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What’s being said on the new media Right

JammieWearingFool offers theories on multi-married, unceasingly devout Holy warrior and model Muslim family man Osama Bin Laden’s considerable porn stash -here-

Weasel Zippers has Obumbles invoking The Bible in an amoral attempt to milk the ‘gutsy call’ for all it’s worth -here-

The Other McCain: contrary to what some Yankees may claim, superblogger Stacy McCain‘s origins in the American Deep South were not at the edge of civilization- far from it. But nowadays his blogging pardner Smitty actually does post from a place where enlightenment is scarcer than moon rocks…
more -here-

Gateway Pundit reports another gutsy call from Obumbles: he’s promising to stop faking photos for the press -here-

Moonbattery found some goofball suing Chuck E Cheese for inspiring gambling in youth-
or something -here-
a Post-It war rages… -BigFurHat @ iowntheworld

Caught Him with a Corndog channels Samuel L Jackson -here-

Sentry Journal takes a hard look at GOP rising star and presidential hopeful Herman Cain -here-

Adrienne’s Corner survived the Great Blogger Crash of 2011 -here-

The Camp of the Saints examines the Piece Corps (his spelling- and for a reason) -here-

Left Coast Rebel says Boeing executives have had their fill of hopenchange already -here-

Eric Allie @ TownHall

American Power reports SoCal housing prices still tanking, and hard -here-

Government Mess: this video clip is really something… the nation of Israel remembers -here-

Woodsterman is powered by cutting-edge, jerry-rigged technology -here-

Conservative Perspective has a useful refresher on Gingrich and just what he’s all about here-

Randy’s Roundtable sees what Spooky Dude‘s got his tentacles into now -here-

President Obama sings “Cielo Rojo” to supporters in El Paso
Big Hairy News


The Powers that Be: Doug wants to know what Obama would do if he was pregnant and lost his government job… huh? -here-

The Lonely Conservative has Obama’s lame attempt at stand-up falling flat -here-

TrogloPundit says that now wacked-out international jihadis are going after Victoria’s Secret- -here-

Trestin Meacham has a point -imho- when he says: They Will Not Stop -here-

The Wolf Files finds Bloomberg scaring off all the 20-to-30-somethings -here-

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  • Great grouping of links Maggie. Thank you so much for the link. We do appreciate it.

  • Hey RR, thanks for linking here too! And thanks to Maggie for letting you! Mrs. Maggie on Vacation?

    • My pleasure, of course

      Her internet connection is on the fritz and she hasn’t had time to get it handled, Lonely Conservative and myself are trying to fill the gap in the meantime

  • Thank you Maggie I am honored to be able to share the truth with such an awesome group of bloggers. Thanks to James at RR, he is the best. Have a nice weekend and god bless.

  • Red

    Thanks for the cross post my friends 😉

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  • Just loved the links and the food for the mind served there. As an artist I fill my mind from all that surrounds me, as a human, I feed upon the words of truth to overpower the lies.

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  • Thanks David, much obliged

  • Thanks James for the mention and Maggie for the repost, fantastic list!

  • Thank you very much, RR.

  • This new “post-it war” at the gas pump is elegant in its simplicity – love it, love it, love it. And costs next to nothing, which during this escalating financial crisis of “hopenchange” is a good thing.