Oklahoma Tornadoes Now

Ongoing updates: I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma about 75 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. If you are listening to Fox News this minute, you know there are tornadoes on the ground in the western part of the state around Oklahoma City, Moore and Newcastle. The pictures are frightening. It’s 6 pm here and it looks like nighttime in OKC. Jeff Piotrowski, a storm chaser, is on with Shep Smith saying two wall clouds are descending…now twin tornadoes. Confirmed tornado on the ground in Norman, home of Oklahoma University, now. Storm chaser has witnessed 5 separate tornados – bouncing up and back down to the ground. Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma State University is in jeopardy as well. Two people dead from storms in Canadian County. If you live in Tulsa (considered high risk for storms tonight), you can shelter at Asbury Methodist Church, 6767 South Mingo Road, Tulsa.

NOTE: Hubby and I have a ‘fraidy hole’ under our stairs in the center of the house. We have all the necessaries already there (including baby pics). Thank you for those sending prayers for safety. Honestly, if I talk about it, it usually doesn’t happen. Hubby just swept a snake on our sidewalk by our front porch into the storm sewer.

11:05 pm CDT: Thank you everyone for your prayers, emails and comments. We have had far worse stormy nights in Tulsa, and all across the state, than this night, but after the specter of Joplin, Missouri’s devastation, we tornado-hardened Okies had a visual that was hard to dismiss.

9:45 pm CDT: Police are asking people to stay away from Haskell, stay away while roads can be cleaned up. Apparently there are sightseers showing up. That tornado is estimated to be a F-1.

9:30 pm CDT: The computer is out of the fraidy hole and the storms have passed our area. We didn’t even lose a patio pot, although our cherry tree looked like it might bend to the ground. We are told we had 90 mile an hour straight winds. I expected patio furniture to come through our windows, but that didn’t happen.

This minute I am hearing that maybe Wagner and/or Wilberton, just south and east of us, has a tornado on the ground. There was also a small tornado on the ground at Haskell that leveled a Subway and a pizza restaurant.

8:00 pm CDT: Shutting down now folks. Back ASAP. Big winds but no tornadoes at this time.

7:50 pm CDT: Wind curtains moving into Tulsa. Still none at my house but sky is black and there is a lot of lightening. Moving into Brookside. Photos look like midnight. Still no sirens.

7:40 pm CDT: Showing a home blown off it’s foundation. It appears they have found the three missing children in Canadian County, but they are injured. Also, reports that the death toll has risen from two to four.

Mannford storm spotter says the storm has already rolled over them and it looks good there, electricity still on.

7:36 pm CDT: The storms coming into Tulsa at Mannford are getting stronger. 70-80 miles an hour winds approaching Tulsa, some from the Mannford winds with electrical bursts. Storm in Mannford area now, approaching Sand Springs. Prayers for my friends who live in SS.

A hook seen on Doppler near Welty.

7:30 pm CDT: Bartlesville, Dewey, Copan and all the way to the Kansas border – new tornado warning issued. Circulation will pass NW of Bartlesville and NW of Dewey, but right toward Big Heart Ranch. There is a big swirl on the north edge of the storm.

A lot of debris falling across Western Oklahoma. You are being asked to hold onto anything that appears to be personal, and there will be an effort to reconnect it with the owner after this passes.

Dangerous storms also in the McAlister area.

6:50 pm CDT: Two or three minutes ago significant damage in Shawnee, OK. Tornado crossing I-40. Two new tornados spotted. Tornados heading for Tulsa – all according to storm chaser and Fox News. The storm watcher has just lost contact with Fox.

70-80 mile an hour wind gusts expected.

Storm has moved by Pawhuska with wind damage reported. NW of Pawhuska, significant rotation still seen.

7:15 pm CDT: Local Fox 23 is on the Turner Turnpike heading to Tulsa: Sees a wall cloud, lots of rain.

Storms heading through Cushing Oklahoma.

6:40 pm CDT: Thunder here in Tulsa. Storms are coming into the city. A report  that one tornado was on the ground for over an hour but the location was not given. Three children are missing in the NE corner of Canadian County.

6:35pm CDT: SSW of Norman Oklahoma at Washington, Oklahoma: Fox showing a path of a tornado on the ground for 50 miles. Fortunately, the area isn’t heavily populated. There is a building completely demolished with people standing around.

6:15pm CDT:Major damage southwest of Oklahoma City. Tornado on east side of Norman, OK.



  • Ran

    May G-d Bless and Keep You Maggie!

    • Thank you Ran, that means a lot to me. I’m planning to take the computer with me to my little shelter – unplugged of course. I figure the more I talk about it, the less likely it is to happen. That’s usually the way it is.

    • Ran, G-d did bless and keep me and most others in this area. Some were not so fortunate in the Western part of the state. All in all, considering the strength of the winds, the whole state was fortunate, but we do have 4 deaths and about 100 injured.

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  • Every time I saw a news report on the tornadoes I thought of you. I meant to email earlier but had to run out the door for my son’s baseball game. You and your family are in my prayers.

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  • Keep updating if you can, so we don’t worry too much.

  • Still praying, and refreshing the page every few minutes to check for updates.

  • BobF

    I’m in the Kansas City area and it’s heading this way. They’re calling for some real bad weather tonight.

    • Bob, we are clear here. We have family in the KC, Ks area. I’ll be watching. The Tulsa area was very, very fortunate. Thinking about you, praying for you.

  • Best of luck, Bob.

  • Oh, thank God you’re safe. I must have refreshed this page 100 times or more.

  • Thank Christ you’re okay.

    • That’s exactly what we did, Bob. Humbly and gratefully.

  • Everyone, I just added the following to this post, which will explain some of what we were going through tonight:

    We have had far worse stormy nights in Tulsa, and all across the state, than this night, but after the specter of Joplin, Missouri’s devastation, and Tuscaloosa, Alabam, we tornado-hardened Okies had visuals that were hard to dismiss.

    Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers, emails and comments.

  • Maggie, I’ve worried about you.. and prayed for you and your family. I remember when I was a kid in Des Moines Iowa, we had a tornado scare.. I remember how scared I was, as a kid of 10. When we moved to Guam, in the 1950s, the first night we were there we were hit with a Typhoon. I remember sleeping in a shelter and hearing that wind. I crawled deeper under my covers on the floor. When I did a show with the AICA in Whicita Kansas back in the early 90s I remember the holtel we were in swaying to the wind, as three tornados came through that town. I remember how scared I was then as glass from upper floor rooms crashed to the ground. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it is to lose everything. My prayers are with you all.

  • Praying for your protection in Christ. We had it bad this last month – worse in Chattanooga’s history. We were without lights for 10 days, some even longer. Ringold GA. is leveled.
    God Bless you and America.

    • I was out of power for 45 minutes today..and man.. I can’t imagine 10 days.. Especially in the heat of spring.. Here we’d freeze. I am so impressed with the pioneer courage you all show. God bless you all.