Obama Grants Citizenship to 3 Aliens Investigated for Terror

Three alien men have been granted U.S. citizenship according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) who were “defendents” in an investigation with a link to international terrorism. The men themselves were not charged with terrorism, but with “fraud, immigration, drugs, false statements, and general conspiracy charges.” What kind of conspiracy can aliens be charged with that can be considered “general?” The answer is that two of the men produced unlawful false identity documents, and the third transferred US dollars illegally out of the U.S. The report said it was determined “that each of these individuals were able to demonstrate good moral character….” The investigation was conducted as a Department of Justice (DOJ) Category II terrorism-related.” Ethnicity or nationality is not mentioned. Welcome to Obama’s America.

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Prosecuting terror-related targets using Category II offenses and others is often an effective method–and sometimes the only available method–of deterring and disrupting potential terrorist planning and support activities,” explained the DOJ in the document that listed the defendants.

Staff members of GAO’s Homeland Security and Justice team who worked on the audit told CNSNews.com in an e-mail that the three individuals were naturalized as U.S. citizens under President Barack Obama.

“One of the individuals was naturalized in late 2009.  The other two were naturalized in 2010,” says the e-mail from the GAO.

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From the GAO Report (pdf):

Three of the Individuals on DOJ’s List Received U.S. Citizenship after Their Conviction

An individual applying for naturalization must demonstrate good moral character for a statutory period of time—from 5 years preceding the application up to admission to citizenship. This includes not having been convicted of crimes, such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, or other aggravated felonies prior to or during that period, as well as not having been convicted of other crimes during that period, such as certain drug offenses or convictions that led to 180 days or more of prison time.

Based upon our analysis of USCIS and DOJ data, three of the individuals on the DOJ list received U.S. citizenship after their convictions. Two were convicted of unlawful production of an identity document and one was convicted of transferring funds out of the country in violation of U.S. sanctions.

According to USCIS documentation, in all three cases

• the convictions were outside of the statutory period, were not aggravated felonies, and resulted in no prison time for the defendants;

• all required background checks were conducted and resolved with appropriate law enforcement agencies; and

• no national security, public safety, or other grounds of ineligibility existed.

As a result, USCIS determined that each of these individuals were able to demonstrate good moral character within the required period of time and met all other requirements for naturalization

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  • What next, honorary citizenship for Osama bin Laden?

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