Obama to Show Up at Ground Zero to Take Bows

Stacy McCain was feeling terrible – in great pain – until the morphine kicked in. He may or may not be blogging more today, however Aleister at American Glob is standing in and offers this insight about Obama’s tendency to be anywhere but at Ground Zero, until campaigning begins.

Ground Zero

September 11, 2009 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden

September 11, 2010 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden

May 5, 2011 – Obama to visit Ground Zero

Read the commentary at The Other McCain. Visit Aleister at American Glob

Linked by the MadJewess – Thank you, and reminds us that he supported the Ground Zero mosque!

  • Nice that we finally found some reason good enough to entice Obama to Ground Zero. Himself.

    • Opus, the cameras and the bright lights of a campaign will do it everytime for Himself.

  • And he will almost certainly mention the mosque, which will be a huge mistake. But he won’t be able to help himself.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • LibertyAtStake: Bet you are 100% right. Someone needs to make book on it.

  • He should invite Bush, but I doubt Bush would accept the invitation. What a glory hog.

    • Debbie, I don’t think he would take the chance. Bush would be so warm and loving. I can them standing in line to shake hands or get one of his famous hugs. Obama would look like the thug he is, next to G.W.

      • Ask Questions

        Are we talking about the same terrorist G.W. Bush? Who, along with his Pakistani and Al-Qaeda friends, organized the most Horrific and devastating terrorist attack in American History? Really??? Ask the families that lost loved ones, who researched and asked questions (only to be disregarded and ignored) if they would like to see the cold blooded murderer George W. Bush at Ground Zero. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! if Osama bin laden was “actually” killed by the U.S. i doubt you’d see Bush celebrating. That was his friend.

  • I bet it didn’t take him 16 hours to make a decision to take some bows at ground zero. What an opportunist!

    • some internet dude

      The Man just killed Bin Laden, I’d say he earned a victory lap of sorts. More than I can say for the Man that left our country in a shambles

  • Good idea Debbie. That would be the classy thing to do, which is why Obama won’t do it.

    Regardless, I don’t begrudge the president this moment. He called a shot and thank God it worked out, and it was based upon diligent work begun under the Bush administration

  • I wonder how many cheers there would be if it was discovered that bin Laden was given a funeral with FULL MILITARY HONORS?


  • i tought the war ended already?why dont they fix ground zero.When a new president comes .We won we got bin laden.The war must end.