chose to let her twist in the breeze for their own political gain.

Now somebody comes along who not only knows how to put the Bolshevik Boy Wonder up against the wall- but enjoys it and is plenty able to defend himself… so GOP play-it-safers attempt to pre-emptively undermine him, too. Contrary to their thinking (and agenda), I’d really like to see somebody like Trump in the Republican primary debates, otherwise important issues that really need to be discussed will be skillfully avoided.

Not once have I watched a full episode of Trump’s show, and would not call myself a fan of the man in any way- never even read The Art of the Deal … (although I know some who swear by it) I also find his self-absorbed arrogance/referrences to himself in the third-party grating, and no doubt his being 3x married brings baggage.

But a friend of mine who knows The Donald recently described being screwed-over by ruthless ole Trump for a 7-figure sum on a contractual technicality- he questioned Trump’s business ethics and would never do business with him again. But this same friend also enthusiastically described what Trump’s undeclared candidacy is doing for the country on the BC and other issues as “a great service“- what does that tell you?

The fact now is that fresh-trained puppy Obama barks on command and fetched the BC just like Trump told him to... anybody else found the control stick yet? And Barack Obama is mortified of Trump, just look at the Alinsky-esque ambush he and that SNL guy set for him at the correspondent’s dinner- it speaks volumes.

The concurrent threat Trump poses to the GOP establishment AND so-called ‘progressive’ Left is reason enough for conservatives to savor each moment Donald Trumps’ in the race…. and judging by the glaringly biased tone of coverage, somebody out there is plenty scared.

Alas, while I -like most other conservatives- would not welcome an independent Trump run in 2012 for fear of handing the race to Obama, many voters appear to think quite differently: 80% recently told pollsters that they’d consider a third-party candidate for president- a fact surely not lost on Donald Trump.

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  • A lot of my friends and neighbors who don’t frequent the rightblogosphere are very excited about Donald Trump. I bet there are a lot of closet Trump backers among us here on the interwebs too, they just aren’t talking much about it because all the “smart people” would call them dumb. He is certainly a lot more exciting than so many of the GOP milquetoast candidates that the party typically pushes on us. He could win.

  • I agree Zilla, well put

    I’m really not pumping the guy, I want Palin or Bachmann, maybe with Bolton vp- Cain sounds good, too

    BUT- I don’t think shutting Trump down ASAP is doing our side a service, that’s all I’m saying… and yes, I would consider voting for him given the right circumstances and if he lays off the F-bombs for a while lol

  • Thanks for posting this. I thought it was a great speech before he was cut off..and most people didnt remember the Trump speech.

  • I thought it was worth posting, he covered pretty much everything in 30 mins

  • He’s a Gingrich Jr, full of talk and ideas, and his ability to state the obvious rivals Sarah Palin’s. I’d like to hear him walk us through the mechanics of taking $1.5 billion of Iraqi oil. Hell, I’d like to hear him tell us how we would take just one tanker from them.

    Cut off Pakistan? OK General Donald, how do we then fly from our Gulf state bases to land-locked Afghanistan? How do we get overland supplies in from Pakistan?

    He says interesting stuff, but it’s clear he hasn’t thought it through. I’m still open to the possibility this liberal democrat is a liberal democrat plant.

  • I believe Trump is our only hope for a turn around for America. He cares about America and is NOT in for this for himself. It won’t be Gingrich, Palin or Huckabee. Trump is no Gingrich, thank God for that. I don’t want any of the ones in the straw poll thank you! No way!

  • If Trump is the only hope, we are doomed.

  • RR, great analyzation here. Thanks so much for sharing it with my readers. Trump in a few paragraphs summed up all that ails this country. “We have to get rid of ObamaCare…it’s a disaster.” Absolutely. Today on Fox and Friends he said he would leave the door open to a late entry if the “right” candidate doesn’t show. Trump’s value is that he says things no one else will say. He is a conversation starter.

    • Well no one has showed up yet!!!!!

    • Agreed, and he’s been nothing but beneficial for our side… except some candidates and/or their early supporters seem more threatened by Trump for obvious (personal) reasons

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  • Let’s pray Trump runs over all of them as an Independent. The threats are for jealous reasons and greed. Too bad we have such nonsense in both parties, IMO. Sooner that lousy Son of a Pig Muslim leaves the WH the better and all that goes with him.

  • Got a note here saying my game doesn’t come up, it did for me. shows up when I put it in to bring it up. tks for the heads up, just try again, Have a good day.