Sarah Palin David Gregory: Gregory Racist – If You Are Black You are On Food Stamps! Palin Defends Newt

Forty-seven million on Food Stamps, 1 out of every 6 Americans on food stamps – a fact, and David Gregory sees that fact as “racially tinged.” Newt Gingrich called Obama the “Food Stamp President,” and Gregory, as Sarah Palin points out is racist in seeing it that way, making it sound as, if you are Black you are on food stamps. Palin says false charges like this are intended to “end the conversation” and divert attention (away from the truth and Obama’s record). Video below.

Sarah Palin

David Gregory, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin on “Racially-Tinged” Comment

  • Palin is spot-on about the knee-jerk “racism” accusations from the Obama-fawning media. Reminds me of how she also came to the defense of Juan Williams when he was fired from NPR for expressing that he was “nervous” when on an airplane and he saw a group of male Muslims also on board who were wearing Islamic garb. How many times has Gingrich slammed and maligned Palin in the press? I lose count… dollars to donuts he NEVER would have risen up to defend her had the shoe been on the other foot.

    • Classic Film, yes he has demeaned her (as has Chris Christie) and probably hasn’t finished with her yet. Gingrich thinks he can handle anyone who gets in his way, but he is finding out otherwise. The man has no grace.

      Palin is the real deal in my opinion. Did you hear her with Greta, when Greta asked her what her ringtone would be today, and she replied “today, Gretchen Wilson’s Red Necked Woman.”

    • I used to be a fan of Gingrich. No longer. I was worried for a while that if Palin ran for President, she’d lose because of the press.. I no longer fear that. Sarah Palin is the liberals worst nightmare. She has the strength of common sense, and facts behind her. I’m so sick and tired of the treatment of any conservative that runs. They get a scrutiny that no liberal will ever get from the press. Sarah has the backbone to face
      the comming battle. I’d drive and pay to get into any debate between her and the professor.. Classic I totaly agree with you. Maggie your spot on once again.

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