Sarah Palin Has Fire in Her Belly! Video

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour bowed out of the 2012 presidential race, saying he just didn’t have “the fire” in his “belly.” In this video Sarah Palin says she definitely has the fire in her belly, and she says it’s a “problem.” So, will she run? See the video.

Sarah Palin

Thanks to Fox Nation.

  • Ran

    Looks like I’ll be supporting three active beauty contests: Cain’s, Bachmann’s, Palin’s and John Bolton’s. Are FOUR beauty contests. (Heh. Monty Python. Couldn’t resist.)

    Let’s see… Mark Levin at DOJ, Glenn Reynolds at SCOTUS, Bolton at State, Ron Paul at the Fed, Ryan at the Treasury – and I’d have that SEAL promoted to the Pentagon.

    • Ran, that’s a great lineup. Bolton in the State Department would be exceptionally good for this country.

  • Word

    No matter who the GOP puts up for nomination Im voting for him or her.

    I resign myself to endorse a tea party, a libertarian or an entrenched Republican because anyone.

    Anyone is better then Obama….I implore everyone this year to unite behind the cause no matter who carries the banner……and that cause is the defeat of Progressivism in the United STates of America.

    No matter who runs in the primaries….Im voting for them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Word, I agree. I will support whomever I must to move a Republican into the WH and send Barack Obama on his way (probably to end up as head of the U.N.)

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  • Like in your article on Mr. Tingle, you see who the left is terrified of running, when they try to destroy them, If they’re not afraid of them running, they don’t have much to say.. in fact they will try and form opinion through articles and news reports, to push on the opposition the candidate they really want to see run, like they did with McCain. They are terrified of Sarah Palin. Not because she’s stupid, which she isn’t, she’s boiling with common sense and knowledge, and that just makes them sweat. I hope she does run. I’m tired of the Libertarian talk show hosts that attack her. They’re no better than the liberals. Real conservatives see her for what she is, HOPE, in a field of entrenched Republicans. I agree with Word’s comment, no matter who runs, in the Republican Party, I’m voting for them.

  • David, yes…a positive view of a Republican candidate is a sure sign that the Left sees them among the weakest.

    Did you hear Sarah say (when asked what her ring-tone would be today) she would choose Gretchen Wilson’s Red Necked Woman:-)