Supreme Court May Decide if Illegal Tuition Breaks for Illegals are Illegal

In the Liberal-Land known as the U.S. of A. the U.S. Supreme Court only “maybe” will be tasked with deciding whether it is illegal for illegal tuition breaks to be given to illegals – as is continually done in California.

The Broken Rule of Law

The L.A. Times points to THE LITTLE KNOWN FEDERAL LAW barring a lower tuition being granted to an illegal alien. The California Supreme Court has ruled it’s okey-dokie to break THE LITTLE KNOWN FEDERAL LAW, so now we are awaiting a U.S. Supreme Court decision on whether they will hear the challenge, or let THE LITTLE KNOWN FEDERAL LAW be continually trampled. Even at the level of the highest court of the land, “illegal” is not always a consideration of import. The Rule of Law had died a slow and painful death over such a long period of time that today the skeletal remains are already dust.

“Last year, in the first ruling of its kind, the California Supreme Court upheld the state’s policy and said it did not conflict with federal law.

The justices in Washington may announce as soon as Monday whether they will hear the challenge or dismiss it. They may turn it away because there is no dispute among the lower courts. It is also possible the high court could ask the Obama administration for its view before deciding.

If the Supreme Court were to hear the case and overrule California, the decision would affect 11 other states, including New York, Texas, and, most recently, Maryland, which have opted to give in-state tuition to students who are illegal immigrants.

Twelve other states have explicitly refused to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. For its part, the federal government — through the Clinton, George Bush and Obama administrations — has taken no steps to enforce the measure.

It is estimated that the state of California spends $208 million a year to get illegals into our colleges and universities. Add that to the soaring cost of illegal alien crime in the state – $34,000 per inmate, all 102,795 of them. Then there’s the $600,000 annually for the county’s illegal children – an average of 40 per every classroom in Los Angeles County.

May Job-like boils afflict everyone involved in these atrocities, without the blessings that followed God’s servant Job. May worms and scabs and festering skin give our lawmakers pause before they take a torpedo to the Rule of Law, and may they all be voted out of office in 2012, or linger with an unfulfilling life if already retired from public service.

  • The states with the greatest deficits and highest unemployment rates are also those with the most sanctuary cities for illegal aliens – and the greatest number of liberal elected officials. No coincidence. Sadly, Democrats have nearly destroyed the magnificence of California in just a few decades. As a California native, it breaks my heart to see what has happened to the Golden State. There is still hope – vote the statist miscreants and RINOs out in 2012.