Remember John Yoo – Jay Bybee and Torture Memos? Remember Alberto Gonzales? Remember DOJ Tried to Destroy Them?

Have you noticed that “enhanced interrogation” today is “harsh interrogation?” Just an observation. Remember how the Holder Department of Justice tried to destroy DOJ attorneys John Yoo and Jay Bybee over supposed “torture memos?” The DOJ did everything they could to destroy these men, and today they are still facing war crimes charges from Spain. Both men were completely exonerated. Then remember President G. W. Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales? A Democrat Congress did all they could to chew him up and spit him out. They failed but Gonzales eventually resigned in 2007.

Eric Holder - Obama Department of Justice

John Yoo and Jay Bybee were put through hell on charges that they sanctioned “enhanced interrogation” tactics.

Eric Holder issued a 261 page report claiming that DOJ attorney John Yoo  committed “intentional professional misconduct,” when he wrote an opinion for Bush about “enhanced interrogation” techniques,” basically charging that Yoo lied when giving advice to G.W. The DOJ recommended disciplinary action against Yoo from the Pennsylvania Bar in 2009. DOJ attorney David Margolis countermanded the recommended referral in January 2010 – saying he did not find “professional misconduct.”

From November 2001 to March 2003, attorney Jay Bybee served as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) in the DOJ. Bybee was asked by the CIA if they could legally, aggressively interrogate high-ranking al-Qaeda members captured outside of the U.S. – attempting to have a definition of the term “torture” in  18 U.S.C. Source.

Bybee signed that legal memorandum which defined “enhanced interrogation techniques” in ways that are regarded as torture by the Obama Justice Department…

Again the DOJ went after Bybee as they have Yoo. Bybee was acquitted and was later confirmed via Bush’s nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Both men are facing war crimes charges in Spain and other European countries. BUT the DOJ is likely still unhappy, but because of these two men, Osama bin Laden is dead.

Chuck Schumer

Then there is Alberto Gonzalez, the G.W. Bush Attorney General. Democrats went after him with a vengeance, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, and he finally resigned in September 2007. He had the guts to fire eight U.S. Attorney Generals and was probed top to bottom and sideways, and was exonerated every time. The DOJ finally got around to telling Congress there was no evidence of wrongdoing. It was a political attack from every angle and Gonzales had the right to fire the lawyers and they knew it. Long into the Obama administration, there were rumors that Holder planned to prosecute Gonzales. this is an evil DOJ.

Bill Clinton fired NINETY THREE attorneys and the media ignored it as they railed against Gonzales.

Then Barack Obama fired an Inspector General (found guilty of nothing but revealing Obama’s friend and donor, and accused sexual predator “misusing” AMERICORP money – $75 Million) – Obama does not have the right or the authority to fire an IG, but thanks to the progressive media, he skated.

Without the Bush policies, OBL would not be dead today. Without Yoo and Bybee, the CIA could not have operated as they did. Without Alberto Gonzales and his policies ranging from Guantanamo, military trials and the Patriot Act, Osama bin Laden would not be dead today.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative, and you must read her expanded info about this: the investigation of the CIA – still ongoing, with Republicans trying to stop it.

  • Outstanding post Maggie! Its is always good to remind us of who these creatures in Barry’s administration are.

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    Great post, Maggie! As for the IG firing, when did Obama let a little thing like the lack of authority stop him. He has run rough shod over anything he wanted to, and gotten away with it.

  • I believe the Obama Administration now owes all these gentlemen enormous amounts of money as restitution for their unprecedented, enormous legal fees incurred due to Obama/Holder’s frivolous prosecution.

    Oh, and groveling apologies to all of them.

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  • That certainly puts things into perspective, doesn’t it. Evil it is Maggie. Well done.

    • It does Matt. They tried to destroy every conservative idea – every one of the, along with the people who hold those ideas.

  • Word

    It seems the left and right in the oval office are sterotyped.

    If this was Bush he would be waving his cowboy hat, yelling Yeehaw and saying kill me some scum sucking terr’ists!! The left and the MSM would announce for all to hear.

    If this is Obama in the White House he is a hesitant, hand wringing, walking the halls bemoaning the need to inflict pain and suffering on another human individual. No way a liberal, or more specifically a Progressive liberal would do any such thing the left and the MSM would announce for all to hear.

    I have found Obama to be rather ruthless, throwing off the shackles of niceness attributed to Progressives and ordering up drone strikes, civilian casulties and escalations of the war on terror. He has not closed Gitmo, he has not ordered any HIGH PROFILE courts martial of armed forces personnel for war crimes and he has locked away the whistle blower in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day. Rather ruthless treatment by a progressive donchathink??

    On the same hand I saw Bush looking for ways to cut back on the collateral damage and to try and appease the left, the iraqis, the pakistanis and the saudis. Sterotypes dont seem to fit. Obama is a bloodsucking warmonger and his idol is GWB.

    Essentially we have a President who grew up in the hood…..not afraid of blood and guts….and we had a rich kid who grew up with a silver spoon and was as far removed from blood, guts and violence as you could get.

    Obama is relishing his role………..

    The hand wringing is just for his bases benefit. Do not be deceived. He is as ruthless as they come, making his idol GWB look like a Peacenik.

  • prohibitions against torture unless they have the specific intent to inflict severe pain or suffering according to a previously secret Justice Department memo released Thursday. Only an hour before a court-ordered deadline to make the documents public or explain why they would not government lawyers submitted a court filing that gives them until April 16 to release three controversial 2005 memos. The draft which now goes to Attorney General Eric Holder for approval or revisions is expected to be finalized in the coming days.POLITICS June 26 2008Two former White House insiders who have been described as key architects of the Bush administrations interrogation policy proved to be uncooperative witnesses as they testified before Congress for the first time.

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