Sunday Faith News/Views 5-22-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

Religion and politics make perfect sense to me. In these Sunday Faith news and views posts I brings news and views of both, concerning the other. I have passed over discussing Israel today. It has been a matter of great concentration for me over the last few days. I did write about it, and you can find my history of Israel’s borders here. I will offer the graphic below, however, for your consideration, as all will be lost to Christians if Barack Obama gets his way and Israel submits to pre-1967 war borders (which they will not). Today’s news and views are short but hopefully meaningful. See a video below.

In views is a discussion of how real life’s healing, birth, death, crime, sickness, accidents, poverty, affect our belief, and do we honestly express, or acknowledge, the affect of our life experiences on our belief in God’s Word?

In news, a UK doctor’s job is in jeopardy for “harasssing” a patient with talk of God. How do you feel about this? See a video below.

Are you honest about the depth of your belief when times are inhumanly impossible?

Carl at GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus has written an agonizing post about the reality of healing and believing, and God’s promises, and…Being Honest. I touched on this earlier this month, and won’t say anymore other than to reiterate my belief that Biblical promises are grounded in mortality and immortality.

Of all the important posts written by Carl that I have talked about here, this one, is the one I believe no single believer can deny is in the back of his/her mind – always.

The following is a quote from Carl, based on John 14:13-14. It may mean little to you unless you read his lead-up to it. This is about real life and how it affects us and our “belief.”  I challenge you to read his story of a crime, and then answer the request to find a scripture to stand on.

There must be some promises in the Word that work every time, in every situation; but I can’t say I know of any. Operating with faith is not like solving a simple math problem; two plus two is always four. But when dealing in the faith realm the answer isn’t always the same … sometimes it’s three, then again it might come up five.

A healer speaks of the Ultimate Healer and is punished:

In the UK, Dr. Richard Scott’s job and reputation is in jeopardy because he asked a patient if he would like to talk about God. The patient chose to do so, but his mother has an issue with it and filed a formal complaint against Scott. I believe if ever a discussion or petition to God is appropriate, it is in a hospital setting. Having said that, I have a problem with it, if the patient does not ask first.

The Cambridge-educated doctor has refused to accept a formal warning on his record, and is instead taking legal action to fight the censure.

His case follows a series of high-profile disputes between Christians and their employers over their freedom to express their beliefs, including an electrician who displayed a cross in his van and a nurse who prayed for a patient.

My fear is that if a Christian doctor can offer this help, perhaps even salvation, to a patient, it won’t be long until a Muslim imam, or others will have the right to foist their beliefs on the unsuspecting. I don’t trust people. I certainly don’t trust others with my child.

A current example is the claim that the rapture was to happen yesterday – May 21st, 2011 – by a “preacher,” Harold Camping. His followers sold their homes and donated their life savings in the expectation of rising to heaven last Saturday night. Let me ask: how many children are affected today by this man’s evil foolishness? Would you want him at the bedside of any one you love, no matter their age? It was the parent’s right to make the decision and to follow him, and only they are to blame, but what if Camping showed-up in a hospital ministry and was allowed to spread his heresy to the sick and dying?

Outside of religion we have clear instances of how our children are schooled on sex and pregnancy and how our schools teach false history. Not the same as the issue of God, certainly, but nevertheless, we cannot trust people. For every Dr. Richard Scott, there are at least 5 more wanting the RIGHT to school others on atheism, agnosticism and Islam.

I am torn about this issue, but I greatly admire this doctor for his witness.  I would pray that such a man or woman be at my bedside, especially if I requested it. How do you feel about it?

Dr. Richard Scott on Discussing God with a Patient (video)

  • The question of Jerusalem is a straightforward one. It was the City of David over 2000 years before Mohammad came along. End of Story.

    For ignorant liberals who need more: I propose that whoever took better care of the city and fostered religious tolerance while having it under their control should permanently have it.

    How many temples and churches operated when Jerusalem was held by Muslims?

    How many mosques and churches are in operation now under Israeli protection?

    What is the percentage of Muslims and Christians in Israel? How many Muslim countries can match that percentage of non-Muslims?

    Israel is a shining beacon of tolerance in a dark, ugly part of the world.

  • Silver, great summation of the truth. The British imperiled the safety of the world when they illegally partitioned the land. The Arab “refugee” claim was manufactured, due to Muslim loyalty by those carrying out the mandate. Shameful.