SCOTUS Arizona Immigration Law: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona’s Business Immigration Law

At least states have some rights. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s 2007 Business Immigration Law today, which allows the state to sanction employers who hire unauthorized workers. The vote was 5-3. I’m all for businesses being held responsible for hiring illegals, and I believe they should have every right to exclude all workers that give them pause. If a legal status cannot be proven, then don’t hire them. At the same time, those attempting to be hired, but found to be illegal through whatever methods businesses have to protect themselves – those illegals should be turned over to authorities and taken to the far reaches of Mexico. Just my opinion. This should be a no-brainer, but Governor Jan Brewer is fighting all-out evil.

Government Sign in National Park: Danger - Public Warning Travel Not Recommended

Brewer found this federal sign installed in one of her state’s National Parks. Obama and Co. turned the park over illegals, drug runners and gang members. Do you know what the care and feeding of National Parks costs the taxpayer?

Associate Justice Breyer disagrees with me:

Breyer said the Arizona law upsets a balance in federal law between dissuading employers from hiring illegal workers and ensuring that people are not discriminated against because they may speak with an accent or look like they might be immigrants.

Employers “will hesitate to hire those they fear will turn out to lack the right to work in the United States,” he said.  Well, yes but give us a break…if you are legal, it should be easy to prove.

Fox News:

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for a majority made up of Republican-appointed justices, said the Arizona’s employer sanctions law “falls well within the confines of the authority Congress chose to leave to the states.”

While that statement is good news, it’s also frightening, isn’t it. We have a government which has abdicated all responsibility for protecting its citizens, and a Congress which has abdicated much of it’s obligations to Barack Obama. This is not what our Founders had in mind, and it certainly is not what the Constitution intended.

  • Now if we can get that fence up this year!

  • Build Baby Build should be the next slogan for Sarah now that she is on her way to AZ.

  • This is very good news Maggie. Finally a step in the right direction and a win for the team.

  • cthelight

    This is, indeed, very good news. I applaud Jan Brewer ! Wonderful thing about women, that men hate, is , they love the truth.