Todd Palin Children Ready if Sarah Runs: Our Family Has Been Tested – We are Ready, and Oh BTW Sarah was Invited to Rolling Thunder Event

It sounds like the conversation is over within the Palin family, other than Sarah making

Todd Palin

her decision. Todd Palin told reporters this weekend that his family has been tested and he and the Palin children are “ready” if his Grizzly Mamma decides to run for president. As Sarah dominated the Memorial Day weekend news with her Bus Tour and a bike ride with the Rolling Thunder’s Memorial Day event, the Lame Stream Media lamented the fact that Palin showed up and Rolling Thunder didn’t want her or invite her. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell

Sarah Palin, Memorial Day 2011 Rolling Thunder

was distressed. Sarah was “stealing their Thunder!” But Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey contacted the media person for Rolling Thunder, who confirmed that Sarah received an invitation, and the biker-guy quoted saying Sarah was a distraction, was simply not aware of the invitation. Read those facts at Hot Air.

“I love that smell of the emissions,” said the former Alaska governor and recent mother of the groom Track Palin, as she wore sunglasses and a Harley Davidson black helmet, Fox News reports.The ride, in which thousands of motorcyclists parade down the capital city’s Constitution Ave., saw Palin rumbling down the route from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Veterans’ memorial. Source: Fox News