Outrage: Jerome Ersland Convicted of Vigilante Justice First Degree Murder: Jerome Ersland Injustice in Oklahoma Court

Pharmacist Jerome Ersland was charged with Vigilante Justice and First Degree Murder for protecting himself and co-workers as two men burst into the store in an attempted robbery. Ersland, 59, had been robbed before. Two worthless pieces of humanity, both with long rap sheets and prior convictions talked two teenagers into robbing the store of drugs and money. Ersland was convicted of First Degree Murder today. Seems he just went too far with the whole “protecting the innocent” thing. This story of injustice makes me physically ill. Please read the last paragraph before you click out.

Jerome Ersland

Jerome Ersland, 59, shot Antwun “Speedy” Parker, 16, once in the head, and then chased after Jevontia Ingram, 14. He didn’t get Ingram. One of the two was armed. When Ersland returned to the store he shot Parker several more times in the abdomen and lower body. Only 46 seconds has passed since the first shot. Erland didn’t know their ages, and the adrenaline was still surging. Forty-six seconds! A good and productive citizen is going to prison!

From Lt. Col. Jerome Ersland:

The armed man pulled out his pistol demanding drugs and money threatening to kill anyone that did not comply…As employees [both female] were retreating to the back of the store, Shots were fired and one of the robbers bullets struck Jerome. He returned fire killing one of the robbers. Jerome saved the employees lives [both female], and prevented approximately $660,000 (street-value) worth of drugs from being stolen. His brave actions helped police apprehend other people involved in the planning and execution of this intricate, armed gang related robbery.

Ersland’s website says he was struck by a bullet. I can find that no where, absolutely no where on the internet. No matter how slight a hit, a grazing, a hole in trousers that didn’t touch skin…whatever, surely it should be reported as how close he was to being wounded, or that he was wounded.

Here’s the thing: no one would be dead had these boys not come into the store to rob. Robbery is a crime, and it should be deadly to robbers if the robbed has the opportunity to kill. It’s that simple. Now a good man who sought to protect himself and others in the store will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. I tell you, I can’t stand to hear these stories.

Ingram and Parker put themselves in harm’s way. Mr. Ersland had no choice, unless this Oklahoma jury thinks it acceptable to be robbed and take your chances that you will not be killed or maimed.

Ingram has been sentenced to a state juvenile facility for his guilty plea to First Degree Murder. My prediction: he will get out and he will not be a good and productive citizen.

Here are the photos of the two worthless pieces of humanity who planned the robbery, reportedly recruited the boys, and also received Life in Prison with the POSSIBILITY of Parole. Doesn’t that make sense. They’ve been convicted of felonies before, but are eligible for parole.

Anthony D. Morrison and Emanuel Mitchell

Dr. Jerome Ersland is a former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. He is a disabled veteran. He was released from prison under a $100,000 bail bond annually, which he has had to pay twice. His life savings are gone…but police called him a hero when they arrived at the scene on the day that ruined his life, in a pharmacy trying to serve “the people” in a crime-infested neighborhood in Oklahoma City – maybe a Black neighborhood, maybe a Black jury? I don’t know, but it is reasonable to arrive at that thought. UPDATE: A person in the Oklahoma City area has told me the jury was made up of all Whites. This conviction is sad beyond words. NewsOK is asking for your opinion: should Dr. Ersland have been convicted, yes or no. Cast your opinion here. At this minute 71.6% say No, with 28.4% saying Yes. Please show your support for Ersland. And please take a look at this from an NBC affiliate employee in Oklahoma City.


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  • Mr. Lynn C. Quinn

    Scume-thats what jurors and the judge and prator are and may they rest in HELL. I did the same thing back in 1986 and BOB MACY said all bets are off in a robbery and I killed him the same way. Convict me and receive the rath of GOD. I dare you. I am a pharmacist. try it YOU all are out to get a life sentence for your stupidity. SUPREME court her I come.
    Mr. Lynn C. Quinn R.Ph.

  • Mr. Quinn, are you saying you also were robbed and had to defend yourself?

  • Ran

    Dr. Ersland is the victim here – he has been robbed by thugs, twice in one incident. Yes: The Trial was nothing but a “legal” thugging. I don’t know what punishment will be meted out – but I do know that it would be a good idea to pursue his release. Self-defense is not simply a mere legal “privilege” it is a Natural Right and a moral Duty.

    I wish Dr. Ersland Blessings and Protection and my sincere thanks.

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  • This conviction is CRAP. What a disastrous day for a nation that has perverted justice so badly. Those jurors are idiots. The DA is a fool. Ersland should be given a medal, not jail time. 🙁 Ridiculous, just ridiculous.

  • Sane mind La

    This shouldn’t be about race. If you see it that way, would you feel the same way if the race roles were reversed? Be trully honest with thy self. However, I do not feel sorry for Parker, nor any other robber for that matter and irrespective of their race. The entire situation was unfortunate, especially for Erslyn who started out being the victim. But Erslyn crossed the line. Self defense stops when you are no longer in eminent danger. A license gun owner should understand this before they take on such responsibility. What Erslyn did ‘after’ he protected himself was something totally different and unwarranted.

    • Sane mind La, I agree that this should not be about race. In fact, nothing should ever be about race. Ersland could not have made the mistake people believe he made, had he not been robbed by an armed robber. That’s the bottom line. We must STOP persecuting those who are put in harm’s way, at no fault of their own. None of us know what we would do under these circumstance.

      The men tried to robbed. Ersland stopped them. We must STOP persecuting the innocent. Frankly I am so, so sick of these stories. We are out here living our lives, bothering no one, working for our families, taking care of our business and along comes a heathen who believes he can take our “stuff.” Well, he shouldn’t believe that, because he should always know there may be an Jerome Ersland who will stop the insanity, and has the absolute right to do so.

  • Sane mind La

    My correction: That should have been “Ersland”.

  • J. Louie

    Justice was served. What Jerome did, was over kill! He shot the unarmed kid 1st of all. That shot was justified to either robber it landed in. I don’t care how much adrenaline is pumping through your veins, with a military background, he could clearly see that the boy was motionless when he came back into the store, cause he had to pass back by the body. When he got the 2nd gun & approached the motionless body, those were PLENTY of seconds to see that the young boy was no longer a threat. Jerome lost my respect when he shot the boy several more times. At that point, Jerome was displaying pure rage & hatred…not justice & protection. Anyone who’s upset about Jerome’s verdict, I feel you’re a racist.

  • DJ

    When we all step back to look at the facts of this case, it will reveal the fact that Jerome Ersland lied to a Detective, regarding the facts of the entire incident! Has nothing to do with anything but the truth. The law is the law, he had an opportunity to call the police after shooting the Parker kid, but he decided to be judge, jury and executioner. This makes him no better than the young men that some of you wanna call Thugs. Some of you try to call yourselves Christians, you are just filled with hate! Oh, but this is the Bible Belt, filled with conservatives…. Bunch of Hypocrates!!! Murder is Murder no matter how try to pretty it up!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Dr Erland lied about a lot of things – like the two robbers came in shooting and shot him in the hand, how he fought in a war, etc… I feel sorry for everyone involved in this situation. Had the robbers not entered the facility with the intention to rob it then that young man would have not been shot dead; but Dr Ersland seems to have been just “itching” for the moment when he could kill someone, flash is CCW permit, and say “I was in fear for my life”.

    My position is that the robbers would have robbed someone else had they not chosen the pharmacy and Dr Ersland would have eventually shot someone claiming “self defense” and killed them. I do agree that the first shot was justified by all means. After leaving the store, returning, changing guns, and then emptying the second gun into the kid’s gut while he lay motionless and unconscious was murder without a doubt.

    It was a cold-blooded, cowardly murder.

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  • Patrick Henry

    But one thing we do know is that there was nothing to compare Ersland with the two robbers or the two adults, both prior felons, who were the masterminds of the threat on Erland’s life and business.

    Ersland had never threatened society. He worked, he paid his taxes, he employed others, and he is a disabled veteran who rose to the rank of Air Force Lt. Col. before a spinal injury forced his retirement. He worked as an advisor for the Boy Scouts and was a Vice President of his church.

    Military, Boy Scouts and Christianity – three things Liberals hate most.

    Had there been no robbery, there would have been no death. It is really that simple. No one is to blame for what happened except for the four who conspired to rob, and invade Ersland’s business at gun point.

    Frankly, if you rob, you should be prepared to die. Who can truthfully assert that Ersland did not still feel threatened with the robber on the floor? Why should a robber expect to live after robbing with a weapon, or falsely stating he/she has a weapon? The threat is clear either way.

  • ForJesus

    Interesting that my comment was removed. I guess you don’t want the whole world to know that some of your comments are incorrect and misleading: “Christianity, the Military and Boy Scouts” are three things liberals hate is absolutely a falsehood and a lie. There are millions of liberal voters who support these things and by making these sort of statements, you hope to make the right wing appear morally superior. Saying that someone who is a Christian, HATES Christianity is quite sinful, don’t you think?

  • ForJesus – you need to chill. You left that comment on another of my Ersland posts. Find it here:

    The millions of liberal voters who, as you say, support Christianity, the Military and Boy Scouts, need to find their voice and speak out and protect them. Do you realize that you don’t have a single, not a single Democrat in leadership who will show support for those three, other than the Military – and they support the Military when they must, but think it’s fine that ROTC cannot be on a campus. What did you have to say about Congressman John Murtha and him, in front of the world’s cameras calling our Marines killers? What have you or anyone in Congress on your side of the aisle had to say about Senator John Kerry accusing our Vietnam soldiers of horrible atrocities?

    I bet you think the National Council of Churches is a wonderful organization – that organization which basically, if not individually, hates the Military and Boy Scouts, and have devised their brand of Christianity. If you are a Democrat who supports all three, then wake up!

  • ForJesus

    You show your continued prejudice by spouting examples of specific instances to back up your claim and say all liberals hate Christianity, Military and the Boy Scouts. Those examples do not excuse your generalization. We believe in the absolute separation of church and state. Therefore, I don’t really know what your point is about have a single leader that defends Christianity. I am thankful my leaders are protecting my right to worship who I want. I am thankful my leaders are far-sighted enough to see that our founding fathers specifically called for separation of church and state: “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries.” – James Madison
    Further, your comment “I bet you think the National Council of Churches is a wonderful organization” is presumptuous and rude. You once again seem to generalize and believe you know everything that a liberal likes.
    John Kerry was in the military and he was in Vietnam and that is why he talks about the atrocities that were committed. To pretend that they did not happen is to encourage their repetition. Just because someone is against the committing of atrocities against other human beings, does not mean they are against the military. It means they want to expose evil so that it will not be perpetuated. If I was going to make assumptions based on my encounter with you about all conservatives, I would say it appears that conservatives don’t want to learn from history, but instead want to repeat the mistakes of the past: combining church and state, pretending that the military is above reproach.

    • For Jesus – this is my blog and I’ll generalize when I believe it appropriate, as I did in y comment to you. You have your opinion about Kerry and I have mine, and mine is supported by the hundreds of thousands in Vietnam who believe what he said and did is despicable.

      The Founders DID NOT call for separation of church and state. They called for freedom from the state establishing a religion and forcing others to follow it.

      Have you every spoken out publicly about the many, many times the Boy Scouts have been taken to court by Liberals?